Why Cycling Classes are AMAZING! Insights from a Cycle Instructor

In our busy world, we are called on to multi-task on a minute to minute basis.  Between our jobs, our friends and families we have so much to balance that it can be hard to be in the moment.  EōS Cycling classes gives us an opportunity to challenge ourselves in a unique and personal way and to BE IN THE MOMENT! Whether you get up at dark and start your busy day by joining a cycling class or you rally at the end of the day to come to an evening cycle class, we are rewarding ourselves by challenging our bodies and allowing ourselves the opportunity to focus on the experience of the mind and body while working up a sweat.  We are the masters of our pace and resistance and we allow the music to motivate us as we embark on a 55 minute journey together.    This is our time… no phones to answer, no chores to do, no one but ourselves and the bike. At the end of each cycling class, we have sweat out the stress of our days and are transformed into champions! We’ve challenged ourselves in an empowering way and our bodies and minds celebrate the triumph of completing a 55 minute personal adventure! Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

Julie Quesada
San Diego: Sports Arena
Stages Flight Certified;Schwinn Certified

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