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Amanda J.
AZ – Avondale: Dysart Rd

“Back in 2012, I made a New Years Resolution to get healthy. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and mounting health issues due to being morbidly obese.

When I hit 350 pounds, I decided I needed to do something to get healthy as I was scared I would not be around to see my son grow up. I just quit all the junk food cold turkey and got cleaner and cleaner with my diet is time went on.

When I first started at the gym, I could barely walk on a treadmill and I eventually got to a point where I was running a 5k every morning on the treadmill with no issue. I was weight training and doing various types of other exercises. I lose 175 lbs.

It took me a long time to have my first son as I needed infertility treatment, which I later realized was from hormone imbalances due to my weight. I went on to get off blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and have three more sons. I had skin removal surgery as well in 2020. I am now working to lose 20 lbs that has kind of crept up with aging and work/life balance struggles and EōS has been helping me tackle that!”

Chad D.
AZ – Chandler: Gilbert Rd

“My health was in decline and I was nervous about returning to the gym. I felt the choices were clear: suffer on the couch or choose to live life. I found at EōS the most encouraging trainer, who helped me gradually become fit. She also helped me remain conscious of good eating habits. I am so thankful for the last year as I have received support from group class members and even regular gym members. It’s a beautiful community. Today my health is truly back on track. All my health metrics look great and most importantly I can do the things I love to do. If you face challenges I say choose EōS and choose life. You won’t regret it.”

Joyce S.
AZ – Chandler: Ray/Cooper

“I retired in January 2022 at the age of 65. I decided that it was time to get fit and lose weight as I was pushing 210 pounds at 5 foot four. I joined Weight Watchers on February 2, 2022 and I’ve lost 58 pounds to date. However, I did this entirely through food choices and lifestyle change, but without any exercise whatsoever.

I decided that it was time to start exercising, not only to assist with my weight loss, but also to tone and build muscle. I join EOS with a friend two weeks ago and attended six group sessions since. I have found the members in my sessions to be earnest in their efforts to improve their health, the instructors to be engaged, happy, and energizing, indefinitely can feel my body improving.

I am glad that I took this step, and I’m excited about the changes that I will feel and see in the future. Thank you, EōS!”

Mitch T.
AZ – Chandler: W Ray Rd/N Rural Rd

“My journey started back in 2020.At the time I was 5’9, 210 pounds and 62 years old.

The Pandemic hit and I was laid off. I did what is a bit cliché but I got depressed, ate and ballooned to over 250 pounds. A few months later I was bored and feeling a bit better so I got on my bike and rode around the block. A few weeks later I was biking about 5 miles a day when I noticed my pants were getting loose. Checked the scale and what do you know, I had lost some weight.

It became a game for me so I added what I call freestyle water aerobics as well as biking 20 miles a day and within eight months I lost 100 pounds.

Fast forward to mid 2023 when on my bike ride I hit a barrier, went flying over the handlebars and broke my back in three places. I couldn’t walk for more than two months and I couldn’t do any exercising for six months. I gained 35 pounds from that experience.

I was a bit terrified when I started to bike again so I decided to join EōS.
in just a couple of weeks I have lost ten of those pounds and feel that the gym is a safe and controlled environment and my recovery has improved amazingly since I have joined, i even do my water aerobics there, so thanks EōS!”

Cyler R.
AZ – Gilbert: Higley Rd

“My medical challenges started when I was around 8 years old, when after swim practice one morning I had immense trouble lifting my legs up to get into my van. What followed over the years were hundreds of appointments, various scans, and procedures where no doctor could diagnose the source of my complex widespread pain. As time progressed, my pain got more severe. I had immense pain between every single joint across my entire body. By the time I was 15 I was reliant on prescription opioids to be upright and to try and live a normal life, but the world weighed so heavily on me. I slowly had to give up all the things I loved. I had to quit running. Sitting upright in a chair became an impossibility. I had to accept that I would never make great movies like the ones I saw in my youth that influenced me so heavily. The muscles in my back and legs became atrophied, and at one point my knee was the largest part of my entire leg. From extreme immobility my heart started to deteriorate.

My hope for life was buried six feet under, but my mother’s undying love for me is the sole reason I am still alive. As she was going through school to be a nurse practitioner she would lose sleep every night, endlessly researching how to fix me. She discovered the link between Ehlers Danlos syndrome, cervical instability, and the Chiari malformation in my brain. When upright, my brain would come down far enough to put pressure on my spinal cord, and the lax ligaments by my cervical spine were not supporting my skull properly. This was the root of my complex autonomic dysfunction. She then found Doctor Fraser Henderson, a neurosurgeon in Maryland who developed a special surgery specifically to correct these issues in patients with hypermobility. This was my inkling of hope. I flew to Maryland for the initial consultation when I was 18 where I had to lay down on the floor of a commercial flight. When I was 19 I got the news that I would be getting surgery.

Cyler Resendez is the name of the man who walks every day without any pain anywhere in his body. Before 5 years ago there was no Cyler Resendez. He had to first be constructed. I then had to become him. His head had to be fixed onto him, and I had to be mentally put together. Every day I will form myself into him. I will craft myself into the man I know I can be. Through my lifelong turmoil of torturous pains and medical trauma, the foundation of my character was set in stone. Within the walls of the local EōS Fitness, through mindful rigorous exertion, I build on who I am. I will train my muscles to hold the pieces of my body together.”

Fan Y.
AZ – Gilbert: S Power Rd/E Germann Rd

“My fitness journey started in the year 2020. I was around 300 lbs. and in the morbidly obesity category between the age of 20 and 32 years old and was living an extremely unhealthy life with conditions such as prediabetic and high blood pressure during that time. In the year 2020, I decided to become healthier, partially due to the Covid situation. I started by running and quit drinking/smoking, as well as quit eating fast food and start by watching what I eat. By the end of 2020, I lost a total of 130 lbs and was in the healthy range of weight. It is not until end of 2021 I started to participate in running races. Since my first race at Gilbert Half Marathon, I got serious into running. The first ultra distance I ever did is the 2021 McDowell Frenzy 50 Milers. And I loved it so much, so I signed up for 2022 Cocodona 250 Miles. Cocodona is a different breed of race. It started in Black Canyon, going through all the beautiful mountains and trails in the Bradshaw Mountains, Prescott Forest, Mingus Mountain, Sedona, Coconino Plateau, and Walnut Canyon and finished in Flagstaff. I ended up DNF and had a serious double stress fractures and had to DNF at 134 miles and got rescued by the medical team off the Deer Path near Sedona. Changing my way of training, utilize the equipments in EōS especially the Jacob’s Ladder, I went back in 2023 and finished the race in 115 hours. Become one of the few hundreds that who is able to do this race.(See featured by Cocodona race on my Instagram).

During year 2023, I am able to finished each running distance and did a total of 7 races, including Gilbert Half Marathon, Mesa Marathon, Crown King 50K, Black Canyon 100K, McDowell Frenzy 50 Miler, Javelina 100 Miler (achieved sub 24 hours) and Cocodona 250 Miles. Running has changed my lifestyle. And I can no longer live without fitness built into my daily life.

My story was basically the wrong way of what I called the “couch to 400K”. It was a painful journey in the beginning. With a calorie deficit of -1000 cal. per day, I nearly fainted many times during my runs back then, and lost lots of muscles. Probably half of the 130 lbs. weight I lose is muscle. So I never recommended such a brutal way to anyone when I was working as a trainer. However, I do try to motivate people around me to become more fitness and health aware from time to time. And I want my story to be heard so more people can live a happier life with a healthier body. Running ultra distances is another beast. No distance is ever too short and no move is too easy. My longest run may be someone’s warmup. But any move is good move!”

Fred D.
AZ – Gilbert: S Val Vista Dr/E Pecos Rd

“This video chronicles how through prayer, intermittent fasting, and exercising at EōS gym, and also total surrender to God, that at age 65 how I lost 52 pounds in just 10 months. Anyone can do what I have done through God’s love, grace, and words of hope. I made this video originally as a blueprint for my 3 beautiful daughters on how to cope with challenges and loss in one’s life. But this video is also for others, whether my age or younger, who may benefit from my story as well.

Since 2017 I have battled divorce, loss of close friends, depression, prostate and heart surgery, and being laid off from my job. But I have recently found that one’s self-worth is not tied into how much money you make, how you look or even how old you are. It is based on how God sees you as being “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14. — yes even at age 65, I am still learning what God has in store for my life… and that is exciting!

I now am able to hear God, and recognize his prompting, as he guides me in every minute, of every day. He is leading me to accomplish this and provided all I needed to transform my life. I now understand and believe that “…with God all things are possible!” Matt 19:26. Please watch this video in full and like and share with other… not to focus on me, but to focus on God and his goodness. In producing this video, I wanted to combine the secular, with the spiritual. (Special thanks to Sylvester Stallone from Rocky V and Rocky Balboa, and Sean Connery and Kevin Costner from the Untouchables) I am praying that this story may be able to reach you, and many more people dealing with lose and struggles in life… and to lead them to more peace, and joy in life… it is guaranteed! Here is a link to my YouTube video on my mind, spirit and body transformation: https://youtu.be/F8qhXFCiL7E”

Noah F.
AZ – Glendale: 51st Ave/Olive

EōS has helped me become someone I knew I always was! In high school and college i would work out 3 hours a day, that slowed way down as the years went by though. I got married and had kids and started to pack on the pounds. Eventually it got to the point where i didn’t work out at all and started to eat constantly. I had hit 200 ponds. I’m 5ft 8 so it was definitely well over the weight i should be at for my height and age. I knew i wasn’t where i wanted to be health wise and everyone in my life were becoming aware of my added weight. I ended up getting divorced which was a big turning point for me i felt like i was less attractive as a man and felt my weight was a big factor in that. Thanks to EōS that all changed. I was able to loose 30 pounds in just a couple of months and after about six months i was in the best shape i had ever been in. the atmosphere there is like no other they create an environment that is welcoming and allows you to workout without feeling intimidated by others or overwhelmed by staff they let you do your thing which really helped me in my fitness Journey!”

Don H.
AZ – Glendale: 59th Ave/101

“I am turning 70 y/o on Feb 9th. After retiring a few years ago I allowed myself to put on about 35 lbs. of fat. A few years ago I joined the EōS gym. Although I was coming M thru F I was not able to lose weight. About 2 years ago, with the help of the personal training program I cleaned up my diet. No fad dieting. No crash dieting. I just started eating more protein and less carbs and watched my portions. I started to lose weight. The first picture is January of 2023 after I had already lost 20 lb. So you can see that I had a significant ” beer gut”. I got really serious starting January of 2023 about a clean diet and regular serious powerlifting. Many of the regulars in the morning were helpful in teaching me lifting techniques and a variety of exercises. They kept me motivated.

