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EōS Fitness Sahara

When looking for a gym, one must often find a balance between the many things we want and what is actually available.  This can be discouraging and makes us much less motivated to continue achieving our exercise goals. EōS is different though, offering better amenities, a friendly exercising environment, and better hours than other gyms.  When you workout at EōS fitness you are joining a gym that is going to work with you to help you reach your goals. 

Functional Training Area

Get a little variety in your workout routine in our functional training area.  The functional training area is going to have many types of equipment available to train you in different areas.  There are items like kettle bells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and much more.


Whether you are experienced in boxing or would like to try a new way of exercising, our boxing area is going to be a great fit for you.  Boxing is going to help your body grow stronger, build your endurance, and you will see your coordination improve. 

Cardio Equipment

At EōS fitness we have a variety of cardio equipment available.  No matter how you like to get your cardio in, there will be a station ready and waiting for you.  Try out treadmills, ellipticals, and more with our wide variety of machines available.

Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

Cardio exercising does not need to be tedious.  Instead it can be entertaining.  Use our cardio equipment that is fitted with personal TV screens for a more enjoyable exercising experience.  These screens can play your favorite videos or shows as you exercise.  Exercise longer as you watch.

Swimming Pool

The pool at EōS Fitness is perfect for general exercises or training for competitions.  Take your time exercising your entire body.  Pools are a great alternative to other exercises because you will not be straining your joints as you workout.

Spinning Room

The EOS spinning room has enough stations for you to always have a moment on an indoor  cycle.  This is a no pressure environment so you are able to exercise for as long as you would like.  Listen to music, talk with your peers, or bring in a friend to cycle with.


An important aspect of working out that is often missed, is not straining your body too much.  Remember to take a little time to enjoy yourself as well.  Sit in the sauna and allow the steam to help regulate your blood pressure.  It is a great way to help alleviate the pain of sore muscles. 

Indoor Basketball Court

Spend a little time on our indoor basketball court.  There is enough room for both friendly games of basketball and for you to practice alone.  Take a few shots and practice dribbling until your game is perfected.

Personal Training

A personal trainer can be a great way to start exercising or rejuvenate your regular workout regime.  If you are unsure of how to reach your goals or how to push yourself further, pair with our professional trainers.  They are able to work with you to make a new workout routine to challenge you.

Free Weights

Everyone needs access to free weights if they are looking to build up their strength.  There are a variety of stations set up at EōS Fitness so you will always be able to use weights when you want to.

Kids Club

Going to the gym is not usually at the top of the list of fun things to do for children.  That can change at EōS Fitness.  There is a Kids Club where your children will be able to play on safe and fun equipment while you workout.

EOS Cinema

The EōS Cinema room is outfitted with a large screen that plays your favorite movies.  There is also exercising equipment like indoor cycles and treadmills.  You will be able to enjoy yourself while you workout.  It is much easier to exercise for a long period of time when you are entertained. 

A Gym Near You

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