Best Las Vegas Gym With Indoor Basketball Court, Childs Care, and Group Fitness

Choosing a gym can be difficult but it doesn’t need to be.  Eos Fitness is the best choice for all of your fitness needs.  There are a variety of choices for your workout routine so you will always have a challenging workout.  You can choose to use weights or even train to box.

Depending on what areas you want to concentrate on you will have many choices to build your strength and endurance.  A well rounded exercise regimen needs many different exercise techniques.  The EoS gym gives you access to these different techniques so you will be able to attain your workout goals in an environment that is fun and motivational.


Cardio Equipment with Personal TV Screens

Many people love cardio workouts.  However, you may not love the monotony that comes with cardio workouts.  Change up your routine or at least make it more entertaining by using cardio equipment that has a personal TV screen.  These TV screens can help you feel entertained during your workout.  Choose what you want to watch so you can stay concentrated on finishing your workout.

Free Weights

Free weights are available to help your build your strength.  There are a variety of stations available so you can workout when you choose and at your own pace.  Choose what weights are suitable for your level and work your way up to your goals.

Group Fitness Classes

When you are needing a little motivation think about joining a group exercise class.  These classes will focus on helping everyone achieve their fitness goals in a fun and friendly environment.  Connect with your fellow gym members and work toward your goals together.

These classes will help you focus on attaining your goals in a way that is challenging but not too rigorous.  The pace of the class will help you keep moving until the end.

Personal Training

When you are feeling like you can’t achieve your exercise goals turn to one of our personal trainers.  They are on hand to help you tailor your workout program to best suit your goals.  Your goals will feel easier to achieve when you have someone motivating you to keep working hard.

If you do not know how to make a routine that works for you a personal trainer can help you find the right workouts.  They will help you design your workout according to your personal goals.  As you complete your goals they can help you make new ones to continue your workout journey.

Indoor Basketball Court

Grab a few friends or hit the courts solo to gain the many benefits of the indoor basketball court.  Basketball will give you a way to workout that seems less like work and more like hanging out with your friends.  You will see your body grow in endurance as you play more.  There will be enough space for you to practice dribbling or to join in a game to challenge your skills.


Boxing can help you channel a lot of energy into getting more balanced in your exercise regimen.  Boxing helps your body gain more strength the more you workout.  You will have increased endurance as well as more coordination.  Boxing is a exercise that will help you in all areas.  You will be able to target multiple muscles at a time to get a better workout.

Kids Club

The Kids Club is a great way for parents to continue their workout routine even with a tight schedule.  If you can’t make it to the gym while the kids are at school don’t worry.  Bring them with you and let them have fun in the Kids Club area.

Kids Club is designed to be a safe place for your children to play as you workout.  They will have access to equipment that will help them be more active and they will end up as tired as you are when you leave.

EoS Cinema

Cardio workouts are not always entertaining.  Especially if you are primarily concentrating on cardio in your workout routine.  The EoS Cinema gives you a better option than simple using cardio equipment.  The EoS Cinema shows a variety of movies to keep you entertained as you are working out.

If you often find yourself bored of your cardio routine the cinema can help you see your cardio exercise through until the end.  When you are having fun watching a good movie you will not notice that you are exercising.  It will be easy to workout for longer periods of time without losing interest.

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