AZADT_Before and After

Lisa G.
AZ – Avondale: Dysart Rd

“I started out last January weighing 255 pounds. I could hardly walk my feet, and knees hurt so bad! I was on tons of meds for my mental health because I was so depressed! I couldn’t care for my daughter who is disabled or my grandkids! I was in a state of dispair!
I started riding my bike a little but decided I needed more than that! I started going to the gym and just lifting a few weights! Then my son convinced me to start walking on the treadmill! I started dieting and working out at the gym.”

AZCCR_Before and After

Kira T.
AZ – Chandler: Ray/Cooper

“Love this gym and everyone has been so encouraging . I lost 123lbs and have kept it off. The flexible hours and helpfulness of staff and availability made the journey so much easier. Kinda like building a gym family in a way keeping each other accountable even on days I didn’t want to train. It’s a life long journey, let’s enjoy the process.”

AZGCO_Before and After

Dawn T.
AZ – Chandler: Gilbert Rd

“In May 2021 I found myself at my highest weight and “celebrating” Mother’s Day by myself. I was unable to walk without losing my breath, was in constant pain, on the verge of having to start diabetes medication with an A1C of 6.1 and rising. More importantly, my daughter would be going into her senior year of high school and I did not want to be able to move her into her college dorm, or be the heaviest parent at graduation. I also wanted to be able to hike, ski, and have a long, healthy, life.”

AZCRR_Before and After

Jeff W.
AZ – Chandler: W Ray Rd/N Rural Rd

“I got divorced in 2020 at 50 years old and decided I needed to make a life change for myself and my boys. Through healthy eating, water consumption and a dedication of 6 days a week at EOS Fitness I have lost over 80 pounds and have kept it off. I feel so much better and love my new healthy lifestyle!”

AZG51_Before and After

Melissa B.
AZ – Glendale: 59th Ave/101

“I was always thin and in shape in high school for the most part. I started gaining weight my senior year after being in a long term relationship and discovering that with my own money, I didn’t have to ask to go to McDonald’s. I ate with reckless abandon and slowly started seeing the scale increase, my pant size increase… I went from a size 3 to a size 24 within 3 years. I was that size for a while, completely content with being invisible and just blending into the background, not being memorable at all. I hit my breaking point when my 3 year old nephew wanted to have me chase him around and I was completely out of breath. He looked so disappointed that I decided to start slow. I went for walks in the middle of the summer (in Arizona it’s hot!) to try to get moving. Walking became jogging. I made slow changes to my diet while I was doing it. Instead of a full size candy bar after dinner I’d have a snack size one. Gradually started eating better and better, exercising more. Eventually, I was down 100lbs. After I reached the 100lb mark I joined a martial arts class as my reward. I lost another 30lbs there. As this was all happening I was in the middle going to school full time and working full time. I had to cancel my membership and ended up being stationary for a while where I was. Fast forward a bit, and I was hospitalized for what they thought was a stroke, then RA, then a mishmash of other things. In the process, the dr put me on a very high dose of prednisone. I gained a lot of weight back. I worked hard to get down a bit but was still not where I wanted. When Covid hit, I had a membership at a gym that I was using every day. I had to shift and started doing other things to keep active like taking my mountain bike out, or weights in my garage. I was in the process of a divorce about a year after that. I moved into my own place for the first time in 26 years. I tried going to the gym where I live but didn’t find it very encouraging. I joined EŌS a year ago. I went sporadically until June. I had a very bad case of Covid and lost 10lbs. I decided since nature gave me a head start that I’d start up with one class and see where it led me. The first class I had was a sprint spin class with Ashley. I was hooked after that. I started taking the sprint spin with Ashley and Carolyn. BodyPump with Leah. Beatboss spin with Randy. Zumba with Kiki and Lilee. Then one day, Jeffrey subbed for Lilee and I was determined to find other classes he taught. I started taking his step class in Sunday’s (now Wednesdays) and found a groove that I never anticipated. I’m in the best shape of my adult life and down 150lbs total. I know this will be a lifelong battle for me going up and down a few pounds. Except now, I have the tools and people I need in my corner to help me keep thriving.”

AZG5O_Before and After

Jesse D.
AZ – Glendale: 51st Ave/Olive

“The life of a parent is a busy one. To be honest, it can feel so busy to the point that you feel you have no time to yourself, let alone to workout. As the years went on, to my dismay the scale continued to increase. I would look in my closet where my suit from my wedding hung unable to be used as there was no possible way to fit into it. I decided one morning that I had enough. I set my sights on a new career, one that would require me to be fit. I made the decision to change and started seeking after ways to start. I began with signing up for a physical trainer at the gym. This was very helpful but not sustainable with my family’s financial situation. After that ended, I slowly reverted to my old ways. About a year later I decided that I was going to make a lifestyle change for forever. I searched and found a workout system that worked for me, I started attending two classes a week at the gym. I have excellent teachers in those classes who continually encourage me forward. I found it difficult to go to the gym when my family was awake so I started waking up at 5am so I could workout and still make it home to help the kids get ready and off for school. I made the decision each night that I was waking up to workout no matter what. I began tracking what I was eating each day as it helped me think about what I was putting into my body. Much like finances you don’t know where you stand until you start tracking it. I began to cut unhealthy habits from my eating. I started tracking my weight each day in an excel spreadsheet which would feed into a graph to see where I was compared to my goal. I understood that success isn’t instantaneous rather the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. I began to leverage the law of aggregation of marginal gains, in other words, making small changes that were sustainable. As I started to see the transformation in myself my self confidence began to improve. I started walking a little more upright, felling a little happier when I looked in the mirror. Hard days came so I found some inspirational videos that I listen to every morning when I drive to the gym. They lift my spirits, help me to keep moving and to never give up. I began reading success books, thinking more positively, and believing in myself. I lost 40 pounds and I now fit back into the suit I was married in and am continuing the pursuit to become more fit each day. I’m not perfect but I get back up after a day when I fall down all the while encouraging myself to keep improving. The great part is this isn’t the end of the story, it’s only the beginning!”