I again started working with Kim as a personal trainer. I made great progress throughout the year and hit my weight goal of 185 lb the end of December 2023. Though I lost 65 lbs. of weight I added several pounds of muscle based on impedance measurements. I started off wearing size 40 waist Levi’s and now I’m wearing 34 slim styles. This has been huge to improve my mental outlook on life in general and my appearance specifically. I am in the excellent range for VO2 Max as a measure of my cardio fitness. I look and feel excellent and cannot thank EōS Fitness enough for providing the facility and the trainers that helped me reach my goals.”

Danika M.
AZ – Glendale: 59th Ave/Thunderbird

“I used to be a big stress eater – meaning college really ballooned me up! I began dreading looking in the mirror every day – I also began to hate getting dressed because I never liked how anything fit and stayed in more as a result.

Finally in April of last year, I decided enough was enough. I had finished college, and even if I was still there, I needed a better way to manage my stress. I wanted to like who I saw in the mirror again.

I began by downloading Lose It! and counting calories – the large number of different diets was intimidating and I wasn’t sure what would suit me best. I stopped letting myself eat out and began cooking more healthier recipes and meal prepping. And I really enjoyed doing it!

At first, I was embarrassed to go to a gym, due to my size. I tried working out at home, and there are some great aerobics workouts, but I’m on a second level apartment and wanted more. I tried a couple gyms near me before picking one, worried I wasn’t ready to commit, and my favorite ended up being EōS (despite it being a bit further than the others, I loved it too much not to choose it!). Everyone there was very welcoming, from the employees to the members who work out there. Always kind, offering advice if asked, and greeting me by name when I come in (even before they scan my badge). EōS has quickly become my happy place – when I’m stressed I just come here now!

I was still a bit embarrassed, so I passed on the personal trainer and ended up trying different equipment the first week or two before finding a routine that has worked for me. I try to go at least a few times a week if I can, and get genuinely bummed if I can’t.”

Eliseo G.
AZ – Glendale: 83rd Ave/W Camelback Rd

“I started my journey on 08/31/2023 Aka day 0. I started off at 145lbs and I am at a current weight of 183lbs. It had been years since I have taken my physical health seriously despite being an athlete most of my young life so naturally I had a love for fitness but I yearned for more. I yearned for a better version of myself; one with heightened strength and an unkillable mentality. To my surprise many of my friends and family have started to follow me and my journey and use it as inspiration for their own unique story. At the time of submission, I am on day 109 of my bulking journey and I am confident it will be a part of my life for the foreseeable future.”

Eric F.
AZ – Goodyear: N Pebble Creek Pkwy/I-10

“My fitness odyssey kicked off 1,616 days ago, spanning four gyms, two states, and one global pandemic that reshaped our lives. It was August 2019 when I decided to pivot towards a healthier, fitter me. Let me tell you something—starting your fitness journey can happen anytime; it’s never too late. Health and fitness have woven themselves into the fabric of my daily existence. It’s no longer about whether I’ll be active, but rather about the intensity of my activity and the choices I make about my diet. It’s the small, consistent wins that have built up over time, turning a once daunting challenge into a habitual part of my life. Pushing beyond what I thought were my limits has been key. It’s astonishing to discover that the mind often surrenders before the body does. It’s all about discipline over fleeting motivation. Sure, there are days when the last thing I feel like doing is working out. But guess what? I show up and crush it anyway, pushing myself to the brink of failure every single time. It’s a simple choice between results and excuses; you truly cannot have both. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to start, let me ask you: if not now, when?

Throughout this journey, EōS Fitness has been my unwavering ally. Their state-of-the-art equipment, from the Pendulum to the Hack Squat, and their expansive outdoor yards, have been nothing short of transformative. EōS doesn’t just offer tools; it provides a sanctuary where dedication meets action. Their plethora of cardio equipment has supported me in not just chasing but catching my fitness goals. Every squat, every mile run, and every drop of sweat has been a step closer to the best version of myself, all within the empowering walls of EōS. EōS Fitness has been more than a gym; it’s been a community and a catalyst for change. In their spaces, I’ve found not just the means to push my physical boundaries but also a sense of belonging among like-minded individuals. Their facilities have offered me variety and versatility, from indoor challenges to outdoor adventures, ensuring that my fitness regimen is anything but monotonous.

As I reflect on my journey, it’s clear that my transformation is as much about the physical as it is about the mental. EōS has been instrumental in this transformation, providing not just the equipment but the environment that fuels my tenacity. This journey has taught me that taking control of your physical body is a testament to the power of human will, and with the right support, like that of EōS Fitness, the possibilities are endless.”

Bryan H.
AZ – Mesa: Alma School/US 60

“My journey started 2 years ago I had a brother that died. We weren’t that close he lived in Midwest we shared the same father he was older mid 50s. After he passed away it really opened my eyes that I might be next if I don’t start thinking healthy and making healthy lifestyle choices. So I started going to the gym the first pic I was 245lbs. I remember my stomach was 41” around that was the biggest I ever was. After the first 6 months I saw my first progress and it was the fuel I needed to keep going. I’m not saying I was perfect going every day hitting my macros and staying on point. It was a lot more of ok we missed 3-4 days we got to get back on track and keeping myself on track now I’m weighing 185 I have personal Trainer Certification and getting my online business going I just want to help people achieve the same goals that’s my mission.”

Arturo S.
AZ – Mesa: Baseline Rd

“After a hernia surgery I gained a lot of weight and was really weak from my body I didn’t think I was going to be able to exercise again. But I slowly started to do small exercise and one day one of my friends invited me to a EōS gym to work out first day was rough but I wasn’t to share if I still wanted to go to the gym I will go as his guest until one day I finally decided to be a member and know I’m addicted to going to the gym and my weight loss.”

Justin B.
AZ – Mesa: Gilbert/McKellips

“Growing up I was always the chubby kid. I was non-athletic, and had no interest in sports. In 2017 (a few months after my son was born), I decided I needed to lose some weight. I started to run a little bit, and lost some weight. It was great. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the weight off. I wasn’t consistent. In the beginning of 2020 (the first picture), I was at my heaviest, 260#’s. I knew I needed to change. I started running. A lot. I ran every day for a year and got down to 180#’s. From that point on, my life has been changed forever. I fell in love with running and fitness, but something was missing.

In April of 2023 I joined EōS. I instantly realized that’s what I was missing. Strength training. I started going to the gym 4 days per week. That was a great compliment to my running (I averaged 60-100 miles / week this last summer). I did several races the last couple years, and most recently completed a 100 miler (24 hours hours, 29 minutes). I couldn’t have done this without the strength I gained at EōS. After my 100 miler I took 3 rest days, and then jumped in on a marathon training plan. I am now just a few weeks away from the Mesa Marathon where I will not only be going for a BIG PR, but also going for a BQ. I’m shooting for under 3 hours. Then, I start my training for Ironman AZ. There will also be several more ultras in my future. A year ago I wouldn’t have thought this was possible. I am running faster than I’ve ever ran, further than I’ve ever ran, biking like a pro, and am slowly starting to swim. It’s truly amazing what the human body is capable of when you provide it the right tools. When I lost all the weight in 2020 /2021 I was in good shape, but I wasn’t strong. Now, I’m around 175#’s and lean. I have built so much muscle, which has been a great compliment to my running and other endurance sports. I have EōS and the EōS community to thank for that.”

Sarah H.
AZ – Mesa: Greenfield/US 60

“I had an unhealthy relationship with food for far too long. And I’ve always felt like I struggled with my weight. But instead of taking control of it, I became complacent. I’d avoid my reflection and just wear bigger clothes to cover it all up. I tried eating right and exercising before, lots of times. But after weeks of eating right and exercising with very little results, I always felt defeated. So I gave up. Over and over again.

My unhealthy lifestyle finally caught up with me and I started developing some very painful digestive issues. Bloating, nausea, food sensitivity, vomitting, etc. I started on medication and had numerous doctor’s visits. Nothing was helping! And any relief I did have was just “masking” the issue. 2 outpatient procedures later, I realized I needed to take control, like yesterday.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m down 70 pounds! I made a consistent lifestyle change. I put healthy food in my body that I love, and I’ve grown to chase that amazing gym pump! There’s no better feeling! I’ve been medication free for 2 years and no longer have the issues I had. I’m so glad I didn’t give up. I wanted to, but I wanted to be fit more. I wanted to be healthy for me, but I wanted to be healthy for my family. I want to live to see my kids become parents someday, and hopefully grandparents!

Normalize being proud of yourself. Because I sure as hell am. I worked hard. I sacrificed. I made my health a priority. It’s tough shit but I did it! And I ain’t done yet!”

Dale R.
AZ – North Scottsdale: Northsight/Raintree

“When I turned 50 years old, I weighed 260 pounds, was trapped in depression and anxiety, and drank too much alcohol. I quit drinking and spent the next 4 years yo-yo dieting. Then at age 54 and 240 pounds, I decided I was going to get into the best shape of my life. I am now 60 years old, 190 pounds and more muscular than I have ever been. I joined EōS Fitness on Northsight in the Fall of 2017 and have been a regular ever since. I am very grateful of the role EōS Fitness has played in my life. During my journey, I developed a system for weight-training, exercising, and nutritious eating. I owe my success to working on my mindset every day. It’s proved to be the key to making everything else work. I am approached regularly – people are curious of my age, how I train, and what I eat. It is very humbling. I hope to give inspiration to people of all ages. The younger people must understand that physical fitness is a lifetime endeavor; the older people must have confidence that it is not too late. It is never too late to improve every aspect of your life.”

Andrew C.
AZ – Peoria: Thunderbird

“I collapsed from a seizure early in 2023. The emergency room doctor told me the cause of the seizure was a mass in my brain and that now was the time to be with family. The days leading up to the surgery were very scary, as my surgeon explained to me that the possible outcome could be death or paralysis. The love and prayers from friends and family gave me the strength to stay positive. I told myself that if I survived this, that I would get in shape and live a more healthy life. I couldn’t drive for months so I joined EōS because I could walk to the gym from my house. As soon as doctors cleared me to go on walks, I walked to EōS and started light cardio. As I healed my workouts intensified. I lost 20 pounds and gained muscle. 6 months later I was in the best shape of my life at age 44.”

David A.
AZ – Phoenix: 75th Ave/Encanto

“Well it started last year as one of my co workers John Tyler told me the story of his weight loss journey. He set a major goal for himself and loss a significant amount of weight. At the time I did go to the gym and diet from time to time but after hearing his story and results it was clear that I was not focused at the level I needed to in order to get results. At that time I started hitting the gym more consistently with a better plan. I lost about 10 lbs. by August around that time saw my Dr who I admittedly hadn’t seen in a long time and he had some surprising news for me. He stated that I was a diabetes risk and that he recommended me to start medicine(metformin) in order to control my blood sugar. This took me by surprise as I believed my physical activity especially at that time would keep that from being an option. Me and my Dr. agreed to meet in 2-3 months to re evaluate if I needed to be on meds. Needless to say I didn’t miss any day that I had scheduled to be at the gym. I worked on my diet with recommendations from m Dr. Now I am happy to say that when I went to my Dr for that re evaluation my weight was at 223 and my a1c took a significant drop to the point where he no longer recommended medication. Now I am currently 217 and aiming to get to my high school weight at 205.”

