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For and in consideration of permitting you to use any EOS Fitness facility, you hereby release and discharge EOS Fitness, its affiliates, officers, agents, employees, directors, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, losses, actions, injuries, or damages whatsoever arising out of your presence on the premises or use of any equipment, services, or facilities, including injuries or damages arising out of the negligence of EOS or its agents. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless EOS Fitness, its affiliates, officers, agents, employees, directors, successors and assigns from and against claims, losses, actions, injuries or damages, assume all risk of injury, known and unknown, arising out of your presence on the premises or use of any equipment, services, or facilities, including injuries or damages arising out of the negligence of EOS or its agents. By using the EOS Fitness facility, you are giving express, written consent for EOS and any of its agents or vendors to contact you by e-mail, text message, or calls to your cell phone, work, or residence whether made via the use of autodialers, automated/prerecorded message, or otherwise (“Marketing Communications”). If you do not wish to consent to the receipt of Marketing Communications, please visit an EOS Fitness facility to sign up for your free seven-day pass in person.


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By executing this Agreement, You authorize Club and Club’s agents, including its third party payment processing companies (“Club’s Agents”), to store the account or card information provided by You on or in relation to this Agreement and/or Your Club Membership Agreement (“Club Agreement”), as well as any other account or card information provided by You through any means to Club or Club’s Agents (including information provided in person, online or over the phone) for purposes of making any payment in relation to this Agreement and/or Your Club Agreement (hereinafter, “Payment Information”). Club and/or Club’s Agents will use the stored Payment Information to process payment of all dues, fees, taxes, purchases and incidental charges that are due or will become due, including all items on the Payment Schedule, fees identified in Your Club Agreement, membership-related obligations, retail transactions, personal training purchases, group exercise purchases, childcare fees, or other purchases. Club and/or Club’s Agents may also use the stored Payment Information to process payments owed in relation to all subsequent agreements entered between You and Club. The fixed dates or intervals on which transactions will be processed and the transaction amounts (including all associated fees, taxes and charges) and/or a description of how they will be calculated, are more specifically set forth in the Payment Schedule and other terms of Your Club Agreement. If Your Club Agreement will automatically renew at the end of the Term defined therein, the stored Payment Information will be used to process payments owed in relation to the renewal term. This consent to store Payment Information will not expire unless it is expressly revoked. The general cancellation and refund policies provided in Your Club Agreement will apply to this consent. If any changes are made to the terms of this consent, an e-mail notifying you of such changes will be sent to the e-mail address provided by You on the face of Your Club Agreement or, if an e-mail is not provided, notice will be sent to the mailing address provided on Your Club Agreement.

