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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Fitness Routine

Spring is in full bloom, which means Earth Day is right around the corner. Whether you are growing your muscles, self-confidence, or an improved fitness routine, this is the perfect season for all kinds of growth.

Celebrate this year’s Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd by incorporating your workout with nature. Extra points for using reusable water bottles while you reduce waste and stay hydrated.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is meant to serve as a reminder to support environmentally friendly practices each day. Don’t underestimate your power – every little change helps in creating a more sustainable future for the Earth.

Picking up trash, reducing waste or recycling bottles, and deciding to walk or bike for transportation are all simple ways we can incorporate our fitness routines in creating a healthier environment.

In addition to making an effort to go green, remember to spend time enjoying our beautiful planet and all it offers.

Check out these fun ways to connect with nature while you work out:


1. Use The Backyard: Outdoor Workout Area

The Backyard Outdoor Workout Area

Meet you out back! Step right outside the gym to get a fun in the sun workout with the latest equipment and your daily dose of Vitamin D. We may be biased, but this is our favorite way to get some fresh air. Train hard and keep your fitness routine pumping while spending time outdoors.


2. Take a hike

People hiking outdoors.

Hit the trails and get your cardio in by jogging or walking along nature. Hiking is a great way to practice walking meditations and appreciate the beauty around you while getting a killer leg workout in. Take it at your own pace and most importantly, enjoy the view!


3. Practice Yoga

Get your body moving and your mind at ease while practicing yoga outdoors. Maybe you lay out your mat in your favorite park or set up in your backyard. Inhale and exhale the fresh air and soak up some sun while staying mindful about our footprint on the planet.

Many people find practicing yoga makes them feel more grounded. Grounding, which can also be called earthing, is a practice that comes from the idea that electrical charges from the Earth can have a positive impact on our health. There are a handful of yoga poses you can practice that are supposed to have more grounding effects than others.

Can’t make it outside for a yoga sesh? Pop into EōS for a class and practice gratitude for all the Earth provides.


4. Go for a bike ride

close up helmet hanging on bike handle.

When was the last time you pulled your bike out? Take a spin around your neighborhood or find nearby bike trails to explore. Biking is an eco-friendly way of transportation that’s also good for your body. Shake up your commute by biking to work instead of sitting in traffic. Better yet – bike to the gym!


5. Water sports

Four friends on stand up paddle board (SUP) on a flat quiet winter river at sunset raising their paddles up

Head to the lake, ocean, or river for some water activities like paddle boarding or kayaking. Both offer great upper body workouts. For an extra core workout, try standing up on your paddle board. Don’t forget to clean up any trash you see lying around or in the water.

Keep yourself and the planet healthy.

We hope you feel reconnected with nature this Earth Day as you continue crushing your fitness goals while enjoying the outdoors.

As you focus on living a healthy lifestyle, try to keep in mind the simple ways we can keep our Earth healthy too.

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