Helen J.
AZ – Phoenix: Cactus Rd/Cave Creek

“This fantastic 24 hour gym gives me the flexibility to get my workouts in. This has helped me be consistent with my training. Trainers are always available. The body analysis showed me places to work on. I have lost over 15 pounds and I continue to build on my endurance. I have shaved off over one minute per mile. At 65, I feel, look better and have more energy with the proper nutrition and supplements.

Having the choice of various cardio machines, live cardio, yoga, strength classes to take, spin classes, free weights, treadmills… enhances my fitness beyond what I thought I could do.

Everyone is so friendly and encouraging that I look forward to my workouts!”

Rick K.
AZ – Phoenix: Cactus/Tatum

“I participated in strength training, so I was able to haul my 60 lb. TV video camera gear around as a news photographer back in the ’70s and ’80s. In the early 90s I started two PR agencies in MI and Chicago as well as developing 4 new national products. So due to my workload I stopped weightlifting, I was way too busy. So, when I retired a few years ago I started bodybuilding, stretching and strength again. Working out has made a very positive difference in how I have physically and mentally aged compared to my contemporaries. I have so much more flexibility and body strength now from head to toe. From hiking up CO 14ers to doing ½ marathons to opening my girlfriend’s pickle jars, it is all due to my stretching, body building and strength training.”

LaTosha D.
AZ – Phoenix: Downtown

“I’m down 40 pounds and I’m so proud of that. This year I plan to keep it consistent and hit my goal of 60 more down. I didn’t start my fitness journey for weight loss but for mental and emotional clarity.

Being consistent and showing up for me everyday me gives me the instant satisfaction I need to keep pushing. The weight is secondary to what brings me joy about my workouts.

With the gym located downstairs I can take a much needed break away from my desk to clear my mind. I do my best thinking and I’m fully inspired in motion.

My heaviest was 401, I’m now 289! I started 2023 at 340 and ended the year lighter than I thought. When I started EōS I was 328 and now at 289 I’m proud to say “I did that!” It’s a slow grind and I like it!”

Simone W.
AZ – Phoenix: N Central Ave/W Osborn Rd

“I was always passionate about health and fitness growing up. I played sports and was active but could never get slim. Of course life happened; work, break ups and deaths – all excuses for me to not get back on track. I found myself broken in every way. I weighed 250lbs; I was at rock bottom. I started making small steps to get my fitness and nutrition back in check. Went and got my bloodwork done and did my first workout in years that day. I was pre-diabetic, morbidly obese and my hormones were all out of whack. It’s been a challenge to change so much but worth every bit of it!

My goal was primarily fat loss for the past year. I started writing my workouts and really focusing on body recomp in October. I’m down about 75lbs total. I’ve changed my entire lifestyle. I’m no longer pre-diabetic and all my bloodwork is great! I love prepping new protein focused meals, talking about PR’s with friends and checking out different locations based on my schedule that week! I’ve consumed hundreds of hours of podcasts surrounding fitness and how our bodies work and because of that I’m back in school to become a nurse! I wouldn’t believe this would be my life a year ago.

Now I’m focused on hypertrophy and endurance! I actually look forward to my monthly weigh in and reviewing my Evolt comparisons for how much muscle I’ve gained. Plus seeing my bio age 5 years below my actual age is just so dang cool. I’m so grateful for how welcoming this community has been and how friendly the coaches and staff at EōS are. I started running and have been building up each week. I’m training to run my first 5k in April! I can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store next!”

Wade B.
AZ – Phoenix: N Scottsdale Road/101

“After battling my weight my entire life, when I reached 335lbs I had enough and set out to reclaim my life and my body. My program for success consists of a strict low-carb diet, intermittent fasting, daily moderate exercise, and quality sleep. I am now half the person I was, 140 pounds lighter at 195. I didn’t meet my goals quickly, but weight loss was consistent and the lifestyle choices are easy to maintain.

I’ve learned a lot about how “my” body works, and have learned to listen to what my body needs and ignore a lot of the standard nutrition and weight loss advice that’s out there. My advice to anyone beginning their weight loss journey is that it’s not difficult, but requires daily, moderate, consistent effort. Choose a long-term lifestyle that works for you, not a short-term diet.”

Andrew A.
AZ – Phoenix: S 19th Ave/W Baseline Rd

“In December of 2019, I donated a kidney to a relative. A few months later, COVID-19 happened and I found myself working from home. After work, I would just stay in at home watching TV or playing videogames. I lived a very inactive lifestyle at this point in my life. Eventually my Doctor told me I needed to start exercising. Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is crucial for kidney donors. At this point, I weighed a little over 190 lbs. In addition to being overweight, my mental health was in a bad state. I had no confidence, low self esteem, and I was not comfortable in my own skin. This is when my journey to lose weight began. I started eating right and jump roping. I was able to lose quite a bit of weight and after a few months I weighed about 140 lbs. Things were much better, but I had little to no muscle. My lack of muscle was exposed after participating in a Spartan Race.

Eventually, an EōS opened 5 minutes away from my house and my coworker talked me into signing up for a 7 day trial. I didn’t think I would actually continue going, but I quickly began to love strength training. Once I started noticing the change, it became addicting. I had no idea I was missing out. My mental health today is much better and my confidence is at an all time high. I’m still not where I want to be, in terms of my physique, but I’m loving the process and will keep working towards my fitness goals!”

Carina M.
AZ – Queen Creek: Ellsworth/Riggs

“A different kind of before and after! My fitness journey started out very unhealthy. As part of a 10-year battle with Anorexia, fitness started as a means to burn calories and become as skinny possible…not to “look good”, but ultimately to disappear into the background. And for control that I felt I had nowhere else in my life. But as time went on and I grew in many ways…I became a personal trainer, I trained athletes with physical disabilities and saw how things that we take for granted (like taking a few steps or pulling an unweighted sled) made them proud of their bodies, I found my faith, I found my husband, I desperately wanted a child…and fitness started to be used for something entirely different. I started to use fitness to become strong, to manage anxiety healthfully, to train my body to fuel the adventures I wanted to have instead of to burn calories or mold my body. I became stronger and healthier than I ever thought possible, and my body was even able to carry a child which I was told was out of the cards for me. Now, my baby is almost 3 months and my training throughout pregnancy and postpartum has allowed my body to heal, allowed me to stay strong and become stronger, and be the best mom I can be for my little guy. I am so grateful for fitness, and for the transformative relationship I have had with it over the course of my life.”

Nadine V.
AZ – Surprise: Bell Rd/303

“She would’ve had a better chance at fighting this if she were healthier and not so over weight.” Those were the last words my mother’s oncologist spoke after her first round of chemo, and what started her hospice journey before stage 4 ovarian cancer took her. As I had the opportunity and honor to care for her in her final days, I had nothing but time to reflect on my own unhealthiness. “What am I doing?! What have I done to myself?” That’s what I asked myself staring back at my reflection in the mirror. I recognized and finally admitted to myself that I was at an unhealthy weight and had poor habits. I had to take action, I knew that I did not want to leave my four children all too soon; that if I were faced with a sudden illness like my mom was, I would want a fighting chance. I was already paying into a gym membership that I hardly used and I knew I was going to need something more.

So, what started out as signing up with my EōS trainer, Crystal, for accountability purposes, really became my life line to a life style change. Crystal worked with me on making small changes; doable steps in both diet and exercise that also did not “alienate” me from my family life. Making these small changes (along with Crystal’s encouragement, push and knowledge) helped guide me to lose weight/fat, gain muscle, and build confidence in the gym. I have lost over 50 pounds in the past year and although I am not 100% to my goal weight, I am 100% committed to the process. I am 100% getting my health in check and benefiting from the aftermath of that journey…more energy, better mood, a more present life. I have now become the person that feels “weird” if I miss my gym days, I am the person who has a better relationship with food, I am the person who has made friends in a community of people that promote healthy choices, I am the person that will be able to give it their all for a fighting chance if it ever comes down to it.”

Laura B.
AZ – Surprise: Litchfield/Waddell

“My inspirational fitness journey has a huge purpose and it’s all due to my 4 wonderful kids. I started to realize that I couldn’t participate in any physical activities that my kids wanted me to join. I would just sit in a chair and watch them play, and of course I wanted to join but being obese at 285 I couldn’t. At night it was hard for me to sleep due to having back and knee pain. So one day I decided to open up a gym membership at EōS, believe me I was extremely nervous and scared but I know I was making the right decision. I started going M-F and using the treadmill for an hour. I then started to drink a gallon a day and changed my eating habits.

Now that I’m down -85lbs in 10 months I’m able to be so much more active with my kids and have so much more energy. I don’t have no more back or knee pain because of my weight loss. I get so many compliments from the gym staff and members that go to my gym and have seen me where I started and how I’m today. I used to hate going clothing shopping and see how nothing would fit like I wanted it to. But now I love it and feel very confident about myself. My kids, husband and family are very proud of me and they’ve said that I’m an inspiration to them and that I’m a definition of what dedication, perseverance, and being committed to be better and not giving up. I wanna thank my EōS location in Surprise, AZ by providing me the proper gym equipment and giving me the support and strength to be successful in this journey that has changed my whole life for the better.”

Mo R.
AZ – Tempe: Warner Rd/I-10

“I was really fit before pregnancy. I’m someone who has worked out since my teens. I always thought I’d be one of “those women” that workout throughout pregnancy and bounce back super fast. I couldn’t be more wrong. Without going into all the details I can say that the sickness I felt in the first trimester made the gym nearly impossible. In my second trimester I had a condition called symphysis pubis dysfunction. This became so debilitating that there were days where I literally couldn’t even walk to my own bathroom. My husband had to carry me. For someone who’s always had a ton of physical strength and is rather independent, this was really hard. After I had my baby, I could barely squat to pick things up, and especially so if she was in my arms. My arms also got tired from holding her, and she was 6.5 lbs when she was born. I can’t begin to describe the weakness I felt in my whole body.

I tried getting back into fitness sporadically between June and December 2022, but it was hard to make myself a priority. First time mom, sleep deprivation, and nursing on demand made it hard for me to want to leave my house and my baby.

In January 2023 my baby was 8 months. Enough was enough. I decided to get into the best shape of my life. I started out with the 75 Hard challenge which requires two 45 minute workouts every day and I also started at EōS fitness because they have child care which is an absolute game changer. Child care is the ONLY way I had any chance of staying consistent.