AZG5T_Before and After

Ladonna P.
AZ – Glendale: 59th Ave/Thunderbird

“I was so depressed from being in a very toxic and abusive relationship that I just gained so much weight and was always uncomfortable in my own skin. I have been hitting the gym and working hard to show my babies that no matter what age you get to it’s never to late to get stronger. I’m happier than I ever was in my life and do strength training with my kids to teach them a healthy way of living physically and emotionally.”

AZG8C_Before and After

Alicia S.
AZ – Glendale: 83rd Ave/W Camelback Rd

“My past struggles with a recent health diagnosis and my age was not going to define my future! I will not allow my dark days to control my thoughts, Mind Over Matter! Keeping a healthy mind is just as important as a strong body! I have gain respect for self positive talk, pushing through the – I’m tired, I can’t, It’s too hard; mind set is everything! I gained a new found respect for my mindset and my body, positive self empowerment is the best recipe for success! No matter what, no matter who says what; speak positive affirmations 1st thing daily, as we are our worst critics!

Working out is not my addiction it’s my sanity and my recipe to keeping a healthy mind! I might have had some struggle walking, talking or even smiling after my health condition but working out gave the light at the end of the tunnel! Uncomfortable is temporary but the pride of pushing through safely is what’s important, I can run an again, I can lift weights again and I am smiling 😊 bigger than ever.”

AZGHP_Before and After

Allison T.
AZ – Gilbert: Higley Rd

“My story is that I needed to change if I wanted to have the life my daughter and I deserve. I have a 3 year old who is very active and before I lost my 65lbs…with more to go….I couldn’t do anything with her besides put her in front of a tablet or TV. I would take her to the park but wouldn’t be able to get on the equipment with her and I couldn’t keep up with her. I had anxiety every time we went out because I was the “fat” mom at the playground. The last straw for me was when my daughter climbed a jungle gym and got stuck up there, too scared to get down, I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t get to her when she was calling for me with tears streaming down her face and had to rely on a stranger to get my baby girl down. That hit me hard and that day I promised myself that I will change for her and for myself. The road hasn’t been easy and it has been a lot of work. I am so grateful for Basie, my personal trainer, as he is helping me accomplish my goals. I can keep up with my daughter now and play with her so much more. I can do physical activities I haven’t been able to do in years. Thanks to my daughter and Basie for helping me change so that we can have the best life possible! On to the next adventure!”

AZGPG_Before and After_

Samantha T.
AZ – Gilbert: S Power Rd/E Germann Rd

“I’m was always that fat friend. I was the fat friend that would make you laugh. I was the fat friend who made you feel welcomed. I was the fat friend with confidence. I was the fat friend who would give you the confidence. I was also the one who silently struggled with my mental health, my weight, PCOS, and infertility. I lost enough weight to begin my fertility journey and welcomed a baby girl in 2018 and another in 2020. I gained all my weight back and a lot extra. I realized that I might have been happy with myself and my family but I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t want to be the fat friend anymore. I didn’t want my kids to grow up with an unhealthy mom. Diet pills, keto, macros, gyms, boot camps, and so on. Nothing was working and I about gave up. In 2021 I went through the hardest dieting with than ever before with Banner Gateway. Even then I only lost 30lbs and couldn’t lose more. This diet prepared me for a gastric sleeve in 2022. I wish I could say it’s the easy way out but it was anything but that and takes such a toll on you mentally as well. Before the surgery I signed up for EOS. I don’t think anyone and doctors included thought I would stick to the gym but I did. My last weigh in (January 9, 2023) the doctor was shocked and amazed that I not only reached my goal weight before I was 1 year post op but lost more than expected and was still going to the gym. I had gotten a personal trainer (thanks Dawson!) who helped to ensure I staying consistent in my workouts and a great partner who pushed me on days I struggled to get out of bed and go. You’re always asked why you want to lose weight and everyone thinks it’s because you want to be skinny, this could be apart of it. What I told my doctor was I didn’t want to die early because of my health. I was high risk for diabetes, heart failure, and many others. That’s why I’m still going. My mindset was to do better and be better for myself, for my kids, and maybe one day another little one. I turned my health into a lifestyle. The surgery gave me that push and drive to get on track. The gym gave me the tools to keep going, stay consistent, and whole different look in what health is. I’m now 119lbs down and that was not expected. I’m working on gaining muscle and toning out. My extra skin won’t be going anywhere but that’s a new kind of confidence I’m gaining. Loving the extra skin is part of my journey and reminds me just how far that I’ve come. I’m still the funny, confident, and welcoming friend. The difference is my mindset and I’m 119lbs lighter.”

AZGPM_Before and After

Ashley R.
AZ – Goodyear: N Pebble Creek Pkwy/I-10

“I’ve always struggled with body image issues, but I had gotten to a low point and was the heaviest I had ever been. I hated the way I looked and for allowing it to happen. I joined the gym and started with classes, gained a great support system have been able to lose weight and gain strength! The best part was that I stopped feeling judged and felt proud of my body and what it could do.”

