Get Motivated in Our Fitness Clubs in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas goes strong night and day. Life in this city can get pretty busy. With everything going on here, it might be hard to carve out time to take care of yourself on a regular basis. But we give you every reason and convenience to make health and fitness a priority. So don’t over-think it and quit wishing you’d started months ago. We know you’ve got what it takes—BECAUSE YOU’RE A WARRIOR, NOT A WORRIER. Ditch the guilt—get motivated in our high-energy workout environment. Start with our 7-DAY FREE GUEST PASS and see why, among Fitness clubs in Las Vegas, EoS Fitness Centennial is #1!
That’s right! The first week of your unique fitness journey is completely FREE. And for all of the weeks after that, our prices will definitely motivate you to continue focusing on your fitness…not your fees! The question isn’t if you can…it’s if you will! With low monthly rates, the only thing in your way is you.

  • Basic package is just $9.95 per month
  • Gold and Gold Plus packages are tremendous values, too
  • Pay as you go
  • No long-term contract


Affordability is great. But we know without the facilities and amenities to rival other Fitness clubs in Las Vegas, our members would go elsewhere. Well, we have a loyal membership base that grows constantly. That’s because no matter your age or current fitness level, our gym will both support and challenge you to meet and exceed your fitness goals. We can help you create a program to suit you. Whether you’re a novice in the gym or a seasoned athlete, we have what you need. Plus in our state-of-the-art environment, we always put your health, safety, and peace of mind first!

Cutting Edge Classes & Awesome Amenities

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find what suits you in many of our options. With four separate areas, we serve all ages and fit-levels. We offer multiple classes in each category, so check our Calendar tab for full listings.

  • Yoga Room
  • Spin & RPM Room
  • Aerobics Room
  • Swimming Pool

Premier Amenities of Fitness clubs in Las Vegas

  • Free Weights & Resistance Machines
  • Wide Selection of Cardio Equipment
  • Hot Tub and Sauna
  • Tanning Booth
  • Locker Rooms
  • Indoor Basketball Court

And because we always want to keep you motivated, we offer Childcare for all you parents out there. We know NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY, so EoS Fitness makes it a little bit easier with on-site childcare. Make fitness a family affair. M-F 9AM-9PM

Personal Training gives you the option to give your fitness quest an extra advantage. Our Trainers provide education and instruction in all areas: nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and motivation. And they have Smart Fitness/NCCPT Personal Training Certifications.

Your health, fitness, and customer satisfaction are our first priority. That’s why for so many fitness enthusiasts, we are the first choice for fitness clubs in Las Vegas. Get started today, not someday with our 7-DAY FREE GUEST PASS! See what the EoS Fitness Centennial buzz is all about!

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