Fitness Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona

Choosing a gym in Scottsdale, Arizona can be a tough decision. Do you want plenty of free weights? Lots of resistance machines? Or maybe you are looking for other amenities, such as childcare or group fitness classes. Many gyms are small and often specialized, which leaves you picking and choosing between different amenities, and sacrificing some needs or wants over others.

At EOS Fitness, you won’t have to choose. Besides offering top of the line fitness equipment, they have a wide range of amenities catered to match every gym-goers tastes. Whether you are a parent, a busy businessman or woman, or someone training for a race or other athletic event, EOS Fitness has amenities designed to boost your gym experience.

Locker Rooms

Squeezing a workout into your busy schedule can be a challenge. But the locker rooms at EOS Fitness make it easy to go from work to working out and back in a flash. Store a change of clothes in a locker and hit the showers when you’re done, and you’ll be back to business in no time.


If you’re a parent, you know how tough it can be to schedule any time for yourself. But working out and staying healthy if essential. That’s why EOS Fitness offers childcare, allowing you to focus on your workout while your kids focus on having fun.

Personal Training

Whether you are new to working out or have been visiting the gym for years, there’s likely a few things that could be improved when it comes to your workout routine. With the help of a personal trainer at EOS Fitness, you’ll learn new ways to maximize your workout and take full advantage of all of the gym’s equipment.

Group Fitness Classes

Doing the same workouts day after day can be a drag. But with group fitness classes at EOS Fitness, you can mix it up while also enjoying the benefits of cross training. Mix in some yoga to improve your flexibility. Or cross train with an aerobics or spin class. You may meet a new workout partner! EOS Fitness even has a dedicated Spin Room and a Yoga and Pilates Studio.

Women’s Workout Room

Maybe you are new to weightlifting, or you’re just looking for some support from your fellow female gym members. Regardless of your reasons, the Women’s Workout Room provides a judgment-free area great for getting some strength training in.

Cardio Equipment, Resistance Machines, and Free Weights

While all of these awesome amenities are great for mixing up and improving your workout, access to equipment is often a leading reason for joining a gym. That’s why EOS Fitness offers a variety of kinds of equipment, for everything from cardio to weight training.


When you’ve finished your workout, be sure to stop by the sauna at EOS Fitness. A short break in the steam will help dilate your blood vessels and cause a drop in blood pressure. You’ll leave the gym feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

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