Gym Funny: What First Time Gym Members Should Know but Don’t

Do You Know Proper Gym Etiquette?

It’s the beginning of a new year and many new health and wellness goals for each of us! We are all very excited to start off on the right track.

You may have recently decided yourself to join a new gym (maybe our Scottsdale gym) and are back in action for the first time in a long time (or first time ever).

If You’re New to The Gym This Week, This is for You

If you’re a brand new member at one of our 21 EOS Fitness locations then this is for you! Here are the top 10 gym etiquette tips to remember when you’re just getting started:

1). Ask For Help When You Need It

(Trust us; it’s better to ask a trainer for some new exercise recommendations rather than make up your own.)

2). Clean What You Get Dirty

(towels are for wiping down equipment after each use)

3). Buy A Lock –

Keep your belongings safe and in the locker room. Not on the workout floor with you.

4). Use Deodorant

You’ll make more friends.

5). Don’t be A Gym-Timidator

Your overcompensation and acting tough is easily identified as weakness.

6). Share Machines and Dumbbells

Even if you’re super setting; you can’t put claim to multiple machines or weights at once.

7). Check your Outfit

Nobody wants you to flash them when you’re sweaty and working out, or ever, so consider that.

8). Flex On Your Own Time

Practice your flex in the mirror at home, not at the gym. Have your dog watch if you’d really like an audience.

9). Re-rack Your Weights

10). If You Must Take a Selfie, Be Kind Enough to Not Include Others

Awesome you don’t care what people think enough to post a selfie but be sure the rest of the gym doesn’t make your photo without warrant.

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