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Everyone’s body is different.  That means that you must tailor your exercise regimen to your preferences.  This helps you stay interested, motivated, and working towards your goals.  All classes that are offer will provide you will a fun way to burn calories and get fit.


Zumba is fantastic way to get in exercise without feeling like you are exercising.  A fun, innovative way to approach fast pace exercising.  There is an endless supply of energy combined with music will invigorate you.  Exercising has never been so fun.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is going to challenge your strength, test your endurance, and build your speed and agility.  By using your own body weight in combination with weights and bands you are going to get a whole body exercise.

Body Pump

Body Pump is a class that targets your entire body while you are building up your strength.  Every muscle group is going to be challenged when you use the variety of exercises like presses, curls, lifts, and squats.  The instructor led class will go through sixty minutes of exercising with the pleasure of listening to motivating music.

Body Combat

Body Combat is a combination of many different fighting styles to give you a new approach to an exciting cardio experience.  There are ideas drawn from boxing, Tai Chi, Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai.  Let the music motivate you in this collection of various styles.

Body Attack

Body Attack is a class that pulls its inspirations from sport workouts including strength, stabilization, and aerobic exercises.  These workouts help your body grow stronger and have more stamina.  The class is led by a high energy instructor that uses stimulating music to help you stay motivated for the whole workout. 

Group Fitness class


Jiu-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art form that helps people with self defense.  This class is going to help anyone regardless of their size learn how to properly defend themselves against another person.  Jiu-Jitsu uses leverage and other techniques to help people get in shape and feel assured that they are able to take care of themselves.


Kickboxing is a great way for you to burn calories and work out many muscle groups at a time.  Not only will you see improvements in your strength but you will have more stamina as well.  Using punching bags and pads can help you perfect your kickboxing technique.


Boxing helps you get in a invigorating workout that allows you to learn proper techniques for punching and gain knowledge of proper footwork.  It will help you build coordination, raise your endurance, and you will see your strength develop quickly. 


Pilates is a workout that is based around using a mat in combination with different exercise techniques.  These techniques help you find balance, build your core strength, and have better body alignment.


Yoga is the technique of using body movements to help your body improve in all areas.  You will use many postures and poses in combination with breathing or relaxation methods.  This will help you have more balance and stamina.  Your body will also be more flexible and have more strength.


RPM is a new take on basic cycling.  It provides you with a motivating workout using indoor cycling.  A team coach will use enticing music to help motivate you to move through various paths like flat lands, hill, mountain peaks, interval training, and time trials. 

Group Cycling

Group Cycling is an inviting class that allows you to set your own pace while following the lead of our coaches.  Work toward your personal goals with the help of your peers who are working towards similar goals themselves. 


Dance has always been a fun way to exercise.  It makes it easy to get into shape when you are having fun.  Dance to exciting music that lets you move to the rhythm and burn those calories.    


Insanity is a popular DVD workout that takes you through fast paced exercises that are broken up by small breaks.  Many people use this exercise to fully challenge their body and push it to the extreme.  Now use this exercise in a group setting to be even more motivated by your peers.

Find a Gym

On the find a gym page you will be able to locate the gym that is closest to you.  Not all gyms are able to provide all classes.  While many of our gyms have a variety of classes and amenities (indoor swimming pool) offered be sure to check the gym close to you to find the perfect class for your exercise goals.  This page will also provide you the times for the classes that are provided. 

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