How to EōS with the Best of Them

  1. Showing your scan tag at check-in lets us know you’re here. Can’t find it? Just show your ID for a new one.
  2. Workout towel—the must-have accessory. (bring one for free, or buy one from us.)
  3. Machines get sweaty, too. A little sanitizing spritz, a little wipe-down. The next person thanks you for wiping down your machine.
  4. Once done with a piece of equipment, wipe it down with sanitizing spray. A little spritz, a little wipe-down.
  5. You have trash. We have trash cans. Coincidence? Don’t litter. Not even a litter bit.
  6. Purses, “murses,” gym bags, backpacks, clutches, and rucksacks are not allowed on the gym floor. As for fanny packs? No comment.
  7. Workout wear is a thing. We’d love to see your 6-pack later, wear a shirt for now. Protect your tootsies; closed shoes only, please. Jeans and sweat don’t agree with each other.
  8. Little kids make lousy spotters. Please take advantage of our childcare facilities. Some locations may require reservations.
  9. If you feel the need to drop or slam your weights, please drop or slam them very gently onto their designated storage rack.
  10. Your thumbs get enough of a workout. Please take a walk from the workout floor for your phone calls, texting and emails.
  11. Enjoy grunting, roaring, and primal screams? We respectfully recommend a trip to the zoo. In the gym? Not so much.
  12. Even machines get hurt on the job. Please report damaged equipment to the front desk.


Free Weights Area Etiquette & Policies

  1. Don’t you hate it when weights ends up in all the wrong places? So do we. Please re-rack your weights.
  2. We don’t want to leave anyone in the dust. Please refrain from using chalk.
  3. Nobody likes a wobbly butt. Remember to lock down your seat before you work out.

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