These Are the Five Reasons You Need to Join a Gym Right Now

These Are the Five Reasons You Need to Join a Gym Right Now

It’s time to get into shape! As you look at your flabby waistline and the scary number of the scale, the time to get into shape may have been a few years ago. However, there’s no time like the present. You are energized, motivated, and already picturing your future toned and beautiful self. As you make your preparations to slim down or bulk up, there’s one question you need to answer. Should you join a gym or go at it alone? Here are five excellent reasons to join a gym:

  1.    Peer Support Keeps You Motivated

The American College of Sports Medicine says exercising with a workout buddy, partner, or group is a good way to stay motivated. Whether you are looking to bulk up for your next bodybuilding competition, get ready for the next marathon or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle, just surrounding yourself with people all working towards their own goals can give you that extra push towards reaching success. If you show up drained from a hard day at the office yet notice your fellow gym members are filled with energy, you’ll naturally feed off their positive vibes and become re-energized to run that extra mile on the treadmill or get that extra rep on the squat machine.

Lean on each other for moral support, trade nutrition ideas or even start up a friendly competition. Simply picture your friends putting in time in the gym the next time you want to hit that snooze button. We guarantee you won’t simply crawl out of bed. You will leap out, ready to tackle another day of working towards your ultimate goal.

Need even more friendly motivation to move and groove? Check out our many fabulous exercise classes that will make you feel the burn and share comradery with others.

  1.    Professional Staff Guide You on Your Fitness Journey

When it comes to fitness, it’s essential to know how to reach the goals you have set. If you find yourself lost amongst the weight racks and cardio machines, it may be time to look into hiring a personal trainer. The trained professional will share knowledge that won’t just help you reach your goals but surpass them in ways you never thought possible. A personal trainer can help you stay motivated and give you the accountability you need to truly transform your body.

Sign up for a free fitness consultation with one of our certified personal trainers.

  1.    Visit a Place Dedicated to Fitness

So you’ve decided to work out in the comfort of your own home? Not a bad idea! Let us run a quick scenario by you first though. Beach season is rapidly approaching and you’ve set a goal to do 200 crunches every day. But you also own two dogs, three cats and have three young and energetic, children. You can’t even get through 10 crunches without having to go clean up a mess, let one of the animals out, or answer the phone that seems to ring every 30 seconds.

Leave these distractions behind by joining your local gym where you can focus only on yourself and your fitness goals. If you choose to go to EōS Fitness, you can even drop the kids off at our Kids’ Club so you can be worry-free while you pump through your workout.

  1.    Save Lots of Money and Still Use State-of-the-Art Equipment

Mother Nature doesn’t always make it easy for you to run outside. Plus, what happens if you want to build your muscles with strength and resistance training? Even basic equipment, like a treadmill, weight rack, and dumbells can cost hundreds of dollars altogether. To build even a basic home gym with modest equipment would require a decent amount of money, and that’s even assuming you have the space in your home!

Instead, a gym membership is highly affordable. You’ll gain access to top-of-the-line strength training, resistance, and cardio equipment. At EōS Fitness, we offer three levels of memberships so that you can choose the right membership for your budget. Find a location near you to learn about our membership packages.

  1.    All the Amazing Extras!

When you join EōS Fitness, you’ll get more than barbells and ab crunch machines. Our gyms are designed to encourage you to reach your fitness goals the way you want. That’s why each of our gyms offers so much more than just equipment. Many of our gyms include the very cool EōS Cinema where you can watch a hit movie while you work out. Our facilities may include a dedicated cycling room, a yoga and Pilates studio, full-sized basketball court, relaxing sauna, pool, nutrition services, and more!

These are certainly not things you could enjoy if you tried to get in shape all by yourself without a gym membership!

Give Us a Try – There’s No Risk

There are so many reasons to join a gym. At EōS Fitness, we offer you camaraderie, expertise, a focused environment, the best equipment, and lots of extras that will get you to your fitness goals even more quickly.

Don’t take our word for it, though! We want you to come in and try our gym for yourself. We’ll even let you give us a spin for free! Find the closest gym near you and sign up for our free, no-risk seven-day pass. You’ll get a full week to test out our equipment, sign up for a class, and meet your new gym buddies!

Get your free seven-day pass now!

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