AZGVP_Before and After

Tim G.
AZ – Gilbert: S Val Vista Dr/E Pecos Rd

“At nineteen years old I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called occipital neuralgia. I was prescribed very strong opiate pain medication to treat this disorder. At twenty three years old I received neuro surgery to help reduce the intense pain, and it worked! But by this point I had become heavily addicted to the pain medication. At twenty nine years old I finally got sober. When I had two years of sobriety I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, at this point I weighed close to two hundred and forty pounds. I could barely make it up the stairs with my baby, and realized if I didn’t make a change I may not be around to watch her grow up. I had never been into fitness and i was scared but I got serious, started eating healthy and lifting heavy! I found not only myself but my passion in fitness. Today I’m thirty seven and the healthiest I’ve ever been. I can run and play with my very active child, and I’m no longer afraid to get in a bikini! It’s never too late to chase your fitness goals! So go chase them!!!”

AZMA6_Before and After

Elisabeth T.
AZ – Mesa: Alma School/US 60

“I never realized how much I like working out until i started to work out and see the results. When i started going to EOS in 2019 i was self conscious and insecure about my body but, I had to trust the process. I make EOS gym my home and no matter what rain, shine hot or cold i was in the gym no later the 4am. This was the best time to get in a full workout and not rush. When the gym closed during covid19 i was sad but, i wont let that stop me from reaching my goals. I am now down 35lbs and it feels good. I no longer wear XL clothes and I am back in the body that make me feel good. Its not about anyone else or what others may think its about me and how i stay consistent, discipline, determined and motivated to get to where i want to be. I know some might say 35lbs is not a lot but, its a lot to me and it has made a difference in my life and my attitude. I will continue to workout and trust the process because now I’m also thinking about staring my out fitness clothes line and my own YouTube channel.”

AZMG6_Before and After

Katy G.
AZ – Mesa: Greenfield/US 60

“My story is one of mental health. I have been an athlete for 25 years, thus physical fitness has always been part of my life but in 2022 anxiety and depression overtook my life. There were days I could not get out of bed. The physiological stress took its toll and I lost almost 20% of my bodyweight. I looked like a skeleton and hated myself. No matter what I ate I could not gain weight. I knew diet wasn’t the answer and I had to reduce my stress. Researching stress reducing activities, it became very clear that exercise was the number one suggestion, but I couldn’t convince my body to exercise. There were times I went to the gym and just sat in the parking lot crying and then I would go home. Thankful Eos was open 24 hours so I when I could muster up the strength to exert energy, I had a place to go. I focused on low impact strength building exercises that supported mental focus. I set physical challenges for myself like doing a headstand. The day I held a headstand for a couple minutes I felt like I had climb mount Everest. I want to thank Eos for being a psychologically safe place that I could accomplish my health goals and heal.”

AZMGB_Before and After

Arturo M.
AZ – Mesa: Baseline Rd

“I was overwhelmed with life and felt trapped to live like I wasn’t enough. We are all born for our own kind of greatness, whether you work to that is on you. I changed motivation into discipline and started to live the life I knew I could always have.”

AZMGM_Before and After

Shannon R.
AZ – Mesa: Gilbert/McKellips

“In Mar 2020 I started walking to keep busy during the pandemic. First 5k, then 8k, 12k, 20k steps/day. In Oct 2020 when there wasn’t time to add more walking steps, I started interval running. I ran my first 5k Jan 2021 at age 50. I added strength training in Aug 21, and continued to run & walk, averaging more than 235miles/month. The 52-year-old me is more than 50 lbs smaller, has more confidence & can do WAY more push-ups, than the me of 10 years ago. I am resilient. I am capable. I am strong.”

AZP7E_Before and After

Lucas G.
AZ – Phoenix: 75th Ave/Encanto

“Honestly never would have seen myself as an “inspiration” per se, especially when it comes to my fitness story. I have cycled through fad and crash diets for about a decade, seeing some success but dramatic rebounds and often over bounds. In March of 2021, I had decided to step on my scale randomly and the number read “325 lbs.” This was the first time I was determined to change my habits with a purpose. Over the next year, I had slowly changed my eating habits and started walking further to classes on campus. After graduating college, I needed a new way to increase my energy expenditure, so I joined EōS and signed up for personal training because I had no gym experience. Today, 1/31/2023 I weighed in at 215 lbs, a number I haven’t seen on a scale since before starting crash diets all those years ago. If I were to sum up my story it would be two points: 1) as cliche as it may be, the change has to be for you. Motivation is often temporary for me, so reminding myself of my goals and why I am making changes for me, helps keep me on track. When I have deviated, I work on why and how to avoid that situation next time instead of caving into the rebound. 2) you don’t have to be your new self right now. I realized my diet and habits are routine and not something with a real “end” point. These changes could and can not happen over night or I risk reverting back to those old habits, taking it slow and steady was the way for me. I would also like to mention, although I used my weight as the progress marker, the real feeling will always be internalized and qualified. How I feel has never been better, I feel healthy, more comfortable, and confident in my body and am excited to see where my fitness journey takes me. Thank you to EōS and my trainer AJ for setting me up with the tools to push my success even further.”

AZPCC_Before and After

Alexia P.
AZ – Phoenix: Cactus Rd/Cave Creek

“Hi, my name is carlos but I go by alexia I am transgender, so I started my weight journey at 398 pounds. I got scared when my doctor told me my A1c was at 16 points. That’s when I decided to join the gym at today. My A1c is 5.6 and my current weight is 200 pounds. I’m so proud of myself.”

AZPCW_Before and After

Symphone H.
AZ – Phoenix: Downtown

“What I’ve been working on this past year … ME! 💪🏾

I wasn’t going to post this, but if it helps a single person then it is worth the embarrassment. I’ve had several people ask me what I’ve been doing this year and how I did it. If you haven’t seen me recently … well let’s just say there’s a lot less to see lol. So here’s a little insight.

