AZV_Amanda G

I was too skinny to join the Air Force and couldn’t gain weight for anything. I was unhealthily skinny. I started powerlifting and was able to get my dream career and am stronger than ever.

Amanda G .| Avondale: Dysart Rd

AOT_Matthew M

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps, so it was part of daily life. On my 3rd deployment I was injured in Afghanistan. I sustained a herniated disc in my CSpine. I had surgery to stabilize, but damage had been done to C3-C6, causing extensive fine motor skill loss and other trauma from the waist down. I have had trouble walking, and spent time in a wheel chair and a walker. Extensive physical therapy got me back in the fitness game. …

Matthew M. | Chandler: Gilbert Rd

AZR_Jacob K

I would say I am fit and active as an avid gym goer. My story starts with a case of bad luck. In early 2020 I found out I have critical heart failure by waking up in the middle of the night with extremely high heart rate and chest pain. After 3 doctors, finally found myself at the Mayo Clinic with a case of cardiomyopathy. In doctor speak, my heart suddenly enlarged, and they have no idea on why it did. …

Jacob K.  | Chandler: Ray/Cooper

ARR_Ramzy S

In January 2021, I was a 2XL, 44 waist and on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes. This inspired my fitness journey. I started doing zumba classes at EOS, and I cut out soda, potato chips, and french fries. I could do the stair master for 3 minutes. Now, I can do the stair master for 40 minutes. I’ve lost 87 pounds and I’m now a Large, 34 waist, and in the best shape of my life. I’ve inspired family members and friends to start making changes as well. This isn’t just a journey, it’s my passion.

Ramzy S. | Chandler: W Ray Rd/N Rural Rd

AZH_Marissa C

4th place badge

… I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance so automatically that’s a “why try I’m not going to lose the weight anyways.” I also didn’t want to use all the prescriptions as a bandage solution and make more problems later on in life. About nine months I started my weight loss journey starting 20 years old at 310 pounds I am currently sitting at 228 pounds now. Working out has helped me so much and wouldn’t make my journey possible without it. …

Marissa C. | Gilbert: Higley Rd

APG_Kelly H

I recently have had two kids in two years and gained a total of 70 extra pounds. I went from being a slim fit 130lb woman to 200lbs. This extra weight was not good for my Rheumatoid arthritis and I dedicated myself to making sure I ate healthy and lifted weights. Now I can say I hit one of my goals and have lost all the weight! My New Years goal is to gain back all the muscle that was lost from two rough pregnancies. It’s a blessing being able to move when you spent years unable to. …

Kelly H. | Gilbert: S Power Rd/E Germann Rd

AVV_John B

I joined EoS in 2018 at age 50, trying to get back in shape. I had low energy and with my kids growing up I didn’t want to be ‘that dad’. I quit drinking, changed my diet, and went to the gym lifting weights 3 or 4 times a week, depending on my schedule. Over the next 18 months I gained 35lbs, I went from 140lbs to 175lbs. I’m sure some of that was ‘muscle memory’ (I was around 160lbs in my 20s) but still, I felt great and was happy with the results and healthier lifestyle. …

John B. | Gilbert: S Val Vista Dr/E Pecos Rd

I suffered for tens of years of pilonidal cyst disease and had 8 surgeries on my lower back because of it. I was on and off bed rest. I also had fistulas where holes started opening up in my body. I pretty much threw in the towel and thought this was my life. I started training with Ki (Darren Dorsey) and he turned my life around. I was 275 36% body fat and could barely lift and had no stamina. Now I’m 238 down to 26% body fat and still counting. …

Mike O. | Glendale: 51st Ave/Olive

Hi nothing too crazy here just thought I would share! I used to be a little chubby back in elementary school and was actually 2 lbs over obese. I lost a lot of weight by starving myself back then and was very unhealthy as you can tell in the first photo. I took sports medicine and started playing sports in high school and graduated and still continue to weight lift everyday, have a very physical job and live a healthy life style now while attending the gym 4-5 times a week!

Gavin J. | Glendale: 59th Ave/101


My name is Alannah Saunders I am 23 years old 5’2” and this is my story of how my body transformation began. It was in January of 2021, weighing in at 225 pounds. I was very insecure about the way I looked. I would wake up every morning and struggle to get dressed looking in the mirror at what I saw, knowing in just a short amount of time I was going to be marrying my fiancée and was terrified of how I would look walking down the aisle in my wedding dress. ...

