Working Out On The Go

As if the holidays didn’t pose enough of a challenge to stay on track and not let your progress get lost already, think about all the time you might spending sitting in a car, airplane, or even at the airport. Some of you may even be staying at a hotel with a basic fitness center or with friends or relatives with no access to workout equipment at all. Don’t worry, there are still ways to get a quick workout in. Read more and see how!


If your flight isn’t direct or if weather sneaks up on your travel plans, you will likely have a layover. This can lead to a lot of down time and what better way to fill this than with a quick workout. Don’t let looks from strangers hinder your goals and a potential gains. It’s best to pack some light workout clothes and maybe even a towel in your carry-on bag if a situation like this comes up.

Jogging around the terminal, walking or jogging stairs, stretching, yoga, Pilates, and even some improvised treadmill walking are all possible at most airports. Depending on the crowds and terminal size, you should be able to do some laps either jogging or walking around the perimeter of the terminal. There is a really good chance there are some stairs somewhere and why not put them to use. Walking should be easy to do no matter what the crowds are like, but if the airport is fairly empty don’t be afraid to give them a little jog too. You should be able to stretch almost anywhere, and if you can find an area with some leg room you may even be able to practice your favorite yoga or Pilates moves and even routines. Do you know those moving walkways in a lot of airports? Power walking on these can give you a mock treadmill feeling.


Don’t waste time during your car ride (not driving) or flight. You can get some simple work in, and while this probably won’t have you sweating, it will be beneficial.

First, put your feel flat on the ground and lift your heels while your toes remain on the ground. Next, keep your heels on the ground and lift your toes. Third, move your feet around front to back, side to side, and in circular motions. If you have ever had an ankle injury this is a similar routine to what you probably did for rehab. This can strengthen your tendons and even work your shins and calves. Did you know flexing actually helps build muscles? Try contracting some different muscles for as long as you can or different sets. The easiest to perform is with your abs, but other muscle groups may work too.


We all know basic stretches like arms over your head, above your head tricep stretches, or arms across your body stretching. These help too! Finally, if you are on a plane and find yourself waiting for the restroom, try some lunge stretches or touching your toes.

There is no reason to skip a workout while traveling. Even a basic workout is better than nothing and with the tips and options about you should have at least a few things you can include while you travel.


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