New Year- Do YOU!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “New Year, New You.” What does that really mean? Do we want to be a different person? Do we want to be New? Or, do we want to be our best, the best You can be? Many of us go into the New Year with big expectations of what we will achieve. We give ourselves demanding resolutions: Lose 50lbs., Run a Marathon, Bench Press twice our body weight, give up Carbs, Dairy, Meat, etc… Unrealistic goals and super high demands lead to many of us giving up on our New Year Resolutions within 2-3 weeks.

What if You just Do You; meaning, setting more realistic goals. Of course, we want results and results take hard work and consistency. But, setting ourselves up for failure by doing too much, too soon is something for the past.

What do you want out of the time you put in at the gym? Results right. We all want gratification, unfortunately, when choosing a healthy lifestyle, gratification isn’t immediate. We may experience some immediate results, but those long-term results are achieved over time.

Consistency is key. Make sure your gym plan is something you are capable of sticking with consistently. For example, if your goal is to hit the gym most days of the week and you haven’t been going consistently, start with maybe 3 days. After you hit your 3 days for 3weeks in a row, add a fourth day, then after three more weeks you will be ready to add a fifth and later even a 6th.

Same with any of the Fitness Classes; consistency is key. While there are so many options, it’s harder to limit yourself, than to find a class you enjoy. However, too much too soon can burn us out quickly, resulting in injury or overkill. Find one or two classes you like and stick with them for at least 3 weeks before adding another.

As for Dieting… just don’t do it. Diets are fads, some are extreme, some deprive us of nutrients our bodies need. Healthy eating and moderation are key. Never deprive yourself of things your body needs; think moderation. Avoid over indulging, having one slice of pizza or a few pieces of chocolate here and there won’t tip the scale. The constant indulgences like whip cream on a latte or fast food several times a week are the things tipping the scales. Healthy eating is a balance as are most things in life, find the balance that works for you and you will find it’s not too difficult to just Do You and be Happy too.

Good Luck on your fitness goals and know here at EOS, the staff is knowledgeable and eager to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

Cheryl Marrujo
Las Vegas: Durango/ I-215
Certified Piyo Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Insanity Instructor
Instagram @48namastates


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