Alannah S. | Glendale: 59th Ave/Thunderbird

Fitness is important to me because it allows me to better myself and relax. I was inspired by TikTokers and how they were bettering themselves during the beginning of the pandemic and I thought why don’t I start working out and bettering myself. I did workouts on TikTok, then eventually started doing my own workouts. Then as soon as the gym opened up I did tougher workouts and circuits. Fitness in a way has helped me be more body positive, kept me relaxed, and also kept me from feeling down. …

Angel M. | Glendale: 83rd Ave/W Camelback Rd

A10 Kristofer N

The first picture was taken in June of 2019. I was pushing 285. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs, let alone keep up with my kiddos. I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror, but I knew if I wanted to change, I had to start now. I’ve had a membership to EOS for a while now, but only was going once or twice a month. I tried to get back into the habit but I used every excuse why I couldn’t do it. I started running. I made a goal to be able to run a 5k without any stops.

Kristofer N. | Goodyear: N Pebble Creek Pkwy/I-10

I have always hated my body for years, but when Covid hit and the lockdowns started I hated myself even more. I stress ate, barely moved and my depression only got worse. Along with that multiple family members showed severe health issues because of their lack of care to their bodies and no desire to be physical. I didn’t want to become like that, so once the lock down was done and after multiple struggles to be inspired to lose the weight I gained I moved to Phoenix and joined EOS. …

Alyx D. | Mesa: Alma School/US 60

7 months ago I was at my heaviest weight and felt awful; I had no energy, no self confidence and body pains. I decided to make my health a priority so I could be the best version of myself for my children. I started by focusing on my nutrition (lost 60 lbs) and then I joined EOS and signed up for personal training. I’m still a work in progress but my life has completely changed and I can now be the ACTIVE mom that I always dreamed of becoming.

September S. | Mesa: Gilbert/McKellips


… Mental illness can present itself in so many ways. As a nurse I was always helping others. It was not only my nature but also the career I chose. I peaked at 185 pounds. One day I looked in the mirror and that was the day. I saw something different. I knew my life needed to change or I was going to die. That was the start of my journey. I started at 185 pounds and now 115 pounds. It has taken a few years to get where I am but I learned consistency is the key. …

Kim D. | Mesa: Greenfield/US 60

I joined the military right after high school. Once I got to my unit, I realized that I was probably the smallest guy in my platoon, and maybe even the smallest guy in the whole company. After a few short weeks, I realized that my job duties were going to be physically demanding and I needed to get stronger to make my time in the Army as easy as possible. After a few months of working out and seeing some results, working out quickly became my favorite addiction. …

Mariusz W. | North Scottsdale: Northsight/Raintree

I restarted my fitness journey by changing diet and attending EŌS fitness classes such as Body Pump, Cycle classes and Freedom Barre and I have attended many other types EŌS offers. The instructors are great and have became like a second family. So many of them encouraged me try try different classes. Also other members are in same classes and we just have fun. Without this type of environment I would not have succeeded in losing over 30 pounds. I am healthier and happier.

Jennifer M. | Peoria: Thunderbird

I was pretty active as a teen, once I graduated high school and started having kids my fitness goals changed. I let myself go, at 270 I couldn’t tie my shoes with out being out of breath. I knew I needed to change for myself and for my kids. I’ve lost 80 lbs so far and I feel great. I plan on losing another 50 lbs. EOS is a great gym, the trainers are super helpful and the kids club is a godsend!

Eva S. | Phoenix: 75th Ave/Encanto

The past couple of years have been rough on so many, myself included. One day in March of 2021 I looked up and decided it was time to be a better version of myself. I walked into EoS to get a membership and haven’t looked back. I set goals for myself, made some great friends, and found a true passion for fitness. Thank you EoS for providing an environment in which I can thrive ! Here’s to another year of being the best I can be.

