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Working out can be made better or worse by your choice of gym.  The EoS Fitness Encinitas location will give you a variety of choices for exercising.  With more choices you will be able to stay on top of your workout goals without getting bored.  If you are feeling like your workout regimen needs a little work itself use a gym that has a wider variety of choices.

Our amenities at our Encinitas location will allow you to vary your workouts, enjoy classes that work with your schedule, and train for your personal goals.  Here are just a few of the amenities you can expect.

Free Weights

Free weights are available to help you build your strength.  There will a variety of stations prepared for you to work out at. 

Locker Rooms

If you have a busy schedule it can be hard to fit in working out.  The locker rooms are available so you can change in and out of your workout clothes in a flash.  There are lockers available for you to store your personal belongings and change of clothes.  If you need to get back to work or do a little shopping after your workout don’t worry.  There are showers available as well.

Personal Training

Personal training can be a great way to push yourself to be the best you can be.  Many times people tend to give up when exercising gets hard.  With the help from our personal trainers you can stick to your workout plan and be motivated to go even further.  They are here to help you stay driven and to help you find what workouts will work best for you.


encinitas gym amenities

Resistance Machines

If you are looking to work on your strength head over to our resistance machines.  These machines are easy to use and safer to use for anyone that is not as experienced in exercising.  The machines area easy to adjust to your level and you can work on what muscles need attention.

Group Exercise Classes

A group exercise class can be a great way to get your friends exercising with you.  Invite them to join you in a class and work on getting fit together.  The high energy classes will help you start motivated and you will enjoy your workout. 


The sauna is a great opportunity to help your sore muscle recuperate.  The steam helps your body regulate your blood pressure.  Be sure to take a moment to stop by the sauna.  You have been working hard in your exercise regimen and you deserve a little relaxation as well. 

Spinning Room

The spinning room is dedicated to indoor cycling.  There will be many stations available so you can hop on and off as you please to get through your workout at your own pace.  Cycling is a go to cardio workout.  Feel free to bring a friend to exercise with or listen to music as you cycle. 

Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

workout floor

Cardio workouts can seem tedious after a while.  If you are in need of a more entertaining workout try the cardio equipment that has a personal TV screen.  Use the TV screen to keep yourself entertained and enjoy your workout more.

Diverse Weight Training and Cardio Machines

Cardio exercises are needed in a well balanced exercise regimen.  There are a variety of stations available to choose from so you will always be about to get in your cardio.  Whether you prefer to exercise solo or exercise with a partner you will be able to grab a few machines and exercise for a long as you need to. 

Outdoor Volleyball Court

Basketball can help you gain endurance, work out multiple areas of your body, and have fun.  Whether you want to practice your dribble or want to take a few shots the outdoor basketball court will always be available.  Grab a few friends and have a friendly game.  Motivate each other and enjoy the way you are working out. 

Second Story Patio

Oh did we mention we have a really incredible second story outdoor patio to grab a breath of fresh air and sneak in a round on the punching bag? Well, we do!


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