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With gyms and workout centers popping up on every corner, choosing the one that’s right for you may seem like a difficult task. But many of these gyms offer little besides basic workout equipment. Some are small and cramped, which means that your workout is controlled by the equipment available at the time of day that you can visit.

What you want is to choose a location that is going to give you the most for your money, including the most space and extra amenities, besides workout equipment While fitness is the name of the game when joining a gym, there are many other things that can help to boost your weight loss and performance in surprising ways.

That’s why EOS Fitness offers a variety of great amenities in addition to its wide range of workout equipment. They truly have something for everyone’s lifestyle and fitness interests.


For gym-goers with children, EOS Fitness in Peoria, Arizona offers a fun childcare center. This is a great option for couples with kids looking to workout together, single parents, or any busy moms and dads hoping to squeeze in a little time to take care of themselves. They’ll get to work out with the peace of mind that their kids are enjoying themselves and are well taken care of.

Locker Rooms

For busy people with or without kids, EOS Fitness’ locker rooms make going from work to the gym a breeze. Stowing a change of clothes in a locker while you exercise allows you to fit a workout into even the craziest of days.

Personal Training

For those new to working out or looking to take their fitness to a new level, EOS Fitness offers personal training. Learn how to utilize equipment, mix cardio and weight training, or get advice on reaching your goal weight with the help and guidance of a professional.

Nutrition Counseling

There’s nothing worse than following up on your workout with junk food. But with the nutrition counseling offered at EOS Fitness, you can learn how to manage your diet to best compliment your fitness regimen.

Group Fitness Classes

Looking to mix up your gym routine? Try one of EOS Fitness’ group exercise classes. Relax, unwind, and work on your flexibility with a yoga class. Or get your blood pumping with a spin class. Group fitness is also a great way to meet other gym members!

Cardio equipment, free weights, resistance machine, and more

When it comes to traditional gym equipment, EOS Fitness offer top of the line facilities. From cardio equipment and resistance machines to a full spread of free weights, there’s equipment to fit everyone’s needs. There’s even a women’s workout room, complete with free weights and resistance machines.


When you’ve finished with your workout, relax and unwind in EOS Fitness’ sauna. The steam and heat of the sauna will help to dilate your blood vessels, which allows for increased blood flow and a drop in blood pressure. It can also help to eliminate dead skin cells, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated, and ready to get on with your day.

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