Best Gym in Gilbert, Arizona


EoS Fitness gives you a variety of ways to workout all under one roof.  When choosing a place to workout you should not need to choose between the different amenities that you want.  Instead you should be able to have access to everything that you want for your exercise goals.

When working out you need to stay motivated so you can reach your goals and continue to push yourself.  You can choose what works best for your exercise regimen by trying different techniques and equipment.

Here is why EOS is the best gym in Gilbert, Arizona.

Eos Cinema

The EoS Cinema gives you a new way to participate in cardio exercises.  Cardio exercises are not always entertaining and the cinema will give you a way to stay motivated to complete your exercise.  Use the cardio equipment in the cinema room so you are able to workout while you are watching a movie.

Kids Club

Working out with children can seem like a chore.  Finding a babysitter or sneaking to the gym around already busy schedules is enough to make anyone quit.  The Kids Club area is here to help you.  Allow your children to play in the Kids Club while you work out.  It is a safe and fun environment and they will be as tired as you are when you are ready to go home.

Free Weights

Enjoy the variety of free weight stations that are available for your use.  Work out at your own pace and work on building your strength.

Personal Training

If you have come to a standstill with working out consider getting a personal trainer.  There are times where you want to change up your exercise routine but don’t know how.  A personal trainer can help build a workout regimen that fits you and still pushes you.

Indoor Basketball Court

You can use basketball as a way to workout without feeling like you are working out.  It still gives you access to challenge different muscles but you do not need to use a machine to do it.  Whether you prefer a solo basketball experience or one with a group you will have enough room to play.

Group Exercise Classes

Joining a group exercise class can be a great way to reinvigorate your love for exercising.  The high energy class will have to wanting to exercise more and your goals will feel like they are easily attainable.  Your classmates will help motivate you as long as you continue to motivate them.  Everyone will enjoy working on their exercise goals and have fun while doing it.


When you have a fitness goal in mind it can be hard to remember to take a break.  Even though you want to work towards your goal as quickly as possible you have to remember to relax your muscles as well.  Don’t overwork your body.  Allow yourself to spend a little time in the sauna where you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to go for another workout.

Spinning Room

If you are looking for a cardio workout you may find yourself in the spinning room often.  The spinning room has many stations of indoor cycles so you can always find time to complete your workout regimen.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is a great way to target many areas of your body at a time.  Take a dip in our pool and enjoy the benefits of this versatile exercise opportunity.  You can train for your next competition or simply use the pool to change up your workout.

Juice Bar

The juice bar is available so you can get a quick pick me up or drink without needing to leave the gym.  You can stop by for a nutritional snack or to quench your thirst with the variety of drinks available.

Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

Using cardio equipment that has a TV screen can help revitalize your workout.  When you are feeling a bit bored with your routine use the TV screens to distract yourself from the repetitive nature of cardio exercises.

Functional Training Area

Anyone that is looking for a well rounded exercise routine will find themselves in the functional training area often.  This area is designed to help you train and exercise with different equipment.  There are items like medicine balls, resistance bands, kettlebells, and more.


When you are looking for an exercise that will help you in many areas boxing is a fantastic choice.  Boxing will help you gain more strength and you will have more control over your body.  The techniques used will help you find your coordination.  Your body will be more balanced the more you use body as an outlet to workout.

Open 24 Hours

The biggest obstacle we face when it comes to exercising is finding the time to go to the gym.  If the gym is only open certain hours of the day it is very likely that you will be busy during those hours taking care of different aspects of your life.  There are no excuses with a gym that is open 24 hours a day.  Come whenever it is convenient for you.

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