Steven W. | Phoenix: Cactus Rd/Cave Creek


AZC_Ceraya A

… I am 31 years young, a mother of 2 girls- ages 5 and under, a wife to a firefighter, and a hospice nurse. I spend my life giving to other people ALL DAY LONG. 6 years ago I tried getting pregnant while being home many days alone as a fire wife and working long overnight hospital shifts. Miscarriages, a stressful job, and strained relationships in my life left me well over 70lbs over-weight. Eating my feelings alone most days. Obese in my BMI, I was OVER IT. …

Ceraya A. | Phoenix: Cactus/Tatum

… I was at the heaviest in my life (264 lbs), left a bad situation, moved cross country, & joined a gym. My 1st goal was to lose 100 lbs; during this I fell in love with lifting! Once I hit the 100lb lost mark, I needed a new goal, so I decided to work on building muscle, push myself to go through prep & step on a bikini competition stage! I didn’t place well, but proved to myself that I could push myself harder than I ever have. …

Heather T. | Phoenix: Downtown

In July of 2021, I contracted Covid and was in a Covid ward with 15 other patients at Banner Health. After 7 days and several near death experience, I was transferred to a rehab facticity where, after another 3 days I was released to home care for 3 weeks. 6 weeks later I was contacted by my doctor and asked if submit to a series of tests. I said yes and asked why and was told that the other 15 Covid patents had died. …

Gary G. | Phoenix: N Scottsdale Road/101

… My children’s smiles, the thoughts of what they’ve been through & the desire to watch them grow. I want to be healthy & model healthy habits for them. In 4/21 I joined EOS & started training with Arden Straw in 8/21. He is positive & motivating. He holds me accountable and the workouts are challenging & fun. Since April I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 8. I am better mentally & physically. I am excited to continue this journey.

Julie R. | Surprise: Bell Rd/303

Been and was an alcoholic for almost 20 years. I turned my addiction into a fitness one and was the best Day of my life. I haven’t had a drink for almost 5 years now. My message to people is of I can do it anyone can. I wanna be inspiration to people we all make mistakes never too late to change. I’m gonna be 40 this year and I feel like I’m in my 20s. Thank you fitness for making me feel young. Thank you Eos for allowing me to train in your amazing facility.

Carlos C. | Tempe: Warner Rd/I-10



Cancer stripped away the person I once was and sculpted me into the person I have grown to truly be. A survivor. My strength inspired me to take each new day as an opportunity to improve myself. Going back to my original weight was one of the happiest moments of my life. With so much of my normalcy taken away, fitness offers something to look forward to, replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope. I am dedicated to living life to its fullest through fitness.

Sana M. | Encinitas: El Camino Real

I was in an abusive relationship for almost 5 years…I have hard days, I’m full of trauma, but in the gym I can gather enough peace to get my head on straight. My life is so different now. Of course my physical health has improved drastically but I’m in it for the mental gains!! My mindset is much stronger now! I love the feeling that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. EoS is the first gym I’ve ever signed up for. …

Serbrina K. | Hawaiian Gardens: E Carson/Norwalk Blvd

I will be 60 years old in a year. I was overweight and my health was deteriorating. I wanted/needed to make a change for myself and my family so I could be around a while. I realized I needed to exercise regularly and eat real food consistently. I set goals for myself and changed my habits. I met goals, then kept updating them. I set goals I never thought I could achieve…I never thought I could be the same weight as when I graduated high school, but I did it. I’ve lost over 100lbs. …

Mike L.  | Ladera Ranch: Antonio Pkwy/Windmill Ave

… I was the heaviest I had ever been (145) lbs. I recently lost my job, my daily movement went from a solid 10,000 steps to a low 5,000. I could not find the motivation to work out or eat healthy, I became anxious not knowing what was going to happen the next day. Finally, September came around and I told myself enough was enough…I want to encourage people to shift their mindset, everything is possible. It’s up to you and how bad you want to!

Crystal G. | Los Angeles: Downtown LA/Cesar Chavez

Before I don’t want to go gym I thanked to my Son keep asking me to go with him and one day he convinced me and now some time I go by myself, it’s the best investment will benefit your health and health is wealth, my sugar back to normal and I feel great, I will be 56th years old now this year and for me now age is just a number.

Joselito A. | Murrieta

My inspiration were my kids, my daughter a gymnast who I wanted to look up to me & my son who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder I wanted to play, have energy, and keep up with him! I have accomplished so much and my kids are thriving. Thank you EOS! You have changed my life and my family so much!