This past year I’ve developed newfound awareness around health and fitness. I started working out with a family friend in February. Since then I’ve worked out at least 3x/week (often 5-6 times); I workout at 6AM (now 7AM) most mornings for about an hour. Now the first 3 months were the hardest. Workouts consisted of intense HIIT training and high interval cardio. In addition, I completely changed my eating habits! I severely minimized my sugar intake, and aimed to eat less carbs (I purchased a Lumen device that really helped me realize eating carbs late at night was tremendously limiting my progress; it was keeping me from getting into a ‘fat burn’ most mornings). Changing my eating habits was probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on. I didn’t eat ANYTHING I wanted to during those first 3 months … literally! But with 3 months of solid work and consistency I lost about 30 lbs. Since then I’ve been focused on toning and muscle building. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of where I started because honestly I didn’t like taking fitness photos at that time, but I did do a comparison using one from two months in when I was already down about 20 lbs.

I showed my comparison pictures to someone recently and they said “your smile is different” … and it truly is! I think my outward appearance finally matches my inside. Over the past year I’ve heard countless ppl tell me that making a lifestyle change (bc that’s really what it is) is “too hard”; that it’s “incredibly difficult”. My response to that … it absolutely is! I say this because I want my friends and family to know that I KNOW how difficult the journey is. I am a testament to that as I used to be the person making the same excuses (YES EXCUSES …. bc that’s what they are)! However … I also know that you can unlock something within you, a new level in you perhaps, if you just want it bad enough.

Not where I want to be, but pretty darn close! I’ve said this before, but this truly will be the #YearofTheBestBody. Just know … the life you want is waiting for you; you just have to reach out and grab it! Happy New Year Everyone! 🥳 That’s all folks! 😘💕”

AZPS1_Before and After

Tatyanna B.
AZ – Phoenix: N Scottsdale Road/101

“I was a D1 athlete in college and always was around being active. I had a terrible experience in college dealing with a bad team and coaches who did not care and in the winter of 2018 ended up having a serious back injury due to lack of care while I was on my collegiate team. After an emergency surgery a month later, trying to go back and play at two separate schools, I felt so far from myself. I had no clue what to do or what I was meant to do, the only consistent thing i’ve ever had going in my life was getting to the gym. 2019-2021 I was dealing with reoccurring injuries, weight gain, weight loss, depression, anxiety, I knew I needed a change. May of 2022 I was a year injury free and thats when I knew my body was telling me that it is ready and begging me to do something different. I ended up meeting an amazing women at EOS, she gave me her coaches contact info, and now I am training to compete in Wellness for bodybuilding. I started this journey in June of 2022, currently in January of 2023 and I have lost 77 lbs and am paving my own path. I am also a Personal Trainer and heath coach as it is so crucial for me to be the coach I wish I had and teach women to truly love themselves. Failure inspires me. I have things that I NEED to achieve and I just have to tell myself there isn’t any other option. I love how so many people can be in the gym yet we all have our own goals and journey we are chasing. It really is a beautiful thing and I hope my story is able to inspire others to just do it even if you are scared, I promise that the discipline will pay off and be so worth it.”

AZPTC_Before and After

Marcia J.
AZ – Phoenix: Cactus/Tatum

“2022 was a tough year for me in many ways. I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2021 and underwent chemo and radiation during 2022. To keep my strength and energy up, my husband and I began training at EOS. It helped both of us keep up our strength and energy. I lost over 80 pounds during the year and my husband lost 30. We were able to encourage each other and make sure we didn’t ignore the need to focus on our health. After my first surgery, I was not able to continue with classes, that I really enjoyed, but Kathy our trainer has been able to give us exercises targeted for our needs and abilities. Since completing chemo, I have been able to continue to increase my strength and I look forward to going back to classes in 2023.”

AZS3B_Before and After

Joshua B.
AZ – Surprise: Bell Rd/303

“In 2010 while deployed to Afghanistan for the US Army, I stepped on an IED and as a result lost both legs above the knee and my left arm above the elbow. One year post-injury, I came home from the hospital and had to adjust to my new life as a 22-year-old disabled Veteran. Not long after, I fell into a depression struggling to find my new identity. Unfortunately, I turned to unhealthy eating and drinking habits to cope and gained 100 pounds. In 2017 once my first son was born, I decided that I wanted to change my life. I began eating healthy and slowly building up to 5 days per week at the gym. I rediscovered my purpose in life through health and fitness and was able to lose over 115 pounds. I am now healthier and happier than ever and proud of myself for defying my disability and overcoming my social fears of being different and getting out there anyway. I have been a 5 times per week regular at the gym for years now and am always focused on growth.”

AZSNR_Before and After

Jesse K.
AZ – North Scottsdale: Northsight/Raintree

“It was towards the end of 2021 and I was in a very dark place. I was 310 pounds and struggling with multiple types of addiction where I would often find myself drinking over a bottle of liquor every Friday and Saturday night. My stress was unmanageable and was I was facing severe anxiety alongside massive amounts of depression. After feeling like this for far too long, I decided to put an end to it and on New Year’s Eve going into 2022, I remember telling myself that 2022 will be an amazing year. I didn’t know how or why yet but I was determined to make it happen.

I immediately went to work by putting together a plan on how to put my life back together but before my plan was even complete, I receive the best news of my life– my wife and I will be having our first baby. That was it. It was at that moment I realized I had just received the fuel I needed to drive these life changes. After 13 years of nicotine use, I have finally put it down. Shortly after, I had made the decision to stop drinking. Neither of these tasks were easy whatsoever but their level of difficulty doesn’t compare to the fitness journey that has gotten me to where I am now.