The journey wasn’t easy at first. Good lord was I weak and I fatigued quickly. It was SO CHALLENGING to drop my ego, because I remembered how much weight I used to lift and I was far away from that. So far in fact, that I had a hard time believing I’d ever done it before. I started with body weight squats, push ups, and machines and I stuck with this to gain strength and confidence. Once I built that up, I started squatting the bar, and oh my gosh, that bar felt so heavy and I would get so winded. But I kept going, for the whole year. Slow and steady. It wasn’t about a destination, but rather getting a little bit better every day. I started out around 112 lbs. and felt every sense of the phrase “skinny-fat”. Today I’m a solid 124. I’ve put two inches around my glutes, an inch around my thighs, and a half inch on my arms, all while keeping my waist the same. I’m squatting with 45 plates on each side, kickboxing three times a week, and have amazing energy, stamina, and strength. Beyond any of that though, I reached my subjective “best shape of my life”, AND I did it after having a baby. I feel it AND see it.”

Eric H.
AZ – Tempe: Warner/McClintock

“I was almost 500 pounds, I was depressed and pre-diabetic. I played sports in high school and college but I started gaining weight after college during my first full time job. I let myself go until one day I woke up and realized I needed to change. Almost three years later I’m down 250 pounds, I work out everyday and I’m happy in my life for the first time in a long time. I’ve revered my pre-diabetes, I walk everyday, I’m never tired or winded. EōS has changed my life for the better. It’s always there for me. If I could help motivate one person, I feel like telling my story would be worth it.”

Julia B.
CA – Encinitas: El Camino Real

“I just love this gym and the classes definitely keep me coming back. I really LOVE working out. I feel empowered and inspired and always feel better walking out then when I came in. Physical fitness has always helped me deal with stress and other challenges in life and I appreciate so much the classes and wonderful staff at EōS Encinitas. It’s the part of my day I generally look forward to the most as I work from home and while I definitely feel very blessed to do so, I need to get up and stretch my legs and that’s when I hop on my bike and head down to EōS on Gardenview. Thanks for all the years of fun, EōS!”

Josh P.
CA – Fullerton: E Chapman Ave/State College Blvd

“Spent 12 days in the hospital having 4 procedures due to bad health in 2022. COVID took a toll on my mental health and caused a lot of emotional eating. When exiting the hospital I wanted to have a better life for myself. I attempted for the remainder of 2022 to lose the weight but I did not understand the obsession and discipline it took. I looked to one of my other friends for advice and she helped me realize it was time to show how bad I wanted it. Started a health journey in 2023 and fell in love with the results. Taught myself everything from scientific lifting, to proper nutrition, macros, fat loss while maintaining proper muscle growth. My quality of life increased immensely and I went back to the doctor to get my bloodwork ran. I beat out every health concern they labeled me as for my obesity. Now it has become a lifestyle.”

Guillermo R.
CA – Hawaiian Gardens: E Carson/Norwalk Blvd

“At a weight of 389lbs, suffering from a bad back & knees, borderline diabetic I made a choice last year to begin taking my life back one day at a time. My 3hr gym sessions started at 6am then again at 9pm with a mix of cardio and weight training. When I started I barley could walk at 3mph to now an average 7mph mile. I turned back the hands of time lost 200lbs in under a year. Now I can expect to see my kids grow up. I’ve opened up a whole future of possibilities living a healthy lifestyle that I didn’t think was possible at my age and size that I was. It added a happiness to my life that my whole family benefits from an energetic ,outgoing, and confident father/ husband. My Journey is still being written, Let the good times roll!”

Nicole S.
CA – Ladera Ranch: Antonio Pkwy/Windmill Ave

“I’ve had 3 kids in 6 years. To say my body has changed has been an understatement. This year I saw how much weight I have gained and how crappy I felt. I knew I needed to make a change. So I decided 2023 the year I felt healthy again. I started working out more. I found a group of friends who all want better for themselves. I started going to EōS. The sad story with EōS was I paid for 2 years before I even stepped foot inside.

One month after signing up I ended up getting pregnant and being sick all day. Then I had a baby and the thought of going to the gym overwhelmed me. Finally I knew I needed to try. I dropped my 1 year old at kids club and went into the cinema room. I left that day being mad at myself for not trying sooner. However now I’m glad I finally tried it. I love the cinema room the most. It’s dark and I feel no judgement there. The kids club has been a game changer. All 3 of my kids love going and have a lot of fun. Now I have no excuse not to workout. The kids have fun and so do I. I lost 26 pounds last year and hoping for another 15 this year. I want to feel the absolute best I can this year. My kids deserve a happy, healthy mom.”

Shirley M.
CA – Los Angeles: Downtown LA/Cesar Chavez

“A year ago I decided to start this fitness journey or whatever you call it. I remember putting every single excuse for me not to go to the gym until January of last year. Then I remember of an incident that happened to me a few months before. It was the most embarrassing thing. So I said to myself you can do it! Stop being lazy because no one will do the work for you. Now I can tell you that I can accomplish a whole minute plank Lol. That was impossible for me before, but here I am. I changed many habits that weren’t healthy and I thought I couldn’t do it. So far I’ve lost a total of 65 pounds. Who would have thought that now I enjoy going to the gym. It’s one of my happy places.”

Kayla P.
CA – Murrieta

“As a young child, I was always aware that I was bigger than all my peers. As I grew up, I settled into an identity of being a bigger individual – it was my way of protecting my feelings against the bullying and fat shaming I often experienced.

Throughout my young adulthood, my lifestyle choices were unhealthy and I could feel myself declining quickly. I always wanted to change, but I struggled to start. In 2020, I was at my highest weight of 350 pounds. After reflecting on my life, I knew that I was the only person able to make the change for myself. First, I gave up drinking soda, then walking more, and soon enough I picked up roller skating as a hobby.

In May of 2022 I decided to join EōS, as I wanted to get stronger to assist my roller skating. I was very nervous to start, but I was lucky to be paired with Coach Stephanie. She has taught me everything I need to know in the gym and challenges me to do my best every session. Very quickly my roller skating hobby transitioned into a gym hobby – as I started to enjoy my time lifting more each day.
With diet and exercise alone, I have lost close to 200 pounds, and have gone from a size 26/28 in jeans to a size 4/6. But, the best part of my transformation has been how liberated I feel living in my new body. I can tie my shoes easily, run up stairs without losing my breath, and fit in regular size clothing- things that had been a challenge before. I pride myself on how much my mobility has improved, and how heavy I can lift now. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than I ever have before.

I am grateful to have joined EōS, for it has changed my life for the better . I am in the best shape of my life, and getting stronger everyday.”

David M.
CA – Oceanside: Palm Tree Plaza

“I had reached 285 pounds, and frankly I felt like I was dying inside. Physically, everything hurt. Couldn’t move well, and everything was exhausting. I had just recently survived a brain injury, and I lost my ability to grip, my hunger signaling was screwed up, and I was deeply depressed.

October of 2021 was the lowest point. I had just released a software product that was doomed to fail, and it felt like an indictment of my life. Something had to change. I started slowly with a diet, and made my way back towards the gym, but slowly. My grip didn’t work well, but I wanted to powerlift. Over time I’ve been slowly building back. I’ve gotten my deadlift back to 405, squat to 335, and bench to 265 @ 207#. I dropped my HbA1c from 10.9 to 5.2, my triglycerides from 450 to 55, and my cholesterol from 240 to 115. I increased my vo2max from 32.2 to 42.1, and my resting heart rate from 69 to 49. I’ve taken pounds off my body, and earned back years of life and health. I’ve started new hobbies like spearfishing and underwater hockey. I’m also now training for a half iron as well as a strongman competition in 2025.

I asked myself, what can I do when my body won’t hold me back, and I’m showing up and challenging myself every way I can. My training is half cardio, half strength, and anchored by cutting edge supplementation and a balanced diet. I did the work.”

Clifford B.
CA – Palm Desert: Country Club Dr

“2021 – Turned 50, 315lbs. had a health scare. Diabetic, cardiovascular, a prime HA candidate. Changed diet and joined EōS. 2024 lost 100lbs, off all meds!!! No longer diabetic. Feel great. Didn’t count on having to buy a new wardrobe, but so happy. I do 20 minutes of cardio and push or pull twice a week. Wednesdays are just treadmill then sauna. Thanks EōS! You helped me change my life and I just keep surprising myself. I just keep telling myself as long as I’m off the couch I’m making progress. Now my wife is eating better and working out too. I already see positive results. My 19 year old son now says he wants to compete in body building. Well we will see but I’m glad he’s having fun and staying fit. So you could say EōS helped my whole family.”

Andrew D.
CA – Palm Springs: Airport Center Dr

“I weighed 250 pounds at the start of 2023. It was the lowest point in my life and I hated myself with every waking moment. My buddy Allan took me to EōS Palm Springs so I can get out of that rut I was in around May of 2023. I immediately fell in love with the facility and what it had to offer. I’ve always been intimidated with the gym and going but at EōS I felt welcomed. It took 7 months and a lot of hard work and dedication but I lost over 80 pounds and now I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life.”

Audrey M.
CA – Redlands: Alabama St/Almond Ave

“Hi! My name is Audrey! Being a member at EōS Fitness has helped me lose 60 lbs.! My before picture was from my 28th birthday back in 2020. My after picture was from a year later in 2021! During COVID, EōS moved all of their equipment outdoors so members could continue to work out safely. We had to sign up for time slots in order to use the outdoor gym. Using these times slots in the beginning of my journey helped keep me accountable. I started off by going with a friend who showed me how to use the machines. Before I knew it I was comfortable enough to go on my own! I’m an RN working 3 twelve hour shifts a week, so I would go to EōS 3-4 days a week doing strength training and cardio. I got motivated when I started seeing results! The gym became a fun and exciting place to be at! I am grateful to have a gym close to home that has a large selection of machines and free weights for a very affordable price. Thank you EōS!”

Sarah B.
CA – San Diego: Sports Arena

“In 2019 I made the decision to leave my husband. Then, as we all know, the world shut down soon after this. I decided that I had to make myself my primary focus and and started getting back into fitness. I started working out and eating better. In 2021 I was feeling better about my progress and gyms opened back up and I joined EōS. I started taking every kind class that was offered and continued to see great progress with how I looked and felt. My journey is not over, but I am now in a place where I feel very confident about myself. I am continuing to work on myself and at the same time I have also started teaching fitness to others.”

Jason M.
CA – Santa Ana: N Tustin Ave/Bentall Ctr

“I was a military veteran with a few months out of my service, and was putting on a lot of weight and had feelings of depression creeping up on me during my lowest point. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin I couldn’t even bear to look at myself or take any pictures. I knew that I needed to make a change for myself after looking in the mirror. I wished to dedicate myself into becoming someone I’m proud of. It’s still not my final transformation but I’m proud of how far I’ve come on this journey. The days I didn’t have motivation, I had discipline and the days my discipline wavered or
failed me, I had tenacity to stay committed to myself. I’m glad I’ve met plenty of people at this gym that motivated me throughout these past three years. Also I’m thankful for their support and kindness. I’m now going on my fourth year now, this place has become my peace and happiness for the toughest parts of my life but starting now it’s going to be the same thing for the best years of my life to come. Ty.”

