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EōS Celebrates Eighth Birthday With Focus on Accessible Fitness

This year, as EōS Celebrates its eighth year, the High Value, Low Price® fitness center continues to build on its commitment to make fitness inclusive and accessible to all. Through a long-term partnership with Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), EōS will continue to expand accessible fitness options in communities across the nation. 

EōS’ Partnership with Challenged Athletes Foundation

Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides opportunities and support to people with physical challenges so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. CAF believes that participation in physical activity at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence, and enhances quality of life.

Last year, EōS and CAF kicked off their partnership and celebrated EōS’ seventh birthday with the “Cardio for a Cause” event, an inclusive bootcamp-style workout led by EōS group fitness instructors. Participants helped raise over $100,000 for CAF, which contributed toward providing critical adaptive equipment, resources, and training for challenged athletes.

In 2022, EōS and CAF continue their partnership which includes EōS as the title sponsor for CAF’s Tour de Cove event on October 23, 2022 in Mission Bay, California. This 4.5 hour stationary cyclethon will be led by EōS Group Fitness Instructors and can be completed by an individual or a team of three as a relay, in which each team member completes 90 minutes of cycling. All proceeds will help change lives through sport for people with permanent physical challenges.

You can also support CAF by participating in the CAF Sweepstakes Celebration. For every $5 donation to CAF between September 1st and 30th, 2022, you’ll receive a chance to win from over $12,000 in prizes such as a vacation package, a HyperIce bundle, experience gift cards, nutrition supplements, and EōS retail. 

Individuals Can Benefit From Adaptive Gym Equipment and Fitness Centers

A physical challenge, impairment, or disability can cause a person to become less active or inactive due to the lack of accessible fitness options or adaptive gym equipment. Research from the National Library of Medicine has also found that fitness centers need to improve their inclusive atmosphere. Educating instructors on how to train adaptive athletes and employing instructors with adaptive needs would help improve physical activity, participation, and foster a greater sense of community with other people who may have a physical challenge. 

Adaptive gym equipment can vary for each individual. The key to being more active is to ensure that the major muscle groups are getting activated, your heart rate is increased and there’s an increased level of effort. 

EōS strives to address these difficulties faced by adaptive athletes and individuals with physical challenges. “Access to health and fitness should be available to everyone. This incredible partnership with Challenged Athletes Foundation is helping us grow our equipment offerings to include more adaptive options for all athletes,” says Shilpi Sullivan, EōS Fitness Chief Marketing Officer.

Is EōS an Accessible Fitness Center?

In addition to expanding adaptive gym equipment, EōS is also expanding fitness education around inclusivity to better support athletes with physical challenges. EōS is constantly innovating and the partnership with CAF helps further solidify its mission of creating loyal, lifelong fans and exercise practitioners.

To celebrate accessible fitness and put its commitment into action, EōS is proud to offer free memberships to eligible Challenged Athletes. “The opportunity to partner with EōS Fitness and offer free gym memberships to athletes with physical disabilities is an important milestone in our work to create equitable access to health and fitness. The fact that these memberships also include the chance for athletes to bring a friend or family member with them for free, means gyms can also be a place for connection and relationship building,” says Kristine Entwistle, CAF’s Chief Executive Officer.

EōS provides the best strength training and cardio equipment, a wide variety of group fitness classes, extensive Personal Training options, and much more. Find a fitness center near you. 

Adaptive Workouts

EōS offers over 60 group fitness classes per week at most locations, to help Members achieve their health and wellness goals. From strength and core classes to build lean muscle, heart-pumping classes to improve aerobic fitness and burn calories, to dance fitness, water fitness, and group cycling, there’s a class for everyone and every ability.

Trained instructors can help adapt a workout or exercise move based on individuals’ fitness level and ability. If you have a specific need or adaptive equipment question, contact the team at your local EōS for more information or find a Personal Trainer to help create a customized workout plan specifically designed for your fitness goals.

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