A Great Exercise Machine To Target Your Lower Abdominal Muscles

Whichever particular exercises you dread doing the most are normally the exercises you should be doing first in your workout at a Phoenix gym. For most of us, this means doing ab exercises at the start of our workout. (After all who enjoys doing abs?)

Now we’re all familiar with variations of crunches but what machines can help you build your core? Today we want to take a look at vertical knee raise machine.

Now most of you may recognize the vertical knee raise machine but for many of us this equipment may seem intimidating. The truth is there is nothing to be afraid of.

The vertical knee raise machine is actually quite simply to use.


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How to Use The Vertical Knee Raise Machine

1). Step onto the machine and face outwards

2). Grab ahold of the handles and use your forearms to hoist your legs

3). While keeping your legs straight, slowly raise your legs until they are positioned in front of you (as if you’re sitting down in a chair)

4). Keep your ab muscles engaged while slowly raising your legs back down to their starting position (this is 1 rep)

5). Complete 3 set of 10 reps (raising your legs up and back down again slowly)

**The key is to keep your abs engaged throughout the entire exercise and to slowly raise and lower your legs. The slower you move your legs during each rep; the more you will engage your core muscles. Be sure to keep your back flat against the backrest throughout the entire repetition.

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