Your Best Value for Gyms Palm Desert

An affordable gym doesn’t mean much without the quality to back it up. Think about it; if you sign up for some gym based just on the low-price and then quit working out within a few weeks or months because they just don’t have the classes, equipment, machines, and other amenities to keep you motivated and interested, what’s the point? You’re actually throwing away your money, in that case. EoS Fitness brings you the best of both worlds—low prices AND a top-tier facility in every way. And let’s not forget the supportive staff! If you’re searching out gyms Palm Desert, you just found yours.

It’s hard to find that perfect balance of price and substance. We deliver it because we believe in giving our members every reason to be successful. And we want to give you that opportunity NOW…BECAUSE SOMEDAY IS NOT A DAY OF THE WEEK. At EŌS Fitness, we offer accessible pricing so your someday can be today. That’s why our rates our low EVERY DAY, not for just some limited-time offers.

Define Affordable

Just what do we mean by “affordable”? How about our Basic package at just $9.95 per month? If you want to take it up a notch or two, our Gold and Gold Plus packages are also priced below what you’ll find at most other gyms Palm Desert.
Plus our simple month-to-month program means no long-term contracts or balloon payments. We keep it simple. We make it accessible. So, the question isn’t if you can…it’s if you will! With low monthly rates, the only thing in your way is you. That’s especially true when you can get started today with our 7-DAY FREE GUEST PASS! Get a solid start on your fit-mission with an entire week on us!
Best Attention to Detail of Gyms Palm Desert
We want you to stay-the-course and meet and exceed your goals, regardless of your age or current level of fitness. That’s why we offer more than just the basics.

  • Because your schedule and lifestyle is as unique as your journey to health and fitness, we are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
  • Like they say…NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY, so EoS Fitness makes it a little bit easier with on-site childcare. Your child/children can enjoy getting active, too. M-F 9AM-9PM
  • The one-on-one attention of our Personal Trainers can give you an extra edge. Our certified trainers each have Smart Fitness/NCCPT Personal Training Certifications and are among the best in gyms Palm Desert. We also offer Nutrition Counseling, discreet and efficient.
  • Get your pampering and workout all in one place. Our Tanning Booth and spacious Sauna can help you look and feel great, too.
  • Ladies, our separate Women’s Workout Room can provide the discretion and privacy you may want to take your fitness to the next level.
  • Group Classes in our Yoga Room, Spin Room, and Aerobics Room feature workouts for men and women, alike.

Back to Basics

We have all the standards you’d expect, too.

  • An array of Cardio Machines
  • Free Weights and Resistance Machines
  • Clean and secure Locker Rooms

We feel confident about saying we bring you the best value of gyms Palm Desert. We know your health, fitness, and customer satisfaction are the keys to our success. And we give you every reason to get started today, not someday!

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