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  • Tampa - Ehrlich Grove

    809.4920290086516 mi away

    5320 Ehrlich Rd, Tampa, FL

  • Sarasota - Tamiami Trail

    861.816221974417 mi away

    4940 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL

  • Bountiful - S Main Street / W 2600

    1812.4648597867788 mi away

    2399 S Main St, Bountiful, UT

  • Murray - S 900 E / 5600 S

    1813.035095780722 mi away

    5550 S 900 E, Murray, UT

  • Ogden- Kiesel Ave

    1813.4247543609208 mi away

    2261 Kiesel Ave #200, Ogden, UT

  • Layton- N Fort Ln

    1814.0047888019874 mi away

    18 N Fort Ln, Layton, UT

  • Kaysville- Sportsplex Dr

    1814.4280191703879 mi away

    1188 Sportsplex Dr, Kaysville, UT

  • Roy- W 5700

    1816.8429630971696 mi away

    1985 W 5700 S, Roy, UT

  • Taylorsville - S Redwood Rd

    1816.9440328559313 mi away

    5546 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT

  • Syracuse - S 1000 W

    1818.4223865595334 mi away

    1792 S 1000 W, Syracuse, UT

  • West Jordan - Plaza Center

    1819.0695913687866 mi away

    7135 S Plaza Center Dr, West Jordan, UT

  • Mesa- Greenfield / US 60

    1934.5869569294825 mi away

    1728 S Greenfield, Mesa, AZ

  • Mesa - Gilbert / McKellips

    1935.428289282154 mi away

    1954 East McKellips Rd, Mesa, AZ

  • Gilbert-Higley Rd

    1936.2904177633427 mi away

    3300 S Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ

  • North Scottsdale- Northsight / Raintree

    1936.945895886177 mi away

    14843 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Mesa- Baseline Rd

    1937.047573143491 mi away

    2156 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ

  • Phoenix - Scottsdale Rd / 101

    1937.5753238052673 mi away

    7000 E Mayo Blvd, Bldg 13, Phoenix, AZ

  • Gilbert - S Val Vista Dr / E Pecos Rd

    1937.5911543770478 mi away

    3025 S Val Vista Dr, Gilbert, AZ

  • Chandler- Ray / Cooper

    1939.7086560803139 mi away

    1970 E Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ

  • Chandler- Gilbert Rd

    1940.5687584169953 mi away

    4185 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ

  • Mesa- Alma School / US 60

    1940.6934235547167 mi away

    1661 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ

  • Phoenix- Cactus / Tatum

    1941.6587211733452 mi away

    12869 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ

  • Tempe- Warner / McClintock

    1944.776757253319 mi away

    1840 E Warner Rd Ste 111, Tempe, AZ

  • Phoenix- Cactus Rd / Cave Creek

    1945.118962916019 mi away

    12211 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ

  • Chandler - W Ray Rd / N Rural Rd

    1946.1890748671713 mi away

    4949 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ

  • Ahwatukee- Elliot Rd

    1948.1244097145152 mi away

    5031 E Elliott Rd, Phoenix, AZ

  • Tempe - W Warner Rd / I-10

    1948.2063688558355 mi away

    1727 W Ranch Rd, Tempe, AZ

  • Phoenix- Downtown

    1950.733735090058 mi away

    1 E. Washington St Ste #250, Phoenix, AZ

  • Glendale- 59th Ave / 101

    1951.1876927705641 mi away

    20255 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ

  • Glendale - 59th Ave / Thunderbird

    1952.6682053513807 mi away

    5860 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ

  • Glendale- 51st Ave / Olive

    1952.8322350040444 mi away

    5070 W Olive Ave, Glendale, AZ

  • Peoria- Thunderbird

    1955.6253862780895 mi away

    8440 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria, AZ

  • Phoenix- 75th Ave / Encanto

    1957.9222731530588 mi away

    7400 W Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, AZ

  • Glendale - 83rd Ave / W Camelback Rd

    1958.0260105759908 mi away

    5070 N 83rd Ave, Glendale, AZ

  • Avondale- Dysart Rd

    1964.1861046177728 mi away

    3005 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ

  • Surprise- Bell Rd / 303

    1964.4969831802541 mi away

    16750 W Bell Rd, Surprise , AZ

  • Goodyear - N Pebble Creek Pkwy/I-10

    1967.2190671213607 mi away

    15277 W McDowell Rd, Goodyear, AZ

  • Las Vegas- Losee / Centennial Pkwy

    2049.5287282358386 mi away

    6564 Losee Rd, North Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Southeast / Stephanie

    2051.161540982115 mi away

    35 S Stephanie St, Henderson, NV

  • Las Vegas- Pecos / Russell

    2052.743513033636 mi away

    3325 E Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV

  • North Las Vegas - W Craig / Camino Al Norte

    2052.816495135047 mi away

    4520 N Scott Robinson Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Aliante / Centennial Pkwy

    2052.9192536277237 mi away

    2745 W. Centennial Pkwy #115, North Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Eastern / Serene

    2054.8632257105746 mi away

    9310 S Eastern Ave #110, Henderson, NV

  • Las Vegas - Tropicana

    2058.178714392599 mi away

    5035 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- North Durango / 215

    2058.496670568339 mi away

    8615 W Rome Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Lake Mead / Buffalo

    2058.7843178163466 mi away

    7501 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Blue Diamond / Decatur

    2059.454471926012 mi away

    4935 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Sahara / Cimarron

    2060.468127448929 mi away

    8125 W Sahara Ave #100, Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas- Durango / 215

    2062.8894189554576 mi away

    7070 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV

  • Palm Desert - Country Club Dr

    2169.7231765610045 mi away

    77900 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert, CA

  • Palm Springs - Airport Center Dr

    2178.803403749592 mi away

    4070 Airport Center Dr, Palm Springs, CA

  • Redlands - Alabama St / Almond Ave

    2210.4204081952967 mi away

    9930 Alabama St, Redlands, CA

  • Temecula Parkway

    2218.780141433701 mi away

    32413 Temecula Pkwy, Ste 400, Temecula, CA

  • Murrieta

    2219.5819227466554 mi away

    39400 Murrieta Hot Springs Ste #101, Murrieta, CA

  • Oceanside - Palm Tree Plaza

    2235.3513020004457 mi away

    3533 Cannon Rd, Oceanside, CA

  • Encinitas - El Camino Real

    2238.6332727323565 mi away

    780 Garden View Ct, Encinitas, CA

  • San Diego - Sports Arena

    2243.8155258693787 mi away

    3156 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA

  • Ladera Ranch- Antonio Pkwy / Windmill Ave

    2245.622032047462 mi away

    27702 Antonio Pkwy, Ladera Ranch, CA

  • Santa Ana - N Tustin Ave / Bentall Center

    2251.470886668612 mi away

    1501 N Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA

  • Hawaiian Gardens - E Carson / Norwalk Blvd

    2262.5710985877377 mi away

    12120 E Carson St, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

  • Los Angeles - Downtown LA / Cesar Chavez

    2265.961581171407 mi away

    701 W Cesar Estrada Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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