Brittany A. | Oceanside: Palm Tree Plaza


… I was born with multiple disabilities, one of which is Cerebral Palsy…EOS workouts bring me joy and laughter even though I work hard. I discovered I shine from the inside and outside. Being the basketball team captain in the Special Olympics Championship games in San Diego was exciting. We won the silver medal. My medal hangs on my wall. My body is becoming more balanced, just like my life…My physical challenges are one part of my authentic self. I don’t let my challenges define me.

Elana G. | Palm Desert: Country Club Dr

I was 27 years old and nearly 75 pounds overweight when I began training at EOS. At that time I was stricken with insecurity and low self worth, not only because of my body image but because I lacked supportive environments that motivated me to succeed. I began training with the fitness manager, Francisco at EOS Palm Springs to help me manage my weight and rehabilitate after a knee injury…it has made me feel important enough to believe in myself!

Raquel B. | Palm Springs: Airport Center Dr

I began this journey when I got tired of smoking a pack of cigarettes and drinking a six pack of beer or more per day. I was constantly sick and feeling horrible physically…I started Jiu Jitsu in January 2021 and being that I wanted to get stronger, I joined EOS for conditioning and strength training. I quit smoking and drinking. I changed my eating. I have lost 60 lbs in 11 months. From a size 40 men’s pants to size 28. …

Caroline L. | Redlands: Alabama St/Almond Ave

After struggling with Alcohol and drug addiction for almost 15 years I finally found my love and passion for fitness. With out my fitness journey I would have never been able to stay sober and finally live the life I have wanted to live for so long!

Kevin C. | San Diego: Sports Arena


I had a major eating disorder. Eating fast food whenever I needed the comfort. My body had become excessively overweight and so I began to workout for me. I changed my eating habits and became strict and disciplined to live a healthier life style. My workouts helped my mind become tougher, clothes started to fit again, I started to look better and overall felt better. I train for myself to liver happier and healthier.

Cristian M. | Santa Ana: N Tustin Ave/Bentall Ctr

I am writing this on behalf of my son James age 23 who is autistic. At 19 years of age James was extremely obese weighing over 390 pounds…We knew nothing about weight training and exercise equipment. With the help of the kindly staff and input from the regulars at the gym James learned how to work out safely and effectively…Within 18 months James had lost almost 170 pounds…Fitness is now a lifestyle to James and to our family somewhat of a miracle.

James S. | Temecula Parkway


… What inspires me to workout and continue my fitness journey is the joy I am getting at knowing that I CAN DO IT. for years I have complained because I was physically unable to do certain moves for example a push up. I worked hard to build the strength in order to do a push up. Now that I am able to do several ones I stay consistent and challenge myself.

Noelia C. | Orlando: Hiawassee Rd/Clarcona Rd

… I was over 50 and every joint of my body hurt. I am a secretary for a business and even standing up and walking from a sitting position took a while and made my body ache. I truly felt like I was waiting to die, and felt like I would not be around to see grandchildren in the future. I knew that I needed to lose weight so I joined a program to teach myself about portion control and nutrition…I still have farther to go on my journey, but I am certain that I have what I need to be successful …

Michel C. | Sarasota: Tamiami Trail

When I was at my heaviest I was 285lbs I was in a relationship where I thought she would be the one I would marry. She breaks up with me the last thing she told me was I would never be good enough it was that day that I got my first gym pass at eos from that day on it was a struggle some days but I pushed through day after day I had my diet on point a year comes around and I have already lost 85lbs.

Faraz N. | Tampa: Ehrlich Grove


3rd place badge

… During my sophomore year at the age of 15, my best friend and I were hanging out and he looked me in the eye that day and told me, “Logan, I don’t want you to die”. From then on I started to many different options such as fat burners that weren’t very successful. I got to my highest weight of 445 lbs. in the fall of 2013. I have successfully gotten down to 217 lbs. but that is definitely not my finishing point.

Logan H. | Henderson: St. Rose Pkwy/Amigo St

At 5’9 I weighed 90 pounds, I was extremely underweight. People would tell me that I was so skinny, and at times call me a twig. One day I decided to take a deeper look at myself and realized that something needed to changed. I am now 155 and still working on improving my physique.

Luis V. | Las Vegas: Aliante/Centennial Pkwy


In 2019, I weighed my heaviest at almost 400 pounds… Through a lot ups and downs over the last couple years, I am down to 276. I exercise every day with doing 2-3 Body Combat and Les Mills GRIT Strength Class and I do Intermittent Fasting for 18-20 hours. With my family and friends have been my biggest supporter and have impacted me to push myself.

