Best Gym in Glendale, Arizona


Working out should not be a chore.  When you would out you should have an environment that
is fun and motivational.  You will be much more likely to stay true to your workout goals if you join a
gym in Glendale that gives you access to a stress free environment to workout in.  Everyone is looking for different
ways to get healthier. 

EoS fitness allows you to have everything you need to workout under one roof.  You will never
feel like your workout is lacking because you always have choices to change up your routine.  Whether
you are looking to work out solo or if you prefer to work out with a group of people.  You can surround
yourself with people who want to get to their fitness goals just like you.



Eos Cinema

The EoS Cinema will help you stay entertained as you workout.  It gives you access to a fun
way to exercise with a group of your peers while watching movies.  When you are using the Eos
Cinema you will be able to use the cycling machines in the cinema room to get in a cardio workout
while you have fun.  

Kids Club

Never worry about how you are going to juggle your workout schedule with your children’s
schedule again.  Instead bring your children to workout with you.  The Kids Club is set up to help your
children have fun while you are working out.  They are in a safe environment and you will be able to
complete your whole workout as they play.

Free Weights

Free weights are going to help you build your strength and you are able to use them whenever
you need to.  There are a variety of stations available to choose from so you can workout when you

Personal Training

If you are feeling a bit lost with the variety of options you have for exercising it’s time to
consult a personal trainer.  A personal trainer can help you focus on what exercises will help you
achieve your workout goals.  They will help you tailor your exercise regimen and they will make sure
you stay motivated as well. 

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are fun and full of energy.  They will help you stay motivated through
the help of your peers.  These classes will have you paired with people that are at the same level as
yourself.  Your goals will be similar and they will seem easier to achieve when working together in this
friendly environment.


The sauna is a go to for anyone looking for a little relaxation.  It also helps your body regulate
its blood pressure as you relax in the steam.  There is always a little time for a moment of relaxation
when you have been working hard at the gym.  Make sure you treat yourself for all the hard work you
are doing. 

Spinning Room

When looking for a cardio workout many people look toward cycling. The spinning room is
your resource to many stations of indoor cycles.  There is no pressure here so you are able to workout
for as long as you need on one of the many stations available in the room. 

Swimming Pool

Use our swimming pool to train for your next triathlon.  Make sure you have all of your
swimming techniques down by practicing at your leisure.  Whether you are trying to train for a
competition or you just want to exercise swimming is wonderful for getting in shape.

Juice Bar

If you are in need of a pick me up be sure you take a break at the juice bar.  There are nutritional
snacks available if you need more energy and there are a variety of drinks as well.

Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

Cardio exercises are not always the most entertaining.  If you find yourself bored with your
cardio workout you may want to try out our cardio equipment that has personal TV screens.  These TV
screens will help you to stay entertained while still exercising. 

Functional Training Area

The functional training area is available to help you keep your workout challenging.  You will
work towards your goals will the variety of exercise equipment that is available.  Look for items like
medicine balls, kettlebells, or resistance bands in this area. 


Boxing can help you in many areas.  It helps you workout your whole body and will certainly
get your blood pumping.  Your body will be stronger and you will have more control as you learn the
techniques with a punching bag.  As you practice more you will find your coordination and balance as

Open 24 Hours

People are busy.  Everyone has different aspects of their lives that they need to attend to and
exercising often falls at the bottom of the list.  So many people have the excuse that they do not have
enough time to exercise.  With a gym that is open 24 hours a day you will no longer have an excuse. 
You cannot say that the gym isn’t open when you have the time to go.

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