In February 2021, I became absolutely obsessed with the science of diet, nutrition, and lifting weights. I put the pedal to the floor and completely adopted the lifestyle. I was determined to become a man I never even dreamt of becoming; not only for myself but for our soon to be baby girl. What’s funny is, I began setting up MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, and whatever other fitness apps at the time. They all ask for your goal weight and I would enter “220” feeling like it was some arbitrary and unobtainable number. I even remember questioning to myself if it was even worth answering because at the time, I felt like it was going to be yet another failed attempt at getting healthy yet here we are.

Fast forward to today, and after almost a year of training 6 days a week and meticulously tracking everything I eat, I’m down almost 90 pounds sitting around my goal weight. I’m in the best shape of my life living nicotine and alcohol free. My blood pressure is perfect, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I feel that burning desire to succeed professionally again with little to no stress. My wife and I also had our beautiful baby girl and I can’t be any more proud.
I now aspire to push myself to the absolute limits. I want to see what I am truly capable of and someday step on stage to compete in classic physique. I know the road is long, but I also know that since I’ve been able to come this far, there is no stopping me now.”

AZT1W_Before and After

William W.
AZ – Tempe: Warner Rd/I-10

“My fitness journey started over 3 years ago. As a sophomore in high school weighing about 140lbs I was a skinny and shy individual. I love programming so I naturally did that to avoid conversation. Before I started my fitness journey I always had a pit in my chest that felt like it was never filled. My mind wasn’t in the best place at the time and I suffered from bullying and self doubt when I was younger. A friend got me into the idea of working out because he suffered the same type of bullying and self doubt in the past. When I first started working out that only lasted for a couple of weeks. afterwards I quit. A few weeks later I started again because I was suffering from depression at the time and wanted to focus on self improvement. Knowing nothing and having access to a little home gym consisting of nothing but a dumbbell blocks, a bench and a small machine used for chest press I started my journey. The best part of starting this journey is that I knew nothing at the time. My workouts were horrible, but the best part about them is that I started to enjoy working out. I learned to channel my stress into lifting weights and quickly got addicted. I saw the progress and the improvement to my mental health but working out for me and my journey wasn’t a linear trend upward. There was many times I didn’t want to workout and the days that I didn’t were the worst. Depression and poor eating habit were the two biggest problems that I now needed to conquer. Luckily YouTube helped me out a lot but I was already one year in. I gained ten pounds but could have gained more if I fixed my caloric intake. Around my second year In my priorities started to change. My priorities shifted from using the gym mainly for a outlet to using the gym to improve my self. The gym does so much for a individual. It helped me become a better and stronger individual. Soon after I lost control over my ability to track my progress in the gym. My brain got its way and didn’t really care about improving. It took me a year to gain control over my brain and start making progress again. I know that not everything is easy to keep up with but choosing the things that are good for you as an individual really do enhance the quality of your life. Anyone can make a change, it just comes to how strong their purpose it. I started working out for myself and the improvement for myself. To improve and inspire others around me I need to first work on myself. We only get one life and to live it is better than being alive. Gaining control over the brain is the key part to achieving goals.”

AZTMW_Before and After

Jamie M.
AZ – Tempe: Warner/McClintock

“My fitness story is far from over, but at the recommendation of my trainer, I am submitting my work in progress!

I have enjoyed exercise, especially jogging, for years. After having kids, a month of dieting and a few more jogs was not cutting it. After Covid and my second kid, I knew I had to figure out a way to me more fit. It wasn’t just about how I looked, although I hated having pictures taken, and dreaded family photo time. It was so nice to go into taking Christmas photos this year, feeling confident!

However, I started my journey at EōS because I was tired of hurting when I woke up after laying I bed all night, I was tired of hurting after playing on the floor with my kids, and I was tired of hurting myself jogging, because of the extra weight.

After my first child, but before covid, I was working out at another gym, but I was still mostly doing cardio. I didn’t feel confident in the weight room. And I was afraid of taking fitness classes because I knew I would suck in the beginning. When I joined EōS is August, I knew I had to go in with a different mindset. I sighed up for personal training the day I joined. I knew I needed someone to teach me strength training, so I could do more than run on a treadmill. I also made myself join group fitness classes, even though I was terrible in the beginning! And I’m so glad I forced myself out of my comfort zone. I do look better, but most importantly, I feel SO much better. Strength training has completely changed me. I love it. My goals aren’t just to be thin, as they were in my twenties. My goals are to be STRONG! My trainer is amazing, and has helped tweak my diet too, which wasn’t bad to start with, so a few small changes have made all the difference.

So far I’m down many many inches, and 27 lbs. My fitness story isn’t over yet, though!”

CAEEG Before and After

Ehrin N.
CA – Encinitas: El Camino Real

“On January 30, I was life lighted out of Big Bear after a bad snowboarding accident. I severely dislocated my right leg, fractured the femoral head, fractured my left femur (with bone sticking out), fractures to my hip, fractured L1-L5 and a compound fracture to my left humerus. Despite being wheelchair bound I still went to the gym as soon as I was discharged. It gave me some semblance of normalcy despite my physical limitations. After another hip surgery I was cleared to learn to walk again in May. I pushed myself a little bit more everyday, while being weary to not aggravate my still healing body. Starting out with benching 15 lbs on my left side in February, I was able to barbell bench 195 by July 8. By July 25, I was able to deadlift 315. By November 9 I could squat 225 for 5. And on November 18 I went back to the mountain I hurt myself on to thank the ski patrol for saving my life. I was overcome with emotion after being able to snowboard once again. The discipline, the determination, and the community brought to me my my gym experience made it so I didn’t just survive my accident, i thrived in spite of it.”