Ashley M. | Las Vegas: Blue Diamond/Decatur

After my son was born I realized I was accountable to be here for a long time, not just a good time. It was then I began to take my health and fitness seriously, took control of my diet, started training athletically and never forgot why I started in the first place. EŌS has been instrumental in that regard – any way I want to train, any time, there is an EŌS nearby. I went from 250 pounds to 187 pounds as of writing this and a size 40 waist to a 32 – and I’m not done yet!

Brian G. | Las Vegas: Eastern/Serene

My journey was one that tested my family. My father contracted sepsis and went into a medically induce coma. I was 20 lbs away from his weight and in college. I didn’t want to loose him or my family. I had to act. I’ve dropped 150lbs in the 5 years I have been active. I love my Eos Family. Rob, Nasser, George and many others have guided me in what is possible. Go team Lakemead!

Logan G. | Las Vegas: Lake Mead/Buffalo

2nd place badge

…I thought I had tried every type of diet and workout there was until I actually found the key to success – EŌS & an amazing trainer that taught me how to properly eat and exercise to achieve real results that last. I know exactly what works for my body and it makes me feel so powerful. I have never looked or felt better in my life and I can’t wait to keep going and achieve my overall goal that I am confident I will keep up with for a lifetime!

Keri C. | Las Vegas: Losee/Centennial Pkwy

…I would do any drug I got my hands on… In early 2020, I decided to quit everything cold turkey and begin training and dieting. The gym became my new true passion in life. Bodybuilding gave me direction and became my way out of depression, addiction and showed me that I could transform myself into something greater than I was. It motivated me to do things I thought I could never do. It gave me confidence I lacked for my entire life. Without bodybuilding, I would be nothing. It saved me.

Tristan W. | Las Vegas: N Durango/I-215


…I was clinically overweight, struggling with a recent breakup, and overall embarrassed that I let my health and mental state get to such a low point… I took control of my life and said, “I’m going to start boxing for fitness.” My coach, Chris, worked for EOS and held many of my beginner boxing sessions there. Each day I was gaining confidence and the weight began to shed off. In total, I lost over 35 lbs… Fitness is a choice and I’m so glad I chose it.

Gina C. | Las Vegas: Pecos/Russell


…The gym really changed my life for the good. Im the healthiest person I know, it taught me how to cook 3 meals a day, and just overall taught me how to be disciplined with diabetes. Feels nice to know that I’m really taking care of myself and feeling amazing while doing it! Anyone thats struggling with diseases that make you gain or lose weight, I promise you can over come it. A lot of time and discipline can change your life.

Perry B. | Las Vegas: S Durango/W Arby Ave


…I never thought I was going to be able to change my body, my toxic eating habits and be one of those “healthy people!” Everyday I remind myself that an almost 100 pound loss is a big deal, and my body is still changing as I continue to put in the work. My biggest motivation is myself! I’m doing this for me. To be a better person, a better wife, mom, daughter and friend! Anyone can do it!

Cynthia G. | Las Vegas: Sahara/Cimarron

I was in a serious motorcycle accident that left me hospitalized for 2 weeks… After recovering for almost a year I came back to EOS after having my friend passed away and never gave up on what he wanted to see me become and now I’m unstoppable. I love my self for where I am and where I came from. I appreciate all the help I received on my journey, between the adversaries I made working out, the friends I brought to share my experience, and the staff that went above and beyond. …

Shane S. | Las Vegas: Southeast/Stephanie

…I received the Vertical Sleeve Gastronomy also known as VSG surgery. By no means was it the easy way out. After my surgery I was put on a hi protein, low carb diet and needed to be committed to change… Going to the gym 5x a week twice a day followed by 2 days a week cross fit. Through this I was able to find myself and break free from all medication and broke free from the addiction of food. It was the hardest thing I had to do in my life and chose to because I chose to LIVE!

James T. | Las Vegas: Tropicana

I was discharged from military service for a back injury in 2014. Being unemployed I became very depressed concerned how I was going to provide for my family… After landing my current job as a postal employee and discovering just how physically demanding my job is I began to eat better, work my hardest when possible, and go to the gym nearly every day. I reached almost 250lbs and in the course of several months I achieved a weight of 177lbs.

