Top 6 Amenities at EōS to Give Your Mental Health a Boost

Our mental health is just as important as our physical, and they pair together like gym besties. One really does affect the other! In fact, exercise can even help reduce stress.

It’s important to take time each day to do something that’s beneficial to your mental wellbeing, whether that be 20 seconds of deep breathing, a sauna sesh or an hour-long yoga class. Need some ideas on how you can boost your mental health? Look below for the top 6 EōS amenities that aid you physically and mentally.

1.G-Fit Classes

Group Fitness Classes are typically seen as a way to get a good sweat in with your fitness fam. This is true – however, there are also class options that bring a sense of tranquility and zen. From various types of yoga to Tai Chi, these classes specialize in working to calm the mind and relax the body. See just a few below that are offered at EōS:

  • Yin Yoga (60 minutes)

A gentle, yet intense and powerful practice that increases flexibility. Floor poses are passively held for 4-5 minutes to allow the body to open and access the deeper connective tissues and fascia. The goal of this class is to restore and maintain the natural mobility in your joints and enhance your body’s range of motion. The emphasis on stillness and silence promotes a deeply meditative experience.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga (60 minutes)

Vinyasa is where there is a dynamic flow from posture to posture. The flowing movement is aligned and linked to the breath, so you move with each inhale and exhale. Keeping blocked energy within our body is unhealthy, and this class can help release any negativity or stress you may be holding on to.

  • Meditative Yoga (60 minutes)

A class where all individuals are encouraged to abandon all struggling and modify any position as much as necessary to achieve being in the zone (inner silence) while making full use of the body. It is meditative therapy, not exercise. Although there is an amazing training effect, the intention of this style of yoga is healing.

  • Tai Chi (60 minutes)

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art emphasizing both physical proficiency and meditative mental clarity. It is practiced in modern times primarily as a gentle exercise technique. Described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi consists of a series of postures or bodily movements that flow from one to the next without pause in a slow and graceful manner.

View the full list of G-Fit Classes offered at your EōS here.


2. Sauna

Saunas date back to over 2,000 years ago. The functions are more advanced nowadays, but from what we can tell, everyone loves a sauna. The benefits are worth the sweat – from muscle recovery to improved cardiovascular health, to stress relief.  As your muscles relax this affects your headspace too, reducing cortisol levels, which in turn relieves feelings of stress and anxiety according to Psychreg.


3. Recovery Options

Recovery is key after a hard workout, and prime for sore and achy muscles. From The Tank to Massage Chairs, you’ll find a perfect spot to rest and regain your strength. These recovery tools quiet the mind while healing the body and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling more relaxed than when you entered.

Unwind and recover from your last workout using Hypervolt percussion massagers, revive your weary legs in a pair of Normatec compression boots or stretch out those sore muscles on one of several stretch tables.

  • Recovery Room with Massage Chairs

Sit back and relax into a comfy massage chair. The perfect quiet space to refresh your body and calm your mind. Your zen zone awaits.

Above amenities are available as part of the EōS Black Membership. If you don’t have a Black Tier Membership, there’s no time like the present to upgrade! For more info, see the Front Desk.


4. The Backyard: Outdoor Workout Area

It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do for your health. Do you typically workout indoors? Try out The Backyard: Outdoor Workout Area the next time you’re at the gym, and soak up that Vitamin D while getting your workout in. Many researchers have studied the effects of spending time outdoors and found that it correlates to positive cognitive benefits, improved mood, and mental health.


5. Hot Tub

Not only great for sore muscles, but also sore minds. Take some time to relax and soak in the Hot Tub. The Hot Tub soothes your muscles, relaxing your body. Try some deep breathing or meditation while you’re in there and be immersed into a total relaxation zone. Hit the Hot Tub a few hours before bed, and you’ll get a great sleep among other benefits according to Cleveland Clinic.


6. MovEōS Cinema

Sometimes all we really need is to get lost in a good movie and forget about the everyday stressors for a bit. Hello, MovEōS Cinema! It’s amazing how fast your workout will go by while watching a big screen movie. Your mind will get a little TLC while your body does all the work. Plus, studies have shown that watching a movie can provide relaxation, reduce stress and a boost your mood. It’s a win-win. Check the EōS app to see what’s playing at your gym.


We all encounter various forms of stress from time to time. Put your mental health on the forefront and give it as much love as you give your body in a workout. With plenty of amenity options that can help give your mental health a boost, be sure to try each out and see which becomes your new favorite.

Amenities vary by location.

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