2023 employee referral program


It is our employees that make EōS Fitness so special and we value any contributions you can make toward the future growth of the Company. Our Employee Referral Program encourages you to introduce your friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities with EōS Fitness.

Want to know what positions are award-eligible in your area? Have someone in mind? Interested in learning more?
Head to our careers page at: www.eosfitness.com/careers

How much can I receive?

  • Management or Corporate Positions: $250
  • Gym Hourly Positions: $200
  • Group Fitness Instructors: $50


What positions are eligible for the Employee Referral Program?

All positions that are currently open are eligible for the Employee Referral Program!


How do I refer?

To submit a candidate for the Company’s consideration, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Submit the resume of the candidate you’re referring via THIS FORM. Through this submission, the hiring Manager(s) will be able to review the candidate’s resume. Should the candidate have the necessary experience for the position for which they are applying they will be contacted.
  2. Additionally, when the candidate is applying through our Career’s portal, the candidate must indicate on their application who they are being Referred by (first and last name must be included!).
  3. Referrals will not be accepted if an application has been previously submitted directly by the applicant or by an outside agency.


When do I get my bonus?

  • If the Referral is ultimately hired and completes 3 months of continuous employment, you will receive your Referral Bonus during the 4th month of their employment.
  • In order to receive a Referral Bonus, the employee who makes the referral must be employed by EōS Fitness at the time of payment and both employees must be in good-standing.
  • Group Fitness Only: If the Referral is hired as a ‘sub’ they must teach at least 5 times during the first 90 days following their hire date. It is the responsibility of the Referral/New Hire to seek and accept the sub opportunities. Management can help to find those opportunities, but the responsibility falls on the Referral.
  • Steps 1-3 of “How do I refer” must be followed/met. Referrals are not retroactive.


Who’s Eligible?

  • All employees are eligible to receive the Employee Referral Bonus, with the exception of Human Resources employees and employees that are considered Above Club and/or are a direct or indirect Hiring Manager for the position the candidate is hired for.
  • General Managers, Fitness Managers, Operation Managers, Facility Technicians and Kids’ Club Managers (“Gym Managers”) are not eligible to receive an Employee Referral Bonus for employees who are hired for positions in the club that they manage or that they may supervise. Additionally, Gym Managers may not hire employees who may create a conflict (i.e., someone they live with, are a member of their family or are in a relationship with).
  • The Referrals are not eligible to work the same club or department that the referring employee is working in if they are family, are in a relationship or may cause a conflict of interest.

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