Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are approaching fast! This time of year can increase your stress level, fill your calendar, and challenge your fitness routine unlike anything else. Don’t let this time of year wreck your gains and maybe even destroy your motivation and confidence. You have worked hard all year to stay on track and take care of yourself and your body, so don’t let the next month and a half ruin all that progress. The best way to battle the seasonal struggles is to plan ahead and we can help.


Here are some helpful tips:

The main thing to remember with your workouts is don’t skip the gym. There may be closures or limited hours due to the holidays, but you should be able to keep your daily trips going all but a couple of days. This time of year is actually a great time to increase your workouts too.

Not only will you be helping to burn off those added calories and extra meals, but you can use your workout to help fight the increased stress from the madness that usually accompanies late November and December. If you are spending time with loved ones consider throwing in a post meal walk. This is a great way to catch up and spend quality time together while you are burning off the extra calories. If you are traveling this could be a nice way to enjoy the change in weather or even fall leaves or winter snow.

You will probably know when holiday meals will be scheduled so plan accordingly. If your job or family has a certain day or time they want to get together then make sure your other meals are lighter or don’t have a ton of carbs throughout the entire day. Holiday food can be delicious, but use the same restraint you have all year to avoid desserts or scoot the sugary toppings off of things like yams. Go for white meat turkey or chicken when possible and even though it tastes amazing, there is no need or benefit from having three, four, or five plates.


Have fun this holiday season, but don’t overdo it. Alcohol is just empty calories and most mixed drinks are loaded with sugar too. For us to tell you not to drink would be out of line and not our place, but be smart and be careful. If you need a little more motivation to limit your intake just think of all those extra DUI patrols that are probably out. The next few weeks will try to know you off of your fitness routine. Remember, plan ahead and stick to it. Keeping up with your progress through the holidays will make it that much easier to hit the new year running.

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