Giovanna V.
CA – Temecula Parkway

“I was always a skinny child and teenager, but life took a turn when I became a mother at 18 and then again at 20. The demands of motherhood led me down a path of neglecting my own health, and by the time I turned 30, I found myself carrying the weight of twins boys and body weight of 216 lbs. As a 38-year-old mother of four, I realized it was time to prioritize my well-being, and I embarked on a transformational journey. The first step was a commitment to healthier eating. I swapped processed foods for whole foods, finding joy in a balanced diet.

In August, I took the plunge and joined the gym. Initially daunting, the gym became my sanctuary. With each workout, I discovered strength within me that I never knew existed. The pounds began to shed, and I felt the burdens of the past lifting both physically and emotionally.

Fast forward a year, and the scale proudly declares a loss of 70+ pounds. The transformation wasn’t just external; it radiated from within. My energy soared, and my confidence blossomed. My journey is ongoing, but the lessons learned are invaluable. Motherhood taught me selflessness, and now, self-care has become my priority. As I contemplate the next chapter – the removal of excess skin – I embrace it as the final step in my metamorphosis.”

Marissa S.
CA – Whittier: E Whittier Blvd/Sorensen Ave

“3 first place medals + 1 overall trophy later & I still can’t believe this is real.

Looking back at all of the gym sessions, cardio, and meal planning. I would be lying if I said there weren’t times where I wanted to quit. To throw in the towel and never get up again. But I’m glad that I kept going because it taught me things that I would have never learned without the challenging times. Instilled habits within me that I will carry on to my future self and future children. It’s made me a better person mentally and physically forever. 50 pounds down now and a lifetime of lifestyle changes learned.”

Max A.
FL – Coral Springs: N University Dr/Royal Palm Blvd

“Spent most of my adult life battling yo-yo fitness and dieting. After becoming a dad, I had a choice to make. I could try and chase my little girl around at 305 pounds, or I could commit myself to getting stronger and healthier for good, and for her. Getting divorced during that period was an equally tough pill to swallow and shattered my confidence in ways that are hard to fully describe. I had major changes to make.

So over the course of two years coupling consistent cardio and weight training, I have shaved off over 90 pounds. I have since joined and now run a few running clubs in Miami, and will be running the Miami Half Marathon with my daughter. Dedication and fighting through adversity helped me change my life for the better, and gave me a conduit to further connect with my daughter who is always asking, “when is the next time we are running?” The changes and confidence I have undergone are things that I only hope other people get to experience.”

Natalie O.
FL – Kendall: Mills Dr

“My fitness journey at EōS Fitness has been nothing short of transformative. Despite facing physical challenges due to having a physical disability called cerebral palsy, I’ve approached fitness as a way to redefine my limitations and turn them into strengths.

Each day at EōS Fitness has been a step forward in this journey. I’ve learned to embrace the process, pushing myself to new limits and surpassing what I once thought was impossible. The support and encouragement from the EōS Fitness community have been invaluable, providing me with the motivation to keep going even when the journey gets tough.

Through my dedication to fitness, I’ve not only improved my physical health but also gained mental strength and resilience. EōS Fitness has become more than just a gym to me; it’s a place where I’ve found the strength to overcome obstacles and pursue my dreams.”

Jimmy S.
FL – Land O’ Lakes: SR 54/Oak Grove

“In January 2023, my life took an unexpected turn when a neurological injury struck my vertebrae and shoulder, leaving me unable to lift my right arm beyond my chest. The doctor’s prognosis was daunting, but my spirit remained unbroken. Little did I know, this setback would become the catalyst for an inspiring fitness journey.

Determined to reclaim control over my body, I committed myself to daily gym sessions. With resilience as my guide, I embarked on a journey of physical therapy, using bands and low weights to painfully and slowly retrain my muscles. Each lift was a triumph, each stretch a step closer to regaining the mobility I had lost.

As the months passed, my dedication bore fruit. In January 2024, I stand proudly at 80% recovery, defying the odds that once seemed insurmountable. But my journey doesn’t end here; it’s only just begun.

With newfound strength and a relentless spirit, I’ve set my sights on an ambitious goal – to compete in a professional bodybuilding show at the age of 60. The stage will become my canvas, and my sculpted physique will tell a story of triumph over adversity.

Being a business owner and entrepreneur, I’ve discovered striking parallels between bodybuilding and running a successful company. Both demand discipline, strategic planning, and unwavering determination. I’ve embraced these similarities, seeing each role as an opportunity to excel and prove that age is just a number.

As I prepare to step into the competitive world of bodybuilding, I carry with me the lessons learned from running a successful business. The dedication, resilience, and strategic mindset that propelled me in the boardroom will now propel me on stage, showcasing the indomitable spirit of a 60-year-old bodybuilder.

I stand at the intersection of two worlds, ready to prove that strength, both physical and entrepreneurial, knows no bounds. My journey is an ode to resilience, a testament to the power within us to rise from adversity and conquer new heights. Watch out, world – the 60-year-old bodybuilder and CEO is on a mission to become a top competitor in both arenas.”

Stephen V.
FL – Lutz: SR 54/Ballantrae Blvd

“I decided to try and work out 100 days in a row. I reached that goal. So I decided to go another 100 days in a row. I reached that goal. I went for 300 days in a row, I reached that goal. So then I said why not make it a year. I reached that goal. I am 67 years old. I have worked out every day for 433 days in a row. I have lost 35 lbs. and lowered my A1C from 8.4 to 5.5. I am no longer diabetic. I have never felt better. My energy is through the roof.”

Barbara B.
FL – Orlando: Hiawassee Rd/Clarcona Rd

“Embarking on my fitness journey in July 2023 has been nothing short of transformative. I’ve managed to share an incredible 51 pounds and trim down by 6 inches thanks to my consistent commitment to working out. With a discipline schedule of 5 to 7 workouts per week, I’ve found joy in diverse classes like body pump Zumba, and commit fitness. It’s more than exercise is a dedication to healthier lifestyle has brought about these amazing changes. The gym is very convenient to the location which is my home and it all allows me to come work out in a friendly, clean and safe environment on my lunch break.”

Brandon S.
FL – Riverview: US-301 & Bloomingdale Ave

“After a cruise in March 2023 with my husband I decided it was time to get up and stop missing opportunities for memories because of my weight. On May 10, 2023; I finally decided to do something about it. I changed my didn’t and started using my EōS membership. I had 3 goals: 1) to loose 100lbs, 2) to run a 5K nonstop, and 3) to be able to walk into any store and by clothes that fit. I started by walking 1 mile in 20 minutes 3 days a week. On 12/23/2023, a little over 7 months into my journey, I met those goals. So far, I’ve lost 101lbs. I’ve gone from a 44” waist to a 32” and a 54” chest to a 44”.

I’m now up to going 6 miles a day in 63 minutes, running 4-5 nonstop 6 days a week. I feel amazingly better. I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed at theme parks and fitting in to rides. I can walk into any store and buy jeans and shirts and most importantly my health has drastically improved and I now have more time and ability to make those memories with my husband. EōS has become a part of my daily routine and I don’t plan on slowing down any in the new year.”

Lorraine S.
FL – Sarasota: Tamiami Trail

“It’s not so much weight loss for me but pain loss. For years I’ve been getting cortisone injections for my sciatic nerve pain. It wasn’t until I joined EōS and started working out with my personal trainer (Lacey Blackwell) that I started seeing a decrease in my sciatic nerve pain and an increase in my posture, gait, and overall improvement in my health.

Besides increasing my muscle strength, a lot had to do with Lacey’s evaluation of me and how she saw that I really didn’t have a sciatic issue but more of a flexibility issue in my hips and hamstrings. I’m so grateful to Lacey and continue to this day working out with her guidance. It’s been 6 months and I have not had any sciatic nerve pain. I no longer have to see a pain doctor. Lacey saved me from a life of cortisone injections and being miserable.”

Ileana B.
FL – Tampa: Ehrlich Rd

“I decided to choose a healthier lifestyle because I hated how the way I looked effected the way I felt. I missed out on so many opportunities from not feeling my best. I’ve fallen in love with the gym and fallen in love with myself again. I love that EōS has so many opportunities to find something you love. I’ve gone from classes, to weight training to doing cardio. I’ve had multiple people not only compliment the way I look now but compliment my journey. It’s helped me be more self disciplined and see how strong of a woman I am.”

Ariana G.
FL – Tampa: Midtown

“1 year ago, I was in a dark place mentally. I realized I am in control of my life, and it was time for change. With developing healthy habits and self control, I took myself to a whole other level. The key for myself was to cut off things that are no longer good for me. Signing up for a membership at EŌS changed my life! With friendly and encouraging staff it is nice to come in and get to the grind when I’m in the gym. I love the person I am today and look forward to see my progress grow in the next year.”

Jeramy G.
NV – Henderson: N Stephanie St/W Sunset Rd

“I was in a wheelchair because of back problems and I have had multiple back surgeries. I survived Pancreatic Cancer and Lung Cancer. I just had a heart procedure because I had over 70% blockage in my coronary arteries. I am back to work full time.

My boss Christopher Robinson is also a professional bodybuilder. He, my wife and 4 kids inspired me to fight for my life again. My oldest son is 14 with Autism and severe Tourette’s. My daughter is 12 with type 1 diabetes and Tourette’s. Then I have identical twin 4 year old girls soon to be 5. My entire family is now involved with being fit. I am now able to jog on a treadmill. I’m never going to stop!”

Samantha E.
NV – Henderson: St. Rose Pkwy/Amigo St

“At age 19, I tore my meniscus while playing rugby at college. Since I was unable to be active and I was depressed I was unable to play my favorite, I gained 90 lbs over the span of 3 years. I had very low self-esteem and I was very unhappy in my skin.

It wasn’t until July 2020 that I needed emergency gallbladder surgery. Following that surgery my doctor told me I would need to change my diet to accommodate the loss of my gallbladder, as I would now have a harder time with digesting fried and fatty foods. This dietary change is what lit the fire under me to start my journey. I hired an online coach and jumped right into learning how to weight lift and track my macros. My journey has been going strong since 10/2020.

In 2022, I packed up my life and moved across the country to Las Vegas, where I quickly learned how big the fitness community here is. The amount of equipment, helpful gym-goers and staff, and large premises have helped me grow as an athlete. Since the beginning of my journey, I have lost 55 pounds and I have it my mission to enjoy food I used to eat prior to changing my lifestyle by making them healthier and geared towards fat loss. I may get a priority to go to the gym for not only my physical health that my mental health, because of the endorphins I get after I work out as well as seeing friendly faces around the gym. EōS has become a second home to me in Las Vegas!”

Elizebeth C.
NV – Henderson: Southeast/Stephanie

“I have always been over weight. In 2021 at 387 lbs I decided I was over this life. I had gastric bypass. Lost my first 80lbs but then stalled. Still being over 300 lbs I thought I was forever going to be overweight. I started working out at the local park because I hated the gym. Then it got too hot to be at the park so I had no choice but to join a gym. I got a trainer and jumped in. With Henry’s help I have dropped to my goal weight of 180 lbs. I go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week now and if I can’t get to the gym I miss it!!”

