Foods That Hydrate

It is so important to hydrate your body, for optimal health and performance. It isn’t always easy to drink the optimal amount of water your need. When you add activities like working out or spending time in the hot sun, the amount of water needed increases and can seem overwhelming. The good news is that water intake doesn’t always have to come in the liquid form. Eating a variety of the following foods will help keep you hydrated and lower the amount of actual water you need to consume during the day.

*Cucumber – Cucumber is a full 96.7 percent water. It can be eaten alone or mixed into a salad. Many smoothies feature cucumber as one of their main ingredients because of its light taste and refreshing qualities. Cucumber

*Iceberg lettuce – While you hear a lot about the wondrous properties of dark green vegetables, none of them can beat iceberg lettuce’s hydrating quality. A large lettuce salad for lunch can help you feel refreshed throughout the afternoon.

*Celery – This innocent-looking veggie is a mere six calories per stalk. Along with its hydrating properties, it packs a lot of fiber and vitamins. An added benefit is its tendency to neutralize the stomach acid that creates heartburn.

*Radishes – These little vegetables don’t get much attention, but they are made up of greater than 95 percent water. Their sharp taste is a natural appetite suppressant and they can be eaten without condiments, making them the perfect carry-along snack.

*Tomatoes – This is another easy carry-along snack. Cherry and grape tomatoes are very portable. Larger tomatoes can be sliced and eaten alone or added to salads.

*Berries – Strawberries are a full 92 percent water. Blueberries and blackberries each contain 85 percent. Berries allow for a variety of forms, from salads to smoothies and there are so many different kinds there is bound to be one that strikes your fancy.

*Pineapple – Pineapple is a fruit that appeals to most people. Adding chunks to a fruit salad or eating them alone will have you enjoying the hydrating benefits contained in this fruit.


*Mango – One cup of this sweet tropical fruit will provide you with a full half cup of water. Have it as a mid-morning snack or add it to a fruit salad. It also makes a delicious infused water.

*Bell peppers – When it comes to hydrating, red bell peppers are 92 percent water. They also offer more Vitamin C than oranges, making them a wonderful addition to salads and other dishes. Bell Peppers

*Zucchini – At 21 calories a cup and 95 percent water content, raw zucchini is a great source of both hydration and Vitamin C.

*Cauliflower – Another vegetable that can be eaten alone or mixed in a salad, this one is made up of 92 percent water. Along with its hydrating properties, it is full of nutrients and has been associated with lower risk of breast cancer.

*Star fruit – Another tropical fruit that gets little recognition but contains many benefits. It is 91 percent water and comes in both sweet and bitter varieties. An additional benefit of this fruit is it contains epicatechin, a nutrient that is found in dark chocolate and wine that is thought to be good for your heart.

Star Fruit

The dozen fruits and vegetables above are only the beginning of the hydrating foods you can add to your diet to help in getting your daily needed water AND micro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Adding them regularly will help you feel less stressed about getting enough water to keep you feeling refreshed and at your peak.

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