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Gym Near Me Las Vegas: Top 6 Fitness Clubs Reviewed

Looking for a Gym or Fitness Center Near Las Vegas?


EOS Fitness currently has five gyms surrounding the city of Las Vegas with more to soon be added.

Here is just a glimpse of the classes, workouts, equipment, atmosphere, and environment that makes up EOS!



What to Expect: Amenities, Classes, Environment, and Equipment


Every EOS Fitness location is unique in it’s own right.

You will find different exercise equipment, machines, weights, amenities, workout classes, and schedules.

If you’re fitness goal is to casually lose a few pounds, our trainers can help you find the perfect routine.

Want to build muscle and increase your endurance? Every EOS location has free weights and cardio machines to help you do just that.

If  you’re not sure where to start, we have heard from a lot of our members that our blog and monthly newsletter is a great free resource for fitness tips and healthy eating recipes.


Here is a list of our current 6 locations to choose from:


EOS Fitness Las Vegas SouthEast

EOS Fitness Las Vegas SouthEast is located just off the 215 freeway on Stephanie street and 215 freeway in Henderson.

You’ll find us in the little shopping center just past the Chevron.

Our Henderson gym is run by general manager Ben Gorospe. Feel free to ask to speak with Ben if you have any questions. He is a very nice guy.


EOS Fitness Las Vegas NorthWest

If you often drive on the 95 freeway then you’re closest gym will be EOS Fitness Las Vegas Northwest.

Elijah is the general manager of this location and will gladly show you around.



EOS Fitness Las Vegas Centennial

Very close to the 215 freeway in North Las Vegas, you’ll find EOS Fitness Centennial.

This will be your nearest EOS gym and is located on Centennial parkway.

This is one of the larger fitness centers in a strip center nearby CVS.

Ask for Jesse Marjanen. He’s the manager if you have any questions.


EOS Fitness Aliante

Open 24 hours a day so that you night owls can get in a workout while everyone else is sleeping.

EOS Fitness Aliante offers a variety of amenities and is nearest the 215 freeway on West Centennial parkway.

You can grab a free 7 day pass to get an idea of the amenities here.



Las Vegas South

Even further up the 215 by all the major shopping centers around the freeway bend you’ll find EOS Fitness Las Vegas South.

This one of a kind gym has a bunch of different group fitness classes to choose from like Zumba, BodyPump, and Yoga.

This EOS is just across the street from The Beltway Marketplace which makes it convenient for you to get in a lift after work and finish up some grocery shopping just after before heading home.



EOS Fitness Las Vegas Durango

One of the most popular gyms in Las Vegas is EOS Fitness Durango.

This gym opened in 2016 and has all new equipment and a great cross training area.

It is near the Rhodes Ranch Golf Course by the 215 freeway just before the zag in a new shopping center.

One of the best things about this gym is the healthy smoothie shop just two doors down which compliments a workout just perfectly.


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