CAHNC Before and After

Vicky C.
CA – Hawaiian Gardens: E Carson/Norwalk Blvd

“My story is about aging with the attitude of “You’re never too old to get healthy and fit!” Divorcing in 2011 was the start of my fitness journey. At age 48, I wasn’t overweight, but I had bad eating habits, didn’t work out, had a somewhat sedentary lifestyle and I hated exercising. Inspired by my late brother who was an osteopathic doctor, who preached healthy living to stay young and live a long life, I have since developed a love for working out to stay fit and the older I get, the more determined I am to be healthy, strong and in good shape. Today, I live a healthy lifestyle of eating nutritionally and working out regularly. I love going to gym! I try to go daily because it makes me feel young, energized and mentally strong! When members old and young approach me for tips on working out, they inspire me even more to make a difference in other people’s lives by encouraging and motivating them to keep working out and setting their own health goals to stay fit. I want to help seniors feel good about getting older by showing them with a positive attitude and determination that you can feel young and be healthy at any age. I will be turning 60 this year. Staying fit is my fountain of youth and because I love going to the gym and working out regularly, I cannot wait to enter the Sexy 60’s!”

CALAW Before and After

Brandin T.
CA – Ladera Ranch: Antonio Pkwy/Windmill Ave

“After falling apart at a doctors visit, weighing in at 390 pounds, I made a commitment to get my life in order. Recent divorce, working overnight, and going back to college all took its toll on me. My current girlfriend pushed me to get back into the gym with her and I never looked back. Happily down 100 pounds and in the best shape of my life. Still going strong and pushing for more. She motivates me with this saying: “You’ll never regret the workout you do, only the one you don’t.”

CALGC Before and After

Efiong S.
CA – Los Angeles: Downtown LA/Cesar Chavez

“I’ve been over weight my entire life. I was 382lbs at my heaviest. I never took pictures or allowed anyone to take pictures of me when I was at this weight because I wasn’t comfortable with who I was on the outside. I tried all the weight loss programs that were out there but nothing seemed to work for me, until I decided to really commit to my weight loss journey. I was able to get down to 212lbs. Then recently I lost my mother in 2021 due to cancer and the doctor told us it was mainly do to her eating habits. So that’s when I decided to really go all the way this time and push myself to the best version of myself. I decided to join EŌS fitness because the staff was great and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the gym. I even decided to get a personal trainer, not for the motivation but for the knowledge. I needed to learn the proper techniques of weight training because this was a part of fitness I wasn’t familiar with. So far during my journey I’ve learned a lot in fitness and weight training. I’ve dropped another 30lbs and have gained muscle in the process. This is something I never thought or imagined I could do. I’m still along way from my goal but I’m proud of my progress thus far. Thanks to the EŌS team for all the support during my journey and I’m looking forward to seeing my transformation in its entirety. Thanks again EŌS team…”

CAMMM Before and After

Nikki S.
CA – Murrieta

“I’m 46 years old and have been on a weight loss journey since having my last two kids 14 years ago. I had them back to back, and at my heaviest weighed over 250 pounds. I’ve been fighting my way back down the scale since then, and now weigh 135. In the before picture I was around 165, and was stuck at that weight for years. I gave up hope that I’d be able to lose it, and being in my mid 40’s I assumed my metabolism slowed down and used that as my excuse. I finally changed my mindset, and I want people to know it’s never too late to start. Your body will respond, but it’s important to have the right mindset, and to be positive. Now my goal is to encourage others to get healthy, and make their health a priority. I’m also a nurse and I want to see people off all the medications they’re prescribed, and start being more proactive about holistic care and wellness. No one is coming to help, if you want to live a long productive, functional life, you have to start feeding your body with the right nutrients, and start moving. My hope is I can inspire more people who struggle with their weight and have given up hope like I once did.”

CAOMC Before and After

Eddie B.
CA – Oceanside: Palm Tree Plaza

“I was tired of being “Big Eddie”. I decided to do something about it, no more excuses, no more New Years resolutions or I’ll start on Monday. I just went and did it. I walked into EŌS made a membership and have been going 6/7 days a week ever since. That was August 14th 2019. The kids klub at EōS was a huge factor for me being able to stick to a schedule and not have any excuses. I love the staff and all the regulars I see there. It has become a second home for me and really appreciate that no one there ever made me feel insecure or intimidated when I started.”

CAPWC Before and After

Isabella L.
CA – Palm Desert: Country Club Dr

“From early childhood into adulthood, I’ve struggled with not only my weight, but my self worth, and my self image. Constantly in a battle between who I thought I needed to be and who I am, I always worried more about what other people saw when they looked at me instead of what I thought of myself. My weight loss journey has not only positively enhanced my physical health, it’s helped my emotional, and mental health as well. My body has changed, and so has my state of mind. I thought I needed to be skinny to be accepted, what I needed was to accept my body for who she was and love her through the process of upgrading her instead of hating her. I’ve learned to embrace my curves because I can still be curvy and healthy at the same time. I feel stronger, secure, powerful and more confident in my body as well as my thoughts and actions every single day. I especially thank EOS for that. I used to be nervous going to the gym, but I’ve met some incredible people, especially the staff, who greet me with nothing but kind words and motivation every time I open the doors of EOS; we are all there for the same reason, to better ourselves. I want to give a big thank you to Tony, the fitness manager, who has befriended me over the years I’ve been a part of the gym. He has always supported me and encouraged me, especially in my moments of self doubt. Anytime I need a push, he’s there. I’ve learned so much about weight training from him, and he has made me feel undoubtably accepted at the gym, I feel like it’s my second home. I’m grateful to be a part of this culture, and I encourage others to find their place of acceptance, it’s time to change your life.”

