Body ConfiDance: Dance Workout Class

Your friends are gushing about dance fitness classes, and you’re tempted to join in the fun. After all, wouldn’t it be great to sizzle away calories and improve your aerobic fitness all while swishing your hips and grooving to the beat? But, what if you don’t fit in? What if you groove to the right while everybody else grooves to the left?

Trying a dance workout for the first time can feel intimidating, which is why the newest EōS Fitness class might be just what you’ve been looking for. Body ConfiDance is a new type of dance fitness class that is designed for all fitness levels and body types. All you need to succeed is the motivation to get fit and have fun.

What Is Dance Fitness?

If you’ve ever spent a night at the club boogying your heart out, then you already know dancing is a fabulous workout. In fact, grooving for 60 minutes will burn an average of 343 calories for a 150-pound person. Best of all, dancing the night away doesn’t even feel like work.

It’s no wonder that fitness enthusiasts have taken dancing out of the clubs and brought them into the gym. These days, you can find studios across the country dedicated to dance fitness, from Zumba® to barre studios. Large gyms, like EōS Fitness, are able to offer a variety of dance workout classes that focus on different dance styles. For instance, depending on the EōS location, you may be able to sign up for Hip Hop Groove, Hot Hula®, Dance Party, Belly Dance, Soul Clap, and more.

Now, EōS Fitness is proud to present its latest and greatest dance fitness class Body ConfiDance.  

What Is Body ConfiDance?

The creators of Body ConfiDance recognize that joining a dance fitness program may feel intimidating to people who don’t have experience with dance or who may be new to the gym. They wanted to develop a dance cardio class that was open and supportive of all.

That’s why Body ConfiDance is all about bringing out your SASS – Style with Attitude, Sensuality, and Self-Love. Through this dance fitness experience, you can discover your SASS in a friendly environment that is open to all body types, fitness experiences, ages, and genders.

In a Body ConfiDance class, your instructor will introduce you to a variety of dance styles. You might mingle hip hop and salsa moves, for example. At the same time, you’ll learn to appreciate your amazing and beautiful body and to respect all that it does for you. At the end of the class, you’ll put all the steps you learned together to perform a one-of-a-kind routine that is all about flaunting your inner and outer beauty. The goal of the dance exercise class is to empower you. There is no right or wrong. There is only embracing the power of movement and loving what your body is capable of.

Can Dance Improve Your Self-Confidence?

Dig a little into research on body confidence in America, and you’ll realize that many struggle with their self-image. The Park Nicolette Melrose Center, an organization that specializes in eating disorders, found that roughly 80% of women are unsatisfied with how they look. Negative self-image begins shockingly early, with 40% of girls in elementary school wishing they were thinner. Thirty-four percent of men also reported that they weren’t satisfied with their bodies.

According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, “research has found that higher body dissatisfaction is associated with a poorer quality of life, psychological distress and the risk of unhealthy eating behaviours and eating disorders.” The rise of carefully curated social media accounts, especially those geared toward tween and teen girls, can further distort our expectations about what a normal body looks like. It’s no wonder that many of these early negative feelings can follow us into adulthood and make us feel unhappy with the way we look no matter our age.

Can exercise make a difference? The research says it can. Not only does exercise release serotonin and dopamine, both feel-good chemicals that can help alleviate anxiety and depression, some studies have found that it can have a real impact on self-esteem and body image. A 2016 study found direct and indirect links between physical activity and improved self-esteem, particularly among adults struggling with low self-esteem. 

If you want to get your serotonin and dopamine flowing, dance fitness may be your perfect outlet. Dance helps you connect with and celebrate your body. You’ll appreciate your hips as you shake them, and you’ll recognize your own power and beauty. Dance is one of the best ways to fall in love with your body all over again. 

Is a Body ConfiDance Class Right for You?

Are you looking to improve your fitness in a judgment-free environment where you can be yourself? Then the new EōS Body ConfiDance class is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or if you haven’t exercised in years. This class is about having fun while learning to love your body for exactly what it is.

Performing a cardio dance workout will help improve your aerobic fitness, which offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased stamina
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Strong immune system
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger muscles
  • Better coordination
  • Improved balance

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore and it shouldn’t make you feel self-conscious. If you want to have serious fun and develop your SASS, then sign up for a Body ConfiDance class at your nearest EōS Fitness. Once you get comfortable with dance fitness, consider trying other dance fitness classes near you or even other group fitness classes. EōS offers strength, mobility, cardio, and water-based group fitness classes for all fitness levels. 

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