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The “Why” Behind Fitness

There is a recurring notion that health looks different for everyone. It is similar to why people choose to begin their fitness journey – there isn’t one “correct” reason. Some are in the gym for stress relief, to improve physical health, to gain followers on social media – the list goes on.

If you look up the definition of fitness, it comes up as “the quality or state of being fit,” according to Merriam-Webster. That sure leaves a lot up for interpretation.

How is being “fit” measured? By your waist size, how big your muscles are, or how many miles you can run? We know the answer can be something different depending on whom you ask, and we wanted some answers!

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In celebration of this year’s National Fitness Day, we asked some of our Members and Team Members what fitness means to them. Here are just a handful of the answers we got:

  • “…that I have found my community and we’re all on this journey together.”
  • “…being able to stay calm in hard situations.”
  • “…pushing my limits.”
  • “…increasing life longevity.”
  • “…having the overall health and wellness to be able to continue to do what we love for as long as we want to…”
  • “…keeping my body ready to play in the mountains.”
  • “…focusing on your mental health and your wellbeing.”
  • “It’s a way of life.”

We heard everything from having the energy to play with dogs to finally making time for fun after raising children. Every answer was inspiring and proved that fitness means something different to everyone. Fitness is, undoubtedly, life-changing.

Watch the video with more inspiring answers here.

How Can You Use EōS to Accomplish Your Fitness Goals

We are proud to provide our Members with the innovative amenities and equipment needed to accomplish their fitness goals, no matter what that means to them. So, what does fitness mean to you? Whatever your definition, it can be accomplished at EōS.

If you need guidance on how to get started, don’t be shy! Our certified Personal Trainers provide customized assistance, or you can try a Group Fitness Class for some built-in accountability and community.

You’ll find cutting-edge strength equipment, EōS Smart Strength equipment, free weights up to 150 lbs., plus tons of cardio options in the gym. After a good sweat sesh, unwind in one of our many recovery areas.

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We know that exercise coincides with mental wellness, but if you want to focus on the mental wellness side of fitness, try one of our yoga classes or check out a guided meditation in our Virtual Les Mills Classes on the EōS Mobile App, available with an  EōS Black Membership.

For those of you out there looking to become fitness influencers and share your journey, let’s be friends! We love to see our Members crushing their goals and we’ll be there to hype you up along the way.

Our mission is to inspire our Members and guests every single day by putting a smile on their faces that encourages them to come back to fuel exercise habits and enable fitness results. So, here’s to celebrating fitness! In all its many forms.

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