CAPPA Before and After

Aaron S.
CA – Palm Springs: Airport Center Dr

“Fitness is more than physical activity for me, it’s a lifestyle; it goes beyond EOS. Eating healthy, meditation, stretching, and lifting is important to remain healthy, and EOS has helped with that. I was a victim of a hate crime, pushed off a train but survived with a traumatic brain injury; summing up my condition…you either do it, or you lose it. My brain needs to be taught how to do everything again. From learning to use the right side of my body, to learning how to walk.

Sound frivolous? That may be so, but EOS, specifically the EOS in the desert, has taught me that at the end of the day…it doesn’t matter that I have a traumatic brain injury. It doesn’t matter that I’m permanently disabled. It only matters that I’m able to push through that final rep, or stretch out for that extra second, or remain centered in my meditation.

The traumatic brain injury, TBI, has been a reason for me to remain active, but I have always been active; I started my fitness journey in high school, at age 16. It is more of a reinforcement than a motivator. The motivation comes from myself, because I want to be physically fit. I aspire to bodybuild, EOS has allowed me to be around similar motivated people.”

CARAA Before and After

C Ricardo C.
CA – Redlands: Alabama St/Almond Ave

“So far I’ve lost 90 lbs. However, it hasn’t been easy. Allow me to explain, since the year 2000 I’ve noticed a progressive increase of weight to the point that in 2021 I reach 375 lbs and 48 inch waist. Subsequently, I began having shortness of breath just walking, continously I was falling to the floor as my legs just gave up. I didn’t know why I was keeping gaining weight as such rapid pace. And, one day driving to work I saw a big eos tent and I say to myself “” i need to regain my life, so I sign up, with many questions and concerns. I received some advice from a coach ( can’t remember his name) of what to eat and avoid. He gave a plan of workouts to follow but more importantly he gave hope. Later on this year, I found out that I was having thyroid issues. The endocrinologist was please with the advise that I received from the eos coach and encourage me to continue. It have been difficult, there has been days that due to thyroid i felt extremely tired but every time I got to the gym somehow the staff always give encouragement from a simple smile to word it gave strength. Fast forward 1 year, thyroid is under control, I’m feeling great or at leat better than the past two years and 90 lbs lighter.
Thank you all for your commitment to help people to regain not only fitness but their life.
I’m planning to continue working towards my goal to lose another 90 lbs and reach 190.
Did you think I can do it? You bet I can”

CASCS Before and After

Connor D.
CA – San Diego: Sports Arena

“Like so many others, the Covid lockdowns were an extremely challenging time for me. Living across the country from the rest of my family, along with the passing of my best friend, I found myself in a awful place both emotionally and physically as any gym access was virtually not an option.

This was when I found out about EOS having an outdoor facility and decided that I would change the trajectory I was on and that nothing was going to stop me. I started running in the morning and spent every evening at EOS after work. This coupled with a strict diet adjustment transformed my confidence, mental state and physical appearance! EOS has been my home away from home and changed my life for the better! I recommended it to everyone who asks about a gym to use and now have at least 5 references who use the Point Loma Sports area location me. Selfishly, I wish no one else knew how great of a gym it is so I had it all to my friends and I!”

CASTB Before and After

Bernice V.
CA – Santa Ana: N Tustin Ave/Bentall Ctr

“I used to play a couple of sports, but then stopped being physically active when the pandemic started. This led to me picking up bad eating and sleeping habits. I remembered how much better I felt when I used to be constantly active, so I started going to EŌS in search for that. With the help of their training program, more specifically with Coach Kayla, I have learned so much to reach my goals. I started my fitness journey to improve my habits, but I realized fitness has helped me mentally just as much as physically. After a hard day or week, I know after a workout session I will feel better, stronger, with a clearer mind, and more calm. Fitness has also helped me improve my relationship with food, since they both go together.”

CATMT Before and After

Rebecca P.
CA – Temecula Parkway

“Fitness for me is not just a goal or a way that you look, but a way to live. Having two kids back to back, I was self conscious of my body and how out of shape I was doing normal daily activities. Fitness has brought me through to the other side of many difficult times. It is easy to give up on yourself and your fitness journey because is it often harder to commit and make the time, especially when you aren’t seeing the results right away. But one thing I have learned is that success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency. Consistency in your training and commitment to your health. I am blessed to have become a healthier version of myself not just for me, but for my kids. I am not only physically healthier, but mentally healthier. My coach at EOS has helped me gain confidence and mental perseverance. The body achieves what the mind believes. And I now believe in myself and I know that I am strong, and I will become even stronger each day.”

FLCUR_Before and After

Gabriel D.
FL – Coral Springs: N University Dr/Royal Palm Blvd

“I remember people making fun of how big I was, I remember hating myself for how big I’ve gotten.. and I also remember the first day I walked into the gym. Let’s just say it was the best decision I ever made, from 260lbs to 185lbs, it was a hard journey but worth it. If you’re thinking about starting, just start, stay consistent and never look back. You got this.”

FLLO5_Before and After

Tia P.
FL – Land O’ Lakes: SR 54/Oak Grove

“In 2008, I was sedentary and rarely working out. In Dec. 2008, my husband and I were on a cruise and I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a few years. She said “Tia, I almost didn’t recognize because you’d gained so much weight.” I needed to hear that at that moment. When we got back from the cruise, I signed up for a 15k and started tracking my food. By November, I had dropped almost 40 lbs and ran my first Half Marathon. While I’ve struggled with weight here and there, I’ve been able to keep it manageable and have now run 156 Half Marathons, 10 Marathons, a Triathlon and Figure Competition. I’m currently training to qualify for the 2024 Boston Marathon and I’ll be 55 in June and the fittest I’ve been in over 10 years!”

