Reasons to do Zumba®

1. Anyone can do it
How many of you have tried at home workouts like Insanity, p90x or Body Beast and given up before completing it? We get it, they can start to become difficult to follow and can often be very overwhelming or intimidating. Zumba®, on the other hand, incorporates very easy to follow choreography perfectly designed for your experience level. You won’t need a workout partner or any fancy workout gear. There is no ideal weight, height, age or gender. Heck, bring your grandma with two left feet to your next Zumba® class and watch in amazement at the ever present smile that is stretches across her face.


2. It’s a party
After a long day of sitting at the office, most likely, the last thing you’ll want to go through is the monotony of the treadmill. With Zumba® you will literally be dancing the calories away. AND you don’t even have to match the instructors moves step-for-step. Just simply moving your body is enough to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Everyone will tell you it’s more important to have fun, feel the music and dance the calories away than it is to hit every move perfectly. No one is expecting you to become the next Britney Spears by the end of the class. The atmosphere is pressure free; you will be surrounded by dozens of people all laughing and having the time of their lives. Zumba® a fun community of people to encourage, support and hold you accountable to your workouts.


3. Total body workout
The biggest benefit Zumba® has is the fact that it targets essentially every part of your body. Not only will it build lean muscles and improve stamina, Zumba® will improve balance due to core strengthening and increase your flexibility. Just one hour into your first session and you will immediately begin to feel your muscles and joints loosen up as the stress built up from years of sitting at a desk is released. Sign up for one of our Zumba® classes today!

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