4 Ways to Unlock the Mysteries of Weight Loss

Americans are spending millions of dollars on the endless search for the magic pill that will shed fat; instead, what if we all spent a little more time adjusting our lifestyles and our mindsets? Shifting a few of your lifestyle factors can help to cultivate a healthy and sustainable pathway to weight loss.

Set goals and make a plan! Starting new healthy habits can be overwhelming. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is exercise and nutrition. Your diet is what fuels your body. Incorporating more nutritionally dense foods can help to properly fuel your body and keep you full for longer. Exercise means moving our bodies, from talking a walk outside to lifting weights at the gym. If you are struggling to put together goals or a long-term plan for either your nutrition or your fitness goals, set up a meeting with one of the Certified Fitness professionals at EoS Fitness.

Incorporate weight bearing exercises into your new routine. Aerobic exercise and diet are important factors when losing weight but don’t leave out strength training in your weight loss strategy. Everyday your body is burning calories at a basic maintenance level, this is called resting metabolic rate or RMR. Building muscle will increase your RMR which means your body is burning more calories at rest!

Drink your water! Drinking more water ties back into the foundation of properly fueling your body. Your body can function at peak levels when you are properly hydrated. Drinking more water can also help you to feel full longer, to flush out toxins, and to speed up your metabolism. In addition, drinking water can help you to avoid sugary or calorically dense drinks such as sodas or juices. Switching your afternoon soda to water or adding in a glass of water each morning is a simple lifestyle shift that can reap major benefits down the road.

Don’t skip breakfast. Food is fuel for our bodies; you should choose a breakfast that includes protein and whole grains for sustained energy throughout the day. Starting your morning off with a nutritious breakfast sets you up for a successful day by helping to control hunger and kick starting your metabolism.

These four basic lifestyle factors including setting a nutrition and exercise plan, incorporating weight bearing exercises, drinking more water, and eating breakfast will have a major impact on your weight loss and fitness journeys. For more information on proper nutritional programming or fitness regiments ask one of our Certified Personal Trainers at your local club.

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