4 Workouts to try this Spring

Winter is coming to an end. For many, spring is clearly a time for a change in appearance, creating a better body for those upcoming, hot Summer months.  For others, it is purely about the many health benefits of exercise than it is about what they look like, though, this is an appreciated plus. Working out should be a part of everyone’s daily regiment, whether it be in the form of dance, running, swimming or weight lifting. By summer time, anyone who seriously takes up the habit of working out may very well see an improvement in their overall health and physique.

4 Workouts to Try This Spring

First and foremost, practicing mindfulness during a work out will provide personal motivation through concentrated attentiveness to what exercises are being performed at any given moment. Mindfulness is simply the art of paying deliberate attention to what is being done in the moment, providing extra motivation to get through it. Here are some work out options to try this spring:

  • 20 Minute Walk
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Swimming

20 Minute Walk

Walking can do wonders for an individual’s long term energy level and can also help develop a stronger physical and mental endurance. Working their way up to walking up a slight to severe incline, whether using a machine or a hill to do it, can strengthen calf, thigh, and buttock muscles while chiseling out a more attractive looking lower half of the body. In no time, this person will be ready for their summer vacation in the Bahamas.

Tai Chi

Although the Chinese martial arts practice of Tai Chi mostly comprises the personal development of an individual’s mental and whole-body energies, the small percentage, which involves the physical movement of the body, is able to work practitioners’ muscles that they may never have known they had otherwise. This practice is very good for the mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is a wise idea find and regularly attend a reputable Tai Chi class in your community so that you can receive encouragement and develop motivation for the practicing of this martial art.


Yoga, for those who have never tried it before, can be quite difficult, especially for those whom are not usually flexible or physically strong. Many newbies give up on the practice of Yoga because of these often misperceived setbacks. There are many types of Yoga, including Hot Yoga, that can be experimented with until the right practice is found. Finding a local Yoga class can be a fun adventure, and a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Once a class is found, practicing Yoga in regular weekly intervals can make Yoga into a more easy habit to develop.


Water is a fluid medium for practicing movement of the body. The body becomes buoyant while immersed or submerged in water, making the process of body movement a much more pleasurable and safe experience. Swimming is a wonderful work out for all ages, due to its low impact on the body’s joints. Because of this, seniors around the world still enjoy swimming and benefit from the incredibly positive impact on their mind and body.

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