Ask a Trainer: What do you Always Carry in Your Gym Bag?

I can think of a few key items I always bring in my gym bag when I’m either working out or working with a client-it applies both ways. As a Personal Trainer, I’m always thinking three steps ahead. What is the intent of my workout today and what do I need to bring to ensure success for that intent?

It would be easiest to start off with what I never leave the house without-my trusty shaker cup and a scoop of Rule 1 Chocolate Protein Powder and Stance Amino Acids. “Fail to prepare, and you’ll prepare to fail”. It is crucial after a workout to get 20-30 grams of protein so you can capitalize on the muscle building effects. It is not detrimental to not have protein right after your workout, but it is the best option if your goal is to gain muscle. In regards to the Amino Acids, these are used to fuel your muscles with essential nutrients to ensure stamina, and a “ready to use” fuel source for your workout. Food is great, but it needs to assimilate, whereas Amino Acids are already broken down and ready to be used as a primary fuel source.

Secondly, I’ll make sure to bring the necessary equipment to ensure proper technique on all of my lifts. I use my Rogue lifting belt for this. It’s a piece of equipment that helps keep a neutral spine in your compound lifts (i.e deadlift and squatting). Safety is the cardinal rule in the gym and having my Rogue belt in my gym bag allows me to have a safe and efficient workout.

Lastly, I will have my hydroflask filled with ice water. Keeping hydrated is crucial during your workouts. If you come into the gym dehydrated, you’ve already lost the battle. Come in hydrated so you can have mental clarity, focus, and your body is optimally nourished for the workout you will be going through. Make sure to drink 40-60oz of water during your workout so you can keep yourself hydrated and at peak performance. These are my top three things in my gym bag. It covers the essentials-post workout nutrition, pre workout readiness and safety.

Brandon Busch
Chandler: Gilbert Rd
Certified Personal Trainer

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