How to lose weight with a simple gym routine

Losing weight is multi dimensional. It is not easy. You cannot just eat right or have a few sporadic workouts and expect to see results. The biggest key is that you need to be active consistently, as in just about every day. If you do not go anywhere or do anything, neither will your weight. To lose weight, there needs to be a balance between what types of exercises are performed and the way in which they are done. Contrary to common myth, there is no supplement, treatment, or standardized routine. Each person is different and the results are largely a result of the person’s habits. Yet, there are some things which are beneficial to every gym goer to increase the chances of healthy weight loss.

Cardio exercises

Cardiovascular exercises (Commonly called Cardio) you’ve probably heard before and should always be a part of your routine. Cardio exercises focus on getting the heart rate up which causes you to burn calories and fat.  Cardio is also essential in producing proper circulation in the blood and minimizing the risk for blood clots and other heart related illnesses.  At EOS Fitness we have a variety of cardio and weight training machines.  If you are new to the gym or working out in general, the treadmill machine and the elliptical are a good place to start your training. With each returning visit you’ll want to set a small goal to increase the speed, reps, or resistance for which you train on each cardio machine. Aim to always be just a little bit out of breath when you’re done.

Note: Some form of cardio should be done every day. Whether you jog, hike, bicycle, or use the equipment at the gym, ensure that you are getting at least 20 minutes of good cardio.

Squats and Leg work

If you think about it, squats and leg work should be at a large part of your workout routine. Your legs make up at least half of your body and as such they make up a large portion of your weight. Additionally, the legs (and every other muscle for that matter) works with the other muscles in the body. If the legs are healthy, the rest of the body will follow suit so long as they are being trained as well.

Squats require bending the legs in a sitting fashion while supporting weight upon the shoulders. It should be noted that you do not want to rock back or forward in order to “pop” the weight up. This is dangerous to your lower back and you will definitely feel sore and tight the next day if you don’t perform these exercises with proper form. Instead lift a weight that you are comfortable with and know you can manage. Squats should be done in four sets of eight. DO NOT do a burn out on squats.

A HELPFUL TIP ABOUT SQUATS: If you have never done squats before, be sure to go easy your first few weeks working out. Nothing is more painful and will have you ditching the gym faster; than if you are sore from outdoing  your first workouts.

Bench Press

EOS Fitness has many gym locations  and a variety of weight training machines per location.  You can be sure to find several bench press machines at each location as the bench press is one of the most important and fundamental exercises for any routine or fitness goal. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when using a bench press:

  • Do not try to be too macho and lift more than you can handle
  • Light weight tones while heavy weight builds larger muscles
  • Always have someone to spot you 
  • Always take at least a day break between incorporating bench press
  • Lift above the chest, not the throat or head

If possible, find a workout partner to do bench days with you. When a workout partner is not available ask one of the trainers to accompany you. That is why they are there.


There are typically two ways in which to position your hands to do a pull up. There is the close range which works the chest and the wide range which words the latissimus dorsi and biceps. As your bench press works the chest, it is advised that you perform the wide grip pull-up. When you do a pull up, place your palms facing outward. Otherwise you are not doing a pull up but a curl using your body as the weight (which would work your arms and not the back). Try to perform four sets of eight, but do what you can. Avoid rocking your body. Try to keep it as straight as you can.

NOTE: Once you have your chin above the bar, do a few leg lifts to work your ab muscles at the same time.

Cater your workout to you

While these are a few routines which have been proven to be effective for most people, only you know you. Pick a routine that has results and that pushes you to your limit in a healthy way. As always, it is advised that you seek the help of a professional in determining the weights and the routines which are best suited to your needs.

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