EōS Fitness Tops the List of Gyms in Murrieta, CA

Do you want to exercise at your own pace in a comfortable, upbeat environment? Do you like to work out near your home, school or work? Are you ready to define fitness on your own terms? At EOS Fitness, you can do all this and more.

EOS Fitness is a new national chain with fitness clubs across the United States. The Murrieta gym is “the new kid on the block” of gyms in Murrieta CA. Located at 39400 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, the facility never closes. This means you can work out at your pace, in your own time.

As the gym’s business manager, Cutter Chanley leads a friendly team of fitness trainers who motivate members and inspire results. Whether you work out with a trainer or go it alone, EOS Fitness can help you achieve your goals.

EOS Personal Trainers

The Murrieta gym has 11 fitness trainers to help you succeed. All personal trainers have Smart Fitness certifications from the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT). They also have sports-specific knowledge and training, and they use their skills to create personalized fitness plans that get results.

Personal training at gyms in Murrieta CA, including the new EOS facility, can increase your physical stamina and endurance. Personal trainers show you the proper form and techniques to use during your workouts. Improved form and fitness levels help you withstand the stress of exercise. They also help you recover from trauma, injuries and fatigue.

EOS Exercise Classes

If you like to participate in group exercise, the Murrieta gym has several exercise classes to choose from. The classes as scheduled at different times throughout the day and week. Classes are held in the cinema room, yoga room, spin room and aerobics room. They range from low-impact cardio workouts, Pilates and yoga to high-energy cardio, dance and spin classes.

If you’re looking for a branded workout, EOS Fitness offers popular Les Mills programs like Body Pump and Body Combat. You can also find Cardio Blast, Zumba and Pure Fitness classes on the schedule. Few gyms in Murrieta CA offer the range and variety found at EOS Fitness.

EOS Gym Amenities

In addition to group classes and personal training, the Murrieta gym has the latest in fitness equipment including free weights, resistance machines and cardio equipment. You’ll also find an indoor basketball court, tanning booth and sauna. Locker rooms make it easy to change clothes, shower and store your belongings. The facility also provides on-site childcare, a juice bar and nutrition counseling.

Join EOS Fitness Today

If you’re visiting gyms in Murrieta CA — searching for the right place for you — look no further than EOS Fitness. It offers great value for the money. A low monthly rate gives you access to the gym, workout equipment and other amenities. Group classes and personal training are available for just a few dollars more.

EOS Fitness works hard to keep you motivated so you can achieve results. The only obstacle to fitness is you. Someone once said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” If you have the will, EOS Fitness will make the way.

Are you ready to set your own pace and define your own version of fitness? Call 951-698-5227 or visit murrieta.eosfitness.com. It’s easy to join EOS Fitness, so don’t delay. Make today the “someday” you focus on you.

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