Patricia P.
NV – Las Vegas: Blue Diamond/Decatur

“My husband and I moved to Las Vegas in 2017 from Fontana, California to be closer to our son. Once we arrived in Las Vegas we were inspired immediately by the community. Our eyes opened to see that we needed major lifestyle changes for our health.

We signed up to EōS and made it a part of our daily routine to show up everyday for ourselves and our future. I started out at EōS nervous and unsure what to do but followed others that I saw on certain machines and I made it a point to ask for help. I remained consistent on machines and doing bike cardio that I learned to love!

By 2021 I took off 30 pounds but I was hungry to lose more! I then came into realization how important a healthy diet was, as well as attending the gym everyday. I changed my diet completely and began to research more about protein intake, weight lifting and approached coaches at the gym for guidance. 2 years went by and I quickly took off 30 more pounds with my diet change, remaining consistent at the gym and learning something new every day!

In 2022 our son got married and we received news that we were going to become grandparents, to twins! This was a dream come true, as we now realized that our health is priority for our grandchildren!!

Attending EōS since 2017 I have been motivated and inspired by others at the gym. I have made friends that turned into family, have gained so much knowledge and found a love of working out!

Throughout my weight loss journey I have more gained confidence within myself, amazing friendships that will last lifetimes and helped me see the importance of a healthy life which I am able to now pass onto my grandchildren! Thank you EōS for changing my life completely!”

Kathryn P.
NV – Las Vegas: Lake Mead/Buffalo

“I lost my father to stomach and colon cancer. When I started to have issues with my stomach I needed to change for my kids so I decided to start a fitness journey and EōS was the best decision I’ve ever made. every day I walked through the door it was greeted with such enthusiasm that it just pushed me further and harder. I also had my daughters join with me, so they can’t ever feel the way that I did. At first, I was embarrassed because of the way that I looked I was so overweight and uncomfortable. Having the theater where it’s very intimate is the best. Now I walk around the gym with confidence.”

Noah L.
NV – Las Vegas: Losee/Centennial Pkwy

“In the fall of 2018 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). It was a shock to me as I considered myself stocky, due to the fact that I began training for triathlons back in 2013 to tackle my weight issues. I was pushing 255 lbs., during my events I would drop down to 225, but it would all come crawling back after I finished my triathlons. I just figured it was genetics and old age. After my T2D diagnosis, I discovered I needed a better workout regiment plus a major overhaul in my eating habits. On the dietary front, I completely cut processed foods, sodas, and carbs. For my exercise regiment I decided to join an EōS fitness gym. It was great because I could still train for my triathlons with the lap pool, exercycles and best of all the cardio cinema, where I could do my cardio routine and watch the latest movies out on DVD. EōS also offered a new venue for my fitness with their yoga class schedule. At first, I thought yoga was for girls, but I later learned it is a great way to connect your body, mind and spirit.

It took five years, but now I’m down to 200 lbs, I’ve dropped three pants sizes and two shirt sizes. Best of all, my hard work and self-discipline paid off, as I reversed my diabetes condition, am no longer on medications plus I feel a whole lot better with my health and self image. I’m still a work in progress, and I continue to use EōS fitness gyms to maintain my weight loss and good health. Along the way, I met some amazing people and made new life-long friends. It was a long road, but well worth the journey.”

Tammie P.
NV – Las Vegas: N Durango/I-215

“I have always been a big girl. I have struggled with my weight since I was 10. I am a mother of nine and never really had the time for gyms or in home workouts. I had poor eating habits and no motivation to lose weight. I remember a previous boyfriend used to sit in front of me while I was eating reminding me that each forkful was just making me fatter. I fell into a deep depression and just ate more and more.

Fast forward past a failed marriage and a serious health scare, I met my husband. This man made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the room, always! I got pregnant with our youngest son and it was medically tough. I gained a ton of weight and the day I gave birth, I weighed 311 pounds.

We had a family tragedy in 2019. I became severely depressed to the point I had to leave my job. During this time, I lost 25 pounds, then 30 pounds. As I began to heal, I changed how I ate and what I ate. I started to move more and before I knew it I had lost 50 pounds. I looked and felt great.

The next two years I kept the weight off and the good eating habits. Today, I have lost a total of 109 pounds.”

Kathy H.
NV – Las Vegas: Pecos/Russell

“2016 Became ill with an auto immune issue. Was on life support an extended time. I became paralyzed with muscle weakness and needed a ventilator to assist me with breathing. Myasthenia gravis diagnosis. I was in rehabilitation to learn to walk again for a year. I’m a nurse! I had to medically retire. 6 years I was on prednisone/steroids. Gained massive amounts of weight also from medications. I have had 38 surgeries on my airway in LA. It was damaged from the ventilator. I sound much better, before I sounded like Darth Vader. I then had a cancer treatment amongst all this. I had a hysterectomy. It then tripped up my myasthenia. I was back in the hospital month after month again. I Was trying to regain my strength struggling with multiple medical issues. To top it off, I got COVID. 10 MORE days ICU. Nearly didn’t make it.

I joined EōS as soon as I was cleared. In total down 100 pounds with 50 more to go. I still am under the doctors care. I am using weight loss drugs to help me. This all started in 2016. I became able to walk in “another gym” with the use of a walker AT A GYM in jan of 2022. That was embarrassing. But ok, I then joined EōS MUCH later than I should, but I do really like this gym. Everyone is helpful. I walk in there and I feel like I’m treated like the younger “beautiful people”. I like the atmosphere. I like the vibe. Many machines and multiple equipment available. I look around at people working out. Not everyone is there for vanity. I mean YES I want to look better. But I never want to be that sick again. That immobile. That feeling of hopelessness. The gym helps with that. As we age we need to be working harder and more. It becomes more difficult the more we neglect ourselves. ANYWAYS, I am there for medical reasons too. I am finally at a point that I can WALK into EōS and be proud that I can do that. No walker. No oxygen. That treadmill and turf are life!”

Shayna P.
NV – Las Vegas: S Durango/W Arby Ave

“Starting at 392, I knew my life was out of control! I had no motivation to change or do better! After being told that if I continued to eat and live the way I did I would die, I had to make the change! I started eating right and exercising! EōS made it affordable to come here so I joined! I am now weighing in at 189 lbs. EōS has been a very valuable resource in my weight loss journey! Having staff willing to help all the time and having so many locations, EōS is one of the best gyms! I was told that if I didn’t lose the weight, I would eventually die! Thank you for being a resource for me in my journey!”

Marina S.
NV – Las Vegas: S Maryland Pkwy/E Silverado Ranch Blvd

“My starting weight was 254lbs & my goal was to lose 100lbs & that extra 4 I was going to shed as well. The first time I went to EōS I participated in a Zumba class instructed by Kimberly King in 2017 & I was hooked ever since . I also started participating in Mixxed fit led by Jee Wong. & after shedding some pounds I started participating in Susan Berkley’s insanity class who was the cherry on top. Kim & Susan are the two instructors I have continuously seen throughout these years & I could never thank these women enough for helping me physically & mentally. Their classes are definitely the best part of my day.

With the combination of these classes, speed walking on the treadmill & a strict diet , I achieved my goal in a little over a year. I’ve always wanted this gym to recognize these ladies & how their classes & personalities as individuals locked me in this gym & gave one of their students a life changing experience. Thank you EōS for having some wonderful instructors 💙”

Jose F.
NV – Las Vegas: S Rainbow Blvd/Alta Dr

“After suffering from a stroke and being forced to go through my day to day life in a wheelchair I promised myself to make my health a priority. It has been a difficult journey but I was able to learn how to walk again and pushed myself to do more than what I could have imagined. I work out daily and have seen major progress. I will continue to keep going and keep pushing myself, especially for my two boys, Julian and Pops. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. We make the impossible possible, by never giving up.”

Mikayla T.
NV – Las Vegas: Sahara/Cimarron

“In February of 2023 I was involved in an auto vs pedestrian that caused damage to my entire right side. Doctors and Paramedics questioned how I even survived. After being in a wheelchair and using a cane for a year I decided I wanted to walk again on my own. Now I am walking and working to get the weight off I gained in the year. I was 226 and have gotten down to 208. I want to thank EōS for providing me with a trainer. It has motivated me and held me accountable. I am becoming the best version of myself.”

Edgar S.
NV – Las Vegas: Tropicana

“After battling an eating disorder and drinking problem that made my weight gain worse, I was able to commit to improving my health and eventually lose 100 pounds. My starting weight was slightly above 240, 243 to be exact. After multiple attempts failed attempts at caloric deficits, I was able to stay in a caloric deficit for a few days doing keto. Keto allowed me to fine tune the calories I needed to be at in order to lose weight. After sticking with this diet for almost 9 months I was able to lose 40 pounds. Admittedly, it wasn’t necessarily the diet that was effective in losing weight but the fact that so much protein would satiate me and I would only end up eating roughly 1600 calories-putting me in a caloric deficit. Running and weight training were and still are the main forms of movement I use to stay active. My diet is way more inclusive of other food groups now, with nutrients and overall protein being a priority.”

Alexis C.
NV – North Las Vegas: W Craig/Camino Al Norte

“I went to the doctor in January 2021 and they told me that I was prediabetic for the 2nd time. Something finally clicked inside of me and I started walking and meal prepping, watching my calories, and what foods I was consuming. I started working out in my apt and at the complex gym. By December of 2021, I got my bloodwork done again and I was no longer pre-diabetic and I was one of my doctors first patients to ever turn it around. I’m more motivated then ever to continue being active as both my parents were warned like I was and now they both are diabetics. I want more for my life and my future children as I was just married September 2023. Joining EōS will help me to continue on my fitness journey with consistency and accountability as they are open 24/7. It’s 2024 and I have still kept off most of the 60 lbs that I lost and want to lose more.”

Ariel B.
TX – DeSoto: W Belt Line Rd/S Cockrell Hill Rd

“I’ve always loved myself as a plus size woman. I started my journey five years ago with a weight loss competition at work and I’ve gradually lost 130lbs going from 350- 217. I’ve taken my time to get to know myself and love the girl in the mirror as she continues to evolve and embrace the curves, cellulite, monthly bloating, stagnancy, and setbacks. I’ve learned grace for myself and learned to care for my body inside and out. I love to dance, hike, and be outdoors. This journey has allowed me more time and bodily freedom to do those things with less aches and pains and more confidence. I’ve learned to trust my body and the process of growth.

A major motivator is that my mother suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, and continues to have health issues from a stroke in 2010. My mom used to run, dance, and just engage with me in activity and we haven’t been able to do that in over 10 years. I’ve spent more days looking at my mom with IVs, oxygen masks, incapacitated, tired, and in pain more than I’d like to remember. However, this is our reality. Time is always of the essence, but we often forget. I continue to eat healthy and workout as a reminder that health is a privilege and my mother reminds me often that I have to be good to myself.

