5 Las Vegas Gyms to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Summer has arrived, and it’s time to get serious about exercise. Whether you want to improve your health or look good on the beach, EOS Fitness can help you reach your goals. With low monthly rates and five convenient locations, the only thing in your way is you.

EOS Fitness is a national fitness chain with gyms across the country, including five Las Vegas gyms. These high-quality facilities offer well-maintained equipment, group classes and several amenities. Friendly, upbeat trainers will motivate and inspire you, and all locations offer personal training at affordable prices.

Las Vegas South

Managed by Abigail Fiasco, Las Vegas South projects “friendly, motivating excitement” to help you reach your goals. From low-impact cardio workouts to energizing spin classes to relaxing yoga, EOS has something for everyone. BODYPUMP, the original barbell class, is the ultimate in strength training, while mixed martial arts (MMA) combines traditional boxing with Muay Thai techniques. To learn more about this Henderson Health Club, call 702-914-5885.

Las Vegas Aliante

Las Vegas Aliante is located near the intersection of Centennial Parkway and Simmons Road. Josh Queenan, the manager, is always ready to answer questions or address your concerns. Expect state-of-the-art equipment and encouraging staff who motivate members to excel. Aliante does not have an aerobics room, so visit nearby Las Vegas Centennial for group exercise schedules. For more information about this Las Vegas North Health Club call 702-396-0800 or stop by for a FREE 7 day guest pass.

Las Vegas Centennial

Las Vegas Centennial is located near the intersection of Centennial Parkway and Losee. Like Aliante and the other EOS gyms, Centennial has cutting-edge workout equipment. It also offers popular branded classes like Zumba, BODY COMBAT and Pilates. Stephon Seales manages the facility, and a team of encouraging staff inspire their members every day. Call 702-657-0171 or visit our North Las Vegas Gym for more information & a FREE 7 day guest pass.

Las Vegas Northwest

Brent Snowden manages Las Vegas Northwest, located at the intersection of Buffalo and Lake Mead. Pilates, Zumba, Spin and BODYCOMBAT are some of the popular classes. Boxing and MMA classes are also available. Whether you prefer group exercise or personal training, EOS can help with your cardio, conditioning, and strength training goals. Call 702-360-8205 or visit our Las Vegas Northwest Health Club to check the schedules.

Las Vegas Southeast

Last but not least of the Las Vegas gyms is Las Vegas Southeast. Managed by Ben Gorospe, it’s located on Stephanie Road and the 215 freeway in Henderson. Spin, Zumba and other classes are in high demand here. BODYATTACK provides a powerful, sports-inspired workout, and CXWORKS provides core strengthening to help prevent injury. Call 702-269-0828 or visit our Las Vegas Southeast Gym to learn more.

What Are You Waiting For?

Nothing worth having is easy, but EOS Fitness makes workouts convenient and affordable. These five Las Vegas gyms aim to remove your obstacle to fitness. From high-quality machines, free weights and group classes to clean locker rooms and relaxing saunas, EOS has just what you’re looking for.

EOS Fitness even provides women’s fitness rooms, on-site childcare and nutrition counseling if you need these amenities. Moreover, you don’t have to sign a contract to join a gym. A low, monthly rate gives you access to basic club services, and other plans are available for additional fees.

What are you waiting for? Join EOS Fitness today and add a dose of positivity to your summer. Your body will be happier and healthier, and you’ll look and feel fit and confident.

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