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3 Tips for Getting the Most from Working with a Personal Trainer

Starting a fitness journey can seem overwhelming at first, but sometimes a Personal Trainer is just what you need to get that extra push of motivation. When beginning a personal training program, it’s helpful to know what to expect out of the relationship and the program in order to maximize your results. 

EōS Personal Trainers specialize in different styles of training programs ranging from sports-specific training to anti-aging/prehab, to weight loss and fat-burning workouts. Based on the specific style of workout and the health and fitness goals you have in mind, there is a Personal Trainer at EōS who can help customize a training program to your own specific needs. 

With that, it’s important to set yourself up for success by identifying your personal training and fitness goals before beginning your program. Need extra prep for this exciting journey of improving your health and fitness level? Outlined below are 3 key tips to kickstart your training program and get the most out of working out with a Personal Trainer. 

1. Communicate Your Goals

It’s important to clearly communicate your health and fitness goals with your Personal Trainer and identify exactly why you are hiring them in the first place. Is it because you don’t like to exercise or simply need someone’s guidance on how to build muscle or tone specific muscle groups? Do you need someone to hold you accountable for your fitness goals? Or do you love working out and just want some new workout ideas and training tips? 

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to work out with a Personal Trainer, if you communicate your goals, an experienced trainer at EōS can help support you. Once they have your personal goals in mind, they can create a specific, customized training program to fit your objective(s).  

2. Share Your Exercise History and Experience 

Another major detail to share with your Personal Trainer is your history with exercise. Exercise puts stress on the body, and if not done correctly, you could get injured or worsen an existing injury. Be honest with your Personal Trainer about your injury history and previous experience with exercise. Even if you had an injury a decade ago, share your experiences with your trainer on day one. The more information you provide about yourself, the more effective your trainer will be in designing a fitness program specifically for your needs. 

For example, if a trainer knows that you have a previous back injury, they will watch how that might have affected your ability to move and can help identify stretches or exercises to adjust for any compensations; at the very least they can avoid exercises that might make that injury worse. 

Also, be honest with your ability to exercise right now; it doesn’t matter what you did 10 or 20 years ago, what matters is your ability to move and exercise today. Being honest about your current ability can help ensure that you reach your fitness goals with the lowest risk of injury possible. Your Personal Trainer wants to see you succeed and needs details about your unique situation and history to help get you there.

3. Set Expectations 

With goals in mind and experiences shared, what’s left? Expectations. Establish your expectations with your Personal Trainer up front and in writing. At EōS, all Personal Trainers sign the Client-Trainer agreement which documents the top three expectations the trainer and client have of one another in the relationship and throughout the training program. When you are investing in personal training you are paying for a valued service. By communicating your goals and establishing clear expectations at the start of the professional relationship, you can ensure that you’re hiring the right person for your needs and that you ultimately achieve the fitness results you’re seeking. 

Remember, you only have one body to last a lifetime. Taking the time to hire the right Personal Trainer is essential for making sure that your body can perform its best for as long as possible. Once your expectations are set with the trainer best suited for you, it’s time to focus on your training program and start seeing results. 

Working with a Personal Trainer is a great step toward improved health and fitness. Establishing your personal goals, sharing your history, and setting expectations beforehand will set you up for the utmost success. Whether you have already signed up for a training program, are planning to sign up, or are still contemplating beginning this process, knowing what to expect when you do take that step will help prepare you for all the exciting fitness changes that are to come. Learn more about Personal Training at your local EōS Fitness or try out a Complimentary Welcome Workout today.

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