My mother spent many years mothering myself and my brothers with love, patience, and understanding and I don’t think she ever gave back to herself. I hope to be all that she is and then some! I want to be an inspiration to others to take care of their health not just physically, but also emotionally. Being in the gym or stretching on my mat is a favorite place to decompress and just sweat out the worries of the week. I’m thankful that I took the chance to transform myself inside and out. I will continue to love me along this fitness journey.”

Michael R.
TX – Euless: Rio Grande Blvd/Goodnight Trail

“In February of 2022, I became a dad and my life changed forever. For his first year of my son’s life, I learned what it was like to live for something other than myself, and it was truly a transformational experience. One year later, on my son’s first birthday, I looked at him and realized that I wasn’t giving him the best version of myself. It was right around the same time that EōS was opening up a location in Euless, TX, just a mile from our front door. I decided to make a small commitment to myself- to go to EōS three to four times a week. I committed to going early in the morning while my family was still asleep, so that I wouldn’t lose out on any time with them.

Slowly, I started to notice changes. I had more energy and I felt better overall. Eventually, my clothes started to fit loose and I realized that my health was changing completely. In May of 2023, we welcomed our second child, a baby girl, and I became even more determined to be my best self for my family. I learned over the past year that all I needed to do was to be consistent- and that consistency has paid off. I’ve lost 37 pounds, my yearly physical rating went from “at risk” to “low risk” and my mental health has improved as well.

This past November, I ran my first race ever- a half marathon. As I approached the finish line, my son ran through the crowds and into my arms- and we finished the race together. Because of EōS, I am stronger, I am healthier, I am happier and I am a better version of myself for my family. I am signed up to run a full marathon in February of 2024 and I look forward to the growth and life I will get to share with my family as I continue challenging myself. EōS – I can’t thank you enough.”

Kiara E.
TX – Fort Worth: Altamesa Blvd/McCart Ave

“On a journey to self love and self acceptance.. I have been met with so much resistance and doubt. After having my twins in 2019, I realized unintentionally that I began to hate my “new body.” I didn’t have abs. I have stretch marks and loose skin in their place and I am not always pleased with the number on the scale.. I began to let comparison rob me of my happiness and I lost myself completely in motherhood. As a new mom, nobody tells you that sometimes you can lose your identity into this beautiful, chaotic, new role.

I stopped doing the things I loved and I hated my postpartum body whom miraculously carried two babies at once.. I thought that in order to be a “good” mother I had to pour myself into ONLY that. I realized along the way that my well had ran dry. I was pouring from an empty cup. I decided to prioritize my health- physically, mentally, spiritually.. I found this in fitness! As I slowly worked myself back into fitness, I started to fall in love with my new body that birthed these two blessings.

I began to transform my thoughts and form healthy habits. 5am workouts became my saving grace. And although I was tired at times, I felt so strong. I stopped being so hard and critical of myself and I started setting obtainable goals.

One day I woke up and looked in the mirror after many 5 am fitness sessions, and there reflected my healthy habits and a happy heart- stretch marks and all. The gym/fitness has saved me in more ways than one!”

Heba H.
TX – Houston: Endicott Ln/Beechnut St

“I started my weight loss journey weighting 370 pounds. I had diabetes with an AC-1 of 10, constant high blood pressure, high heart rate when sitting, PCOS and sleep apnea. I was unable to walk a quarter of a mile or climb up a staircase without going out of breath, it was BAD! I was contemplating weight loss surgery because I felt like there was no other way out. I decided to try one last time, I joined EōS gym and started taking personal training classes with Jeremiah Walker and have not looked back since.

Since July I have lost over 115 pounds, weighting today at 255 pounds. I have a long way to go still but I am no longer diabetic, my A1-C sits at a low 5, my blood pressure is regulated and on top of that my resting heart rate has gone down by 30 beats per minute. All the rest of my medical problems have gone away, I can finally go up the stairs without dying which is great news! Joining EōS has changed my life and I feel strong enough to keep going!”

Nicole L.
TX – Houston: Gillette St/Allen Pkwy

“Ever since I was young I’ve always struggled with my weight and being heavier. In elementary and middle school I was bullied for my weight, which lead me to have no self confidence. Growing up and through college I tried all the different weight loss programs, pills, shakes, etc. nothing ever seemed to work and I would always end up gaining the weight back plus more. At the end of 2022 I knew I needed to change how I was living. I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror and was ashamed for how big I had let myself get.

Throughout this past year, I started working with an online coach who helped me not only fall in love with moving my body, instead of using it as punishment for being overweight, but also how to fuel my body properly. I went from eating for comfort and soothing my emotions to eating for fuel and energy. I no longer punish myself when I have a bad day, I look forward to waking up and working out, and through this journey I have rekindled my passion for cooking and creating new recipes. I’ve lost 55 pounds during this year and still have more to do.

Through this journey, I have fallen so in love with the health and fitness industry that I am working on becoming a CPT myself to be a light for others who were once in my shoes and let them know that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel and you can still have an amazing quality of life while working on becoming the greatest version of yourself. I am so expectant for 2024 and the continued progress on this journey.”

Bharath R.
TX – Katy: Spring Green Blvd/FM 1463

“I started my journey with 227 lbs. and want to lose some weight. I was doing walking and diet with no hope of losing weight. Then I saw EōS ad which make me think of trying out. I was hitting regularly gym and doing 45 minutes to 1.5 hours with regular diet, lost 12-15 lbs. from beginning the journey. I was trying weights mixed with jogging to change a approach from just cardio. Sometimes it was hectic and sometimes tiresome. But EōS always refreshing and make it entertaining. Gaining the confidence back with muscle power! Thank you EōS Team for leading the way for Fitness!”

Steve O.
TX – Richmond: Grand Parkway/W Airport Blvd

“The last few years have been to say the least a mental and physical challenge. Diabetes, kidney dysfunction, and bone disease were like a three headed monster with an insatiable appetite for destruction. The end of 2017 did bring a positive ray of light with a kidney transplant. Energy was back and I was able to start working out again. Unfortunately, a side effect of the anti-reject meds was weakened bone density and strength, especially in the joints. Having a left knee total replacement in 2018, I was still able to bounce back in 2 months with aggressive rehab and workouts at the gym. Fast forward to 2022 where the right knee had to be replaced as well.

Again, with aggressive physical therapy and my own workouts, I was able to bounce back to a somewhat normal lifestyle. The gym not only served to get better physically, but as a mental distraction on the bad and focus on the big picture of getting better. Pain in the right ankle revealed a bone disease causing deterioration and collapse of the ankle leading to only the ligaments keeping the foot attached. I had not been able to go to the gym for the previous 3 months due to walking and standing issues.

After 2 unsuccessful ankle surgeries, I made the decision to have a below knee amputation and reduce the risk for any further damage and spread of infection. Not being able to be mobile put a damper on my spirits and pushed me into a brief depression. I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel…yet! The surgery was in January of 2023, and I received my prosthetic leg in April of 2023. Getting the leg was the first step in digging myself out the hole. I was not going to have a pity party. Once again, I found myself in aggressive physical therapy with the goal of getting back to the gym and some sort of normalcy again.

Complications from the amputation slowed things down, but I managed to find my way back to the gym. First with a walker, then with a cane, and eventually without any walking aids. My goal for 2024 is to keep positive, keep pushing forward, and keep getting better. With the continued support of the EōS staff and consistent workouts, I look forward to ongoing physical improvements and a preserved positive mental outlook.”

Garrett G.
TX – Rosenberg: FM 2977 Rd/FM Highway 762 Rd

“I went for my annual physical exam and was informed that I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I knew that I needed to lose weight but it just wasn’t that simple for me. I live with mental health disorders just like many other people. I struggled so much with depression and anxiety. I found the gym after stumbling across dozens and dozens of people on social media with stories like mine. Their progress pushed me, motivated me to do better. And now here I am, two years later – no longer pre-diabetic, no more high blood pressure, normal cholesterol levels, AND am hoping that my story will do the same for you that others stories did for me- motivate, inspire, empower you to start your journey onto a healthier lifestyle, not only physically, but mentally as well .

With the support of others, dedication, and strong mindset, I am achieving my fitness goals. I am healthier. I feel good and am able to manage my anxiety/ depression so much better now in a much healthier way. I am starting to love what I see in the mirror each day. Please remember, it takes time. You have to be patient and be consistent! And if you ever feel like giving up, don’t!! Find you a support system or establish a reward system because at the end of the day, you must be happy and feel good doing it. And please always remember why you started!! ❤️ Thank you EōS!!”

Waldo S.
TX – Spring: Louetta Rd/Stuebner Airline Rd

“My year started by gaining 40 pounds and having serious health issues due to my poor habits. After an ER visit I was 240 pounds, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a fatty liver and hypertension. Leaving the hospital I was prescribed 5 different medications on top of having to inject myself with insulin every day. Being a 41yr old father of a 1yr old and a 3yr old having to take that many medications was devastating. I fell in a deep depression and I need to do something about it. I started making better eating decisions, but eventually my weight loss stalled, so I decided to join EōS. Immediately I really enjoyed the nice facility that had all the equipment I needed. I owe a lot of my weight loss to EōS. The staff is always friendly and very motivating. It is great to walk in to EōS and be remembered by the staff. Also seeing other fellow 4:30am gym goers also has helped me stay motivated. Although I may not have ever spoken to many of them, their consistency has helped me stay consistent as well.

I also have quite a great crew of friends and family that have also signed up. It’s been great to see them on their fitness journey and I feel humbled to have been a small part of their success as well. My kiddos have also noticed my transformation. My daughter frequently mentions to me how strong I am, and it melts me every time. The other day at the dinner table, my little girl mentioned she needed to eat to be big and strong. I asked her, “oh strong like the Ninja Turtles you love?” To which she replied, ” no strong like you dad.” I had to excuse myself and shed a small tear as I never realized the impact my fitness journey has had on my children. My greatest accomplishment has been being my daughter’s super hero!”

Alisha D.
UT – Bountiful: S Main Street/W 2600

“After my second pregnancy, I had terrible postpartum anxiety/depression and I gained 30lbs. As I navigated my postpartum, I committed to myself to start going to the gym for 30min a day to walk on the treadmill.

After a few months, I started strength training too and started to see a positive difference in my physical & mental state. That was the fall of 2022. I haven’t stopped going. I made the gym part of my lifestyle because I only used to go for the intent to try to lose weight. While I have lost weight, I realized that I wanted and needed to exercise for the vitality of my body and life. I’ve lost 25lbs in a year! And never had any sort of muscle before now. The gym has been a huge part of what saved me. It also has helped me learn about my body and mind push both to new levels.

I have never liked running. Ever. But I started training for a half marathon and ran at the gym day after day after day. I would run 2-3 during the week and 6-8 miles on the weekends. The gym was where I learned to push my body and mind to it’s limits and learn I can do so much more than I think I can.”

