Glendale Gym With Pool, Childcare, and Group Exercise Classes

Finding the right gym can mean the difference between continuing your workout routine and deciding to skip it and go pick up lunch from a fast food restaurant.  Many people get discouraged by inconvenient hours, too few amenities, and an unfriendly atmosphere.  Never feel pressured when you work out again with EOS fitness.

At EOS fitness you are going to find all of the amenities you need to stick to your workout regimen and push yourself further than you thought you could.  There is a wide variety of options so you can exercise, relax, and stay motivated.  No need to worry about becoming bored with your workout.  There are personal training sessions, personal screens, and group classes to help you work towards your goals.

Functional Training Area

The functional training area at EOS fitness has many different types of exercise equipment like medicine balls, kettle bells, resistance bands, and much more.  It is a great area to work on all aspects of exercising to have a well rounded workout.

24 Hours

A big challenge to staying fit is finding the time to workout.  Not everyone can fit in a gym session during typical business hours.  We all have work, families, and friends to spend time with on top of our workouts.  EOS fitness offers the ability to exercise when you see fit with a gym that is open 24 hours a day.


Looking for an outlet that allows you to grow stronger and gain some skills on a punching bag?  Boxing is a great option to let you explore your body’s endurance and help build it.  You will find that you become more coordinated through your sessions.  The body becomes well toned as you perfect your boxing technique.

Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

Enjoy yourself as you do a little cardio.  A good cardio workout is going to take a little time to complete.  Never become bored while you are doing cardio with your own personal TV screen.  No need to watch the same screen as your fellow gym go-er.  Instead use our personal TV screens to choose what you want to see while you exercise. 

Swimming Pool

Whether you are looking to train or just want to work out in water, swimming gives you a great way to work your whole body.  Practice all of your swimming strokes to perfect your techniques before you enter your next triathlon. 

Spinning Room

Participate in some indoor cycling in the spinning room.  There are plenty of cycles available so you are able to join in on getting some cardio done.  This is a no pressure environment where you are able to set your own pace to get in the workout that you are wanting. 


The best way to end a workout is to take some time to relax.  The sauna is an excellent way to help your body unwind.  The steam from a sauna is going to help you to regulate your blood pressure before you head home.  Every day can end on a positive and relaxed note so you feel ready to take on your workout again tomorrow.

Group Exercise Class

Join one of our group exercise classes to be instructed with your peers on your workout journey.  This is an easy way to get a workout routine established as you learn the best ones from our trained professionals.

Personal Training

If you are looking for a one-on-one personalized training experience, you can pair with one of our trainers.  They are here to work with you to come up with the best workout for your personal goals.  You will feel more motivated with their professional advice leading you on your way.

Free Weights

There are a wide variety of stations set up for you to work with weights.  Build up your strength  at your own pace with the different weights available.

Kids Club (Childcare)

No need to worry about finding a babysitter every time you want to workout.  There is a Kids Club that is going to help your child stay active, entertained, and safe while you work on getting fit.

EOS Cinema

Enjoy a wide variety of workout techniques, like cycling and walking on the treadmill, while you watch movies in the Cinema.  By working out in the cinema, you are going to stay motivated for longer as you watch your favorite movies.  When you are focused on watching something you enjoy working out will be a breeze. 

For more information on our gym in Glendale, AZ visit our location page.

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