Best Gym in Gilbert, AZ with a Pool, Basketball, Childcare

Never feel stressed out about your lack of choices in your gym.  Everyone exercises at different paces and in different ways.  Every aspect of a Gilbert gym should be available to you so you can work towards your individual goals.  People stall out on working towards their goals because of the lack of amenities offered by their gym, the hours being to rigid, and the lack of a motivating atmosphere.  EOS fitness is going to give you all of the tools to get to your workout goals. 

Functional Training Area

A functional training area is vital to getting a well rounded workout.  In a functional training area, you will have many different exercising possibilities.  T

24 Hours

The lack of convenient open hours should not stop you from visiting your gym.  EOS fitness wants exercising to be available to you at all times.  If you want to pop in before work, feel free!  If you need to come late at night, that is okay too! 


Boxing allows you to get all over fitness while channeling your energy to one source.  It offers the ability to find yourself stronger and under control against a punching bag as you tone your body.  Your endurance is going to increase as you work out.  Boxing can also help you gain coordination.

Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

Cardio has never been easier or more fun with personal TV screens.  If you want to get a solid cardio workout in you are going to need to dedicate a decent amount of time to it.  This can make for a dull exercising experience.  Instead of cutting your session short, use our cardio equipment with personal TV screens to catch up on anything you would like to watch. 

Swimming Pool

Swimming can be a great way to work out all areas of your body without stressing your joints.  Whether you are using swimming for exercise or are training for a triathlon you are going to love the pool at EOS fitness. 

Spinning Room

Spinning is a popular and very sought after way to exercise.  Indoor cycling can help you if you are looking to participate in cardio workouts.  It is easy to sit down in our spinning room and exercise for as long as you need to.  Grab a friend and cycle together or pop in some ear buds to listen to some music as you go.


When you are working on your fitness goals sometimes it can be hard to remember that you need to take some time to unwind as well.  Once you have finished a good workout session use the sauna to relax your sore muscles.  After a session in the sauna you are going to leave feeling mellow and ready to go again the next time around.

Group Exercise Classes

Need a little motivation to stay on course to achieve your exercise goals?  A great way to get motivated is to work with a group.  Our group exercise classes can help you pair with other people with similar goals as your own.

Indoor Basketball Court

Our indoor basketball court allows you to work on all aspects of your game, from practicing your jump shot to dribbling down the court.  Have a friendly game with someone or join a group to really test your skills.

Personal Training

Anyone that is just starting to exercise may feel a bit out of their comfort zone in a gym.  There is a variety of exercise equipment and many different types of exercises to learn.  Pair with a personal trainer if you are in need of a little guidance in your exercise regime.  A trainer can help you make goals, work towards them, and achieve them.

Free Weights

Free weights are an essential tool in building strength.  At EOS Fitness there are a variety of stations ready and waiting for you to work out at your own pace.

Kids Club

When you are looking to squeeze a workout into your already busy schedule, it can be even harder with children.  At EOS Fitness there is a Kids Club that allows you to bring your children with you.  While you are exercising, your children are able to enjoy themselves in a safe and active play area.

EOS Cinema

At the EOS Cinema you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies while you workout.  There are machines for cycling and walking available to you in the Cinema room.  It is easy to keep exercising when you are having fun at the same time.

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