Robin A. | North Las Vegas: W Craig/Camino Al Norte


I had been overweight for many years… It was up to me to make a change in my life. I buckled down and started a journey that lasted a little over a year to get me to a healthy weight and lifestyle. I cut out all of the negative things in my life, both diet and reality. I was able to get down to 196 lbs, which adds up to a total loss of 119 lbs. I’ve since put on a little extra healthy muscle weight, but I am the happiest and most successful I have ever been in my entire life!!!

Dustin C. | Bountiful: S Main Street/W 2600

…I was 430+ lbs (my scale couldn’t go higher) and it was the day I discovered I was in a full blown diabetic episode. That was the day I decided to change… Since then my weight dropped to 187lbs and I literally feel like a new man. The freedom to use and move my body to do whatever I want is so precious to me. I feel like a prisoner who has broken from prison. Every time I climb the stairs without losing breath or do a deadlift I’m reminded of how precious this freedom is and it inspires me.

Jabra G. | Kaysville: Sportsplex Dr

…I became addicted to the EoS spin classes, and in a little over a year, I went from weighing over 290 pounds, down to 205 pounds. I defined muscles that I never new existed, (particularly in my legs) and went from wearing a 42 waist, to now a 34/36… I’m 45 now, and feel like a 21 yr old. Thank you EoS for helping me get there. And thank you to the amazing Spin team in the Layton Location. I am now living an active lifestyle, coaching my kids and enjoying every second.

Pete M. | Layton: N Fort Ln

…When EŌS in Murray opened I was one of the first to join and immediately started with a trainer. The additional weight started to finally drop off and I started getting definition in my shoulders and arms. I’m currently at 175lbs and under 8% body fat. I went from the worst shape of my life just 5 years ago at 47 to the best shape in my life at 51. I continue to workout with the best trainer who pushes, motivates, and inspires me to be my best!

Jason P. | Murray: S 900 E /5600 S


1st place badge

…I weighed 302 lbs. I hated myself and the lifestyle I lived. I decided to make a change. I changed my diet and started exercising. I went through a divorce. I struggled. I cried. I endured. I pushed on. I gained a love for myself. I found that exercise made me happy. I joined EOS in October of 2021. I see my trainer, JJ, once a week. He’s helped me tone up and gain strength. He’s helped me see what I can become…I’m excited to continue on my journey. I want to continue to be a better me.

Tiffany B. | Ogden: Kiesel Ave


…I finally had enough. I decided, that I was worth the effort and work to become a healthy human… Fitness changed everything. Lifting weights made me realize, pound after pound, I was capable of a lot more than I thought. I was capable of showing up for myself. So here I am, starting 2022 30lbs lighter, as one of those humans who has a healthy relationship with food because of fitness. One of the humans who’s life was changed for the better because of fitness. One of the healthy, happy humans.

Krystal F. | Roy: W 5700


…So in an act of desperation, I drove from the specialist’s office to the Syracuse EOS gym and enrolled and hired a personal trainer…I no longer trudge. I can wash dishes, play with the kids and go up all the stairs in my three level house without huffing and puffing. At EOS, I bike 5-10 miles a day or walk at a level 3-4 on the treadmill. Becoming fit has allowed me to transform into the person I always wanted to be. And I’m not even finished yet! I’m excited to see what’s next.

Sonja D. | Syracuse: S 1000 W


5th place badge

Went to the hospital icu mid 2021 because I was having heart issues respiratory issues and all around health issues because of my weight and poor health choices the doctors gave me 6-8 months to live if I didn’t make any changes on my lifestyle and thanks to EōS and specially to Gabe my personal trainer who has been putting up with my bs since August I’ve made some great progress and I will continue to improve.

Abraham A. | Taylorsville: S Redwood Rd

On November 9, 2020 I took a progress picture that sickened me. Six years of bad diets, poor training, and never feeling comfortable in my own skin had taken its toll and a major change was drastically needed…Nearly one year from my start date, 50lbs lighter, I achieved my goal of competing in a fitness competition! In the process I learned to love myself…flaws and all. But most importantly, I learned that I am capable of incredible things, and it is MY JOB to help and encourage others in their journey.

Tennille C. | West Jordan: Plaza Center


My EōS Fitness: