4 Fun Cardio Workouts

4 Fun Cardio Workouts

Group participation or personal training are both excellent modes of obtaining fitness, dependent upon your unique circumstances.  Free consultations to review your goals, dreams and anxieties about your fitness are extremely helpful to get you off the dime.

The following are four exercise workout regimen that really work and never disappoint:

Belly Dance is a form of dance with ancient roots and a timeless beauty. It crosses all boundaries – age, race, religion, size, shape, even sexual gender.  It is seductive and an exercise.  The dance has descended from tribal dances that traditionally were handed down from woman to woman within their family as training for strength, fertility and childbirth.The health benefits amaze as you learn to isolate and move each muscle independently of the others, and learning this dance is priceless.

What you can expect:

A smaller waistline,

Flatter tummy,

Tighter, firmer buttocks,

Limber joint movements,

Isolated individual muscle control,

Healthier heart,

Heightened self-confidence




Zumba floor exercises prepare you for a more methodical workout with thorough cardiovascular points.  Zumba is a Latin and U.S. dance music-based self and group exercise to get each person enlivened and into the spirit of moving their body. You dance by moving your body to the beat. Each class is designed to bring people together to sweat it off.


A total workout, combining all fitness:


Boosted Energy,

Muscle Conditioning,

Balance, Flexibility,

A serious dose of awesome.

Aqua Zumba

This type of water dance exercise is ideal for persons with problems performing workouts. Essentially Aqua Zumba has the same bouncy rhythm body movements to Latin and American music as the regular Zumba on the exercise floor.  However, moving against the water is easier and helps strengthen  muscles greatly and enhance tone of your tissues supporting them. It incorporates water aerobics but puts in the Zumba bang  and bump to permit your body the greatest water workout ever.  Afterward, participants always discover extension to their limb reach and more strength in their torso than ever before.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Have you ever wanted to hang from the ceiling upside down and be as reflective and meditative as a yoga bat?  With Aerial yoga, the silk hammock permits  your body to be released from gravity and its limitations.  The effects are felt from your first session forward.  Aerial Yoga is disciplined body positioning, just as floor yoga exercises, but with your silk hammock you are weightless, in tune with the universe and the energies which dictate it.

Even the novice who has never explored yoga traditionally will be amazed and excited at their body’s reaction to the silk hammock’s defiance of gravity and weight mass.  The ending savasane within the cocoon is pure bliss!! When you leave the studio you will be certain you are taller and every step  effortless. That is  Day One.

Two days after your first aerial yoga session, you will feel lightness never before experienced In short, the whole experience is low-pressure but  absolutely unequivocally a fun time and an unusual way to explore any zone limits. If you’ve not  mastered inversions/headstands in regular yoga, there’s no better place to get a preview of the sublime state of being upside-down! Don’t be surprised if you want hang there all day — like a serene and very sensual, limber Bat.

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