Whether you’re a fitness first-timer or an advanced athlete, you likely know how tough it can be to find the perfect place to workout.

Maybe your top priority includes a gym with amenities like a pool, spa and sauna. Or, perhaps access to pro-athlete-level exercise equipment is non-negotiable? Does your flexible lifestyle call for virtual fitness class options? Whatever you envision, your dream gym Membership is out there.

To find a fit that’s perfectly aligned with your unique fitness goals and preferences, start by answering these five key questions: 


1. Is the Gym Location Convenient for My Lifestyle?

Location, location, location. From buying a house to starting a business, it’s an adage we all know and it applies to gyms as much as anything else. After all, while some people can’t imagine missing a workout, others need a nudge before getting into a consistent routine. Sometimes, driving past the gym on your daily commute can be the push you need.  
Think about your daily routine and choose a gym location that integrates seamlessly. By selecting a convenient gym, whether that’s near your home, workplace or another frequently visited spot, you’ll be more likely to go. If getting to your gym feels like a hassle after a busy day, there’s a higher chance you’ll skip the trip. 

Gym convenience Checklist

  • Is the gym close to work or home? 
  • Can you easily get to the gym during your typical daily routine? 
  • Could obstacles like traffic demotivate you from going to the gym?


2. What is the Quality of the Exercise Equipment and Gym Facilities?

People want to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. The gym you choose should be fully equipped to meet, and ideally exceed, your specific wants and needs. This applies to everything from workout equipment to Group Fitness Classes to locker rooms.

Before choosing a Membership, we recommend taking a tour of the gym. Closely look at the cleanliness and upkeep of facilities, machines, showers and other amenities you plan on using. Also, consider the variety and quality of equipment available and if they align with your workout preferences and goals.

For example, a cycling enthusiast should explore the quality and number of stationary bikes for their workouts and the options and atmosphere for cycling classes.

Gym Quality Checklist

  • How clean are the gym’s facilities, including common areas, studios and locker rooms? 
  • Do the machines and equipment appear regularly maintained and updated? 
  • Does the quality of the machines and equipment meet or exceed your fitness needs? 


3. Which Gym Membership Options Are Currently Offered?

From drop-in visits to yearly contracts, there are as many gym Membership options as physical gyms. To avoid commitment regrets and wasting your hard-earned dollars, think realistically about how you plan on using the gym. 
In general, you’ll get more bang for your buck by choosing a longer-term contract, but only if you use it regularly. Typically, gyms offer month-to-month or annual Memberships. Many also offer promotions like 7-Day Free Trial Memberships or Personal Training so you can try out the gym before making a commitment.  
Lastly, if you’ve found a gym you like, but it doesn’t offer a Membership option that works for your budget or lifestyle, ask if you can explore customizable package options. 


  • What Membership contract options does the gym offer? 
  • Does the gym offer Membership options that fit your budget and fitness needs? 
  • Are there any promotions or trials currently available? 


4. What is the Community and Atmosphere at the Gym?

While some love to exercise solo, others thrive within an active, inclusive and outgoing athletic community. Then, some folks want a little bit of both. Whatever you prefer, the right gym for your desired level of camaraderie or relaxation is out there.  
Pay attention to the personalities at the gym. Especially for beginners, do Team Members appear helpful and supportive and gym Members welcoming and non-judgmental? Or, for competitive athletes, can the community provide you with the motivation and challenges necessary to push you to the next level? 
We also suggest checking out a gym during your preferred workout times and peak hours. That way, you’ll know if the vibe aligns with your comfort level for when you’re planning on exercising. 

Gym COMMUNITY Checklist

  • Is your preference to workout alone, with a group, or a mix of both? 
  • Do current gym Members appear mostly welcoming, competitive or independent? 
  • What is the gym’s atmosphere like when you’ll most likely be working out? 


5. Is the Cost and Overall Value of the Gym Membership Worth It for Me?

When considering gym Memberships, price will always play a significant role in your final decision. If you end up paying more for a Membership than you can afford, or you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, you’re less likely to be happy with your Membership choice. 
For many, the value of a gym Membership goes beyond costs alone. You’ll want to carefully consider the quality of the facilities, workout equipment, amenities, atmosphere, class offerings, cleanliness and more. 
While Membership costs will likely rise alongside the perks, if it’s the perks you’re after, you’ll likely feel better about spending a little extra. However, if you only need a treadmill for a twice-a-week workout, you might end up disappointed paying for amenities you’ll never use. 
Ultimately, everyone has their own idea of what makes the cost of a gym Membership worth it. By asking the right questions and understanding your fitness needs, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best gym Membership. 

Gym COST AND VALUE Checklist

  • What is your ideal gym Membership budget? 
  • Which gym amenities do you consider non-negotiable? 
  • Are those amenities available at the gym within your budget?


Is EōS Fitness the Perfect Gym Membership for You?

As a physical, mental and financial investment, choosing the right gym for you should involve careful consideration of location, equipment, facilities, Membership options, atmosphere and overall value. By offering an affordable Membership with high-quality equipment, certified Personal Trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, diverse Group Fitness Classes and a supportive Team, EōS Fitness could be your perfect fit.  

But don’t take our word for it. Visit an EōS Fitness location near you to discover how we can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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