Meisha L.
UT – Kaysville: Sportsplex Dr

“4 years ago I would say I hit rock bottom with my health and wellness. I remember many nights of eating a whole bucket of ice cream by myself. It was the lowest I had ever been with my confidence in myself and my relationship with food and exercise.

4 years later, I still have days where those old habits and thoughts creep back in but I can say that my relationship with exercise and nutrition is better than it ever has been. I have learned to respect myself. That’s come from consistently showing up on the good and bad days. Showing up when I don’t feel like it. Showing up when I’m sad, when I’m mad, when I’m anxious, and when I’m not feeling confident. Over the past 4 years l’ve learned to consistently show up for myself.

While I’m not perfect and don’t know everything when it comes to health and wellness I do want to share my journey just in case there is another Meisha out there with a bucket of ice cream on her lap right now, thinking she will never be enough. We are all enough.”

Areli S.
UT – Layton: N Fort Ln

“As a mama of 3 little ones, who completely lost herself in motherhood, I’m finally in my “done having babies & prioritizing myself” era.

I had 2 pregnancies fairly close, gaining 58lbs with a terrifying high-risk twin pregnancy & gaining 50lbs with my 2nd pregnancy. I spent just over 3 total years exclusively-breastfeeding all 3 of my babies and while I’m so proud of what my body was capable of doing in 5 years, between growing and nourishing babies, my body no longer felt mine & I could no longer recognize myself.

Now that we left interior Alaska’s dark and brutal winters behind, I’m on a mission to love myself a little more, taking care of my mental health & growing a stronger, healthier and more radiant version of myself.”

Alex S.
UT – Murray: S 900 E /5600 S

“I lost 230 pounds no weight loss surgery. I will be 7 years sober in March 2024. And I’m on a mission one step at a time. I became my best friend and fell in love with me I’m racing a spartan Feb 17 2024 Phoenix my story is I’m so humble 7 years ago said my chances of survival were under 50 percent and 7 years later I am stronger at 43 than I was in my twenties I’m happy for your happy and thx for this opportunity I would love to up Lilly speak about my journey thank for your consideration I will be the one of the fittest 50 year old I have 7 years to do it.”

Katelyn T.
UT – Ogden: Kiesel Ave

“My fitness journey started in august 2023 I woke up one morning and decided that I was tired of being sick and tired all the time. I’ve been taking care of sick elders for years and I always tell myself I need to get healthy before I’m in this situation and need someone to take care of me when I’m older. I’m always taking care of others when is it time to take care of myself? I had no energy to get up for work, I wasn’t interacting with my children as much as I wanted to. My mental health was bad. I had no confidence and I needed a change.

I’ve tried every diet you can think of and then after id stop losing weight id just give up until one day I drove past EōS and though I’m going to just go in and see what its all about and its been history ever since. The first few weeks I was very intimidated because everyone looked so fit and I was not. The more I kept going I started feeling better and was able to watch others and I decided to start lifting weights and I have been addicted ever since.

My highest weight was 248LBS and I am down to 180 LBS. and counting! I quit drinking alcohol and smoking since I walked through the doors of this gym. EōS has changed my life its a part of my daily routine and I look forward to going everyday because its where I can just take care of myself and let everything out. My story has inspired others and it has helped me push myself even more because I want everyone to feel the way I do now. I am a single mother of two kids and they have seen a huge change in me, not only are we more active but I am in a better mood because I am taking care of my body. My 12 year old son cant wait till he is 13 and can join me at the gym. I have came so far in the last few months and I cannot wait to see where ill be in a year. My goal is to own my own fitness business and target people like me who never thought they could over come being depressed and over weight.

My Job is to help elders and I also want to help younger men and women who need the extra push to get healthy so they don’t end up in bad health when they get older. We all need to take care of ourselves and others in the end and EōS is a great place to start.”

Jose M.
UT – Orem: E University Pkwy/S Main St

“In October of 2022 I went to the doctors and I was completely overweight. Weighing in at 521 pounds, my doc told me that I wouldn’t live to see my sons graduate high school. That was one of the scariest moments of my life. I vowed then to lose weight so I could see my boys graduate and long and healthy life. I started working with a trainer and he helped me completely change my life around.

In a little over a year I’ve not only lost 130+ pounds, I am no longer a diabetic, I no longer have high blood pressure and I am healthier than I’d ever been. I was starting to hit a plateau when I decided to get over my fear and go to the gym. And let me tell you, EōS has been the best place to train. I love going there and taking advantage of everything they have to offer. Thanks to EōS, I’m on track to run my first Spartan Race in July!”

Missy N.
UT – Roy: W 5700

“One day, I decided that I just didn’t want to buy new work clothes because I was too big for the ones I was squeezing into. I went to a couple local gyms and decided to try EōS for a free week. It was good so I jumped in with both feet and got a trainer, Robin!

I woke up every morning at 4:15, which really sucked at first because I was NOT a morning person. I have worked out faithfully for more than a year; 6 days a week at the gym or at home, rain or snow, not feeling great and even on my birthday. I was determined to hit my goal weight and get healthy.

I met my goal after 8 months and just kept going. I have a new goal to get stronger and my amazing trainer is helping me get there too. Who knew I would ever be addicted to working out and being healthy, especially after beginning my journey after 50. Thanks Robin.”

Trevor H.
UT – Sandy: S 1300 E

“I was overweight, miserable, and depressed. Life seemed to be in a constant gray scale. That was until I took a leap of faith and walked into EōS gym, a decision that would rewrite my story.

At first, the gym was a challenge; every step on the treadmill was a battle, every weight lifted a monumental task. But I stuck with it, showing up at least five times a week, fueled by a quiet determination to change.

Slowly but surely, the hard work started to pay off. As I sweated and pushed through the workouts, I began to see changes. Not just in my reflection, but in my mindset. The gym, once a place of intimidation, became my haven, my therapy. And as I grew stronger on the outside, I felt it on the inside too.

My diet naturally evolved alongside my exercise routine. I swapped junk food for greens, and sugary snacks for proteins. The weight started melting away, and with each pound lost, my energy soared. I was becoming a new person.

Now, the gym is a part of my daily life. It’s funny to think that I need to eat more these days—not to fill a void, but to fuel the muscles that I’ve worked so hard to build. I’ve not only lost weight, I’ve gained a passion for fitness and a zest for life.

I’m incredibly grateful for EōS and the supportive community I’ve found there. My weight loss journey is a testament to the fact that with consistency, hard work, and the right environment, transformation is possible. And if my story can inspire just one person to take that first step into the gym, it will have been worth every drop of sweat.”

Katie W.
UT – Salt Lake City: S 700 E/500 S

“My brother passed while I was in high school and left me in a very dark place. I was extremely overweight at 310lbs and unhappy with my life. Once I moved away to college I knew I needed to change things, so I started going to the gym with my roommate and walking to campus every day.

Fast forward four years and I have lost over 100lbs and use working out as a form of therapy. Moving my body became a relief from anxiety and depression and became a way for me to start loving life again. Now, whenever I am struggling in my personal life I turn to being active as a way to ease my stress.

Not only did my fitness journey help me lose weight and be healthier, but it positively affected every other aspect of my life as well. I became much more confident in myself and finally knew what it was to truly love who I am. I grew tremendously in my social skills and worked hard on all of the relationships that I had and was developing due to my increase in mood everyday, and since I had already worked towards such a hard accomplishment for so long, I started believing in myself at every hard choice and challenge presented to me. I know I can do whatever I set my mind to now, and even that alone makes it worth it to me.”

Ashley A.
UT – Syracuse: S 1000 W

“I have been on a weight loss journey for as long as I can remember. Constantly starting and stopping. Losing and gaining. I ballooned all the way up to almost 400 lbs. I was absolutely miserable. Walking, shopping, even showering was exhausting, let alone trying to work out at a gym.

In January of 2023, I decided to get serious about my health. I started with my eating. Eating lean and clean. Protein. It was so hard at first, but I started to lose weight. About 70 lbs! Then I was stalled, but I was finally feeling better and able to do more things, so my brother and I decided to join EōS Fitness. I was so scared because I had no idea what I was doing. I started by watching some video’s and committed myself to 4-5 days a week.
I started with a personal trainer at EōS that really skyrocketed my results! (Not only that, but my trainer is one of my favorite people in the world now!)

Fast forward to today, I am down 117 lbs, I am STRONG! I feel like I can do anything! I love hiking, paddle boarding, walking! Things I never dreamed possible in my life are now a reality!
I gained a newfound confidence in my body and have made huge strides in my job and career.
I am so grateful for EōS and my wonderful personal trainer, Viola Winterton, for helping me achieve my goals and giving me my life back! I put in all the hard work, but EōS provided all the tools, equipment, classes, etc. to make this happen. Thank you so much!”

Tylar B.
UT – Taylorsville: S Redwood Rd

“I am currently the fittest I have ever been! 2022 was my breaking point with my body. I couldn’t do anything with out something flaring up. Back pain, asthma, constantly sick, always tired which all lead to frustration and irritability. I started 2023 off eating clean, no sugar and more water. Changing what I eat has changed how I see food and my relationship with it dramatically.

A month in I had so much refreshing new energy that I headed over to EōS, I’ve joined other gyms in the past, smaller and less people so this was intimidating at first. I met up with Gavin for my new member training and his knowledge, authenticity and acceptance won me over. As a transgender male I’ve struggled to feel safe in gendered spaces like gyms and as I expressed this to Gavin he leaned in and asked more questions instead of shrugging it off as no big deal. This was where I was able to take off!

Eating clean is literal fuel and kept me consistent with the gym. The recovery amenities at EōS have also taught me to take care of my body as it changes. My body has changed in ways I didn’t imagine but the real work has been on my stable mood and energy. When your body can be depended upon to move as it should the mind is so much more free of frustration and negativity.

This journey started out as a hail Mary for me, a year later and 50 lbs. less eating clean fuel and consistently show up for myself at the gym is now my life style.”

David D.
UT – West Jordan: Plaza Center

“I’ve struggled with my weigh for a lot of years. I was in the Army and Army Reserve and up until about 14 years ago I barely was able to meet the Army Height and Weight Standards.

In 2010 I returned from my a deployment and decided 26 years was enough, I also went through a divorce. I have belonged to several gyms over the years, before and after my divorce. In 2020 I and my wife joined EōS and I didn’t have much hope of improvement, but I began to work harder on my fitness as my arthritis mostly in my feet, I also had breathing issues were getting worse, my weight was such I had a hard time breathing bending over to tie my shoes. I was wearing a tight 44 waist jeans. I worked with a personal trainer, my primary care doctor, dietitian, my podiatrist and others health care people.

I began to lose weight from September 2021 to now I’ve lost nearly 90 pounds, gone from a very high BMI to a healthy BMI. More important to me my feet don’t hurt as much, my breathing issues are better and I’ve gone from a the previous mentioned 44 waist jeans to a loose 32 waist.”

My EōS Fitness: Casselberry - S US Hwy 17-92 / Semoran Blvd