FLOHC_Before and After

Noelia C.
FL – Orlando: Hiawassee Rd/Clarcona Rd

“I started my weight loss journey when I reached 413lbs. I was depressed and hates how I looked. I couldn’t even tight my own shoe laces! I made the decision to get gastric sleeve surgery January 2021 and started the Gym April 2021 and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I started taking the boot camp and fitness classes and that gave me a boost with my self esteem. The gym was always so scary for me but thanks to the help of all the amazing trainers I have so much confidence and knowledge! It hasn’t been easy to lose and maintain the weight loss but it has definitely been a blessing. To be able to run and play with my kids and help other people be motivated to live a healthier life style is truly amazing ! I pray my short story motivates you to take charge of your future and start one day at a time ! EOS offers soooo many things at a very affordable price. There’s always someone there to help you navigate and if you are unsure of how to start or what to do then book one of the many different classes and work at your pace! If I can do it. You can do it too!!!!”

FLRGB_Before and After_

Arethia G.
FL – Riverview: US-301 & Bloomingdale Ave

“Hello I could write a book but will share a snip of my past 6 months. Over the years my weight has always been a constant roller coaster up 10 down 10 as the years went by the weight increased and it became more difficult to lose. I have tried everything and nothing really worked long turn. Dealing with a Chronic Illness over 20 plus years sometimes makes it difficult to exercise and maintain. The pounds continued to pack on and I became desperate I was willing to try anything. I decided to be fully committed to my weight loss process and stay consistent. Once I realized I can sustain my new found journey there was no looking back. I am happy to say I have lost over 45bs in 5 months. As a woman in her 50’s at this stage of my life its not easy to loss weight. I feel great more energetic and I look forward to going to the gym. EOS is a great fit for me it has everything I need to achieve my goals. I am welcomed by friendly staff and a clean facility there is plenty of equipment to pick from and I enjoy the atmosphere. Thanks for being apart of my Journey! Happy New Year 🙂”

FLSTP_Before and After

Duke C.
FL – Sarasota: Tamiami Trail

“My name is Duke Clancy I am 53 years old. Growing up I was always physically fit. I was a weightlifter in high school and then joined the Marine Corps. I remained physically fit for most of my life but I had been letting my health slide the past 5 years or so. Then 2020 hit me hard! I got Covid with double pneumonia. I was sick for a month and then slow to recover. In January of 2021, my wife had started her own journey to health by changing her diet and starting to exercise. Then my son also went in the Marine Corps and they both inspired me to get myself back in shape. My wife found this GYM called EOS and it has been a great resource for making my health goals happen. I feel better now than I have in years, stronger, healthier and most of all, happier with myself. I have found when you invest time into your health, it comes back to you ten fold!”

FLTDB_Before and After

Daniel M.
FL – Tampa: Midtown

“In 2016 after returning home from deployment to my station in Texas, I was hit by a truck while riding a motorcycle. I was told I’d never walk again, I was told I would need a caretaker for the rest of my life due the severity of my injuries. I have rods in both my legs and a plate in my pelvis. Every damn day is a struggle but I refuse to let another write my story. EoS has been a part of my journey for years now and I’m thankful.”

FLTTE_Before and After

Patrick F.
FL – Tampa: Ehrlich Rd

“The beginning of 2020 brought many changes to the world, including the COVID shutdown, the closure of my 40-year business and the opening of one of many EOS Fitness Centers in the Tampa Bay Area. The way of going about our daily lives had changed before our eyes.

At the time, I made the decision and committed to losing weight and getting back into reasonable shape. Being a decent swimmer and having the new EOS pool within a mile of my home, I had a plan of action.

In 2020, I was in the pool for at least 340 days. That year came and went quickly, with over 50 pounds of body weight. I had gained a fresh view of my life, health and the Universe.

At the start of 2022, I gained a new grandson and renewed motivation. I followed advice from some EOS friends and incorporated a weight training program to my existing swimming routine. Further, I sought an avenue to swim competitively at my age of 67.
I discovered that there is a 20-sport, biennial competition for men and women 50 years and older, and is the largest multi-sport event in the world of seniors. The event, formerly, The Senior Olympics is now known as The National Senior Games. This year’s event will be hosted in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for 2 weeks in July. NSG member organizations hold annual games with qualifying competitions in the year preceding The Games. Athletes that meet specific criteria while participating in the State Senior Games qualify for the National Senior Games the following year. To date, the NSGA has held 17 summer national championships.

All of 2022, I trained for the chance to go to Pittsburgh. Minutes, hours, days, weeks and months were spent in the water training. The Florida State Regional Games were held this past November. I placed 1st. in 1 heat and 2nd. in 3 others, qualifying for the State Championships and the opportunity to go to Nationals. The State Championships and NSG qualifiers took place last December, where I qualified to swim the 50/100/200/500 yard heats in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

The last two years I have learned to try to go forward in life with very specific goals, that are not attached to people or things, be in the moment, and have no expectations. This mindset lends itself to great personal satisfaction and happiness.”


Whitney B.
NV – Las Vegas: Eastern/Serene

“Hi! My name is Whitney B from Las Vegas. I was very nervous sharing and putting myself out there for everyone to see but I am so proud of how far I have come and I am ready to share my story. My fitness journey started in 2020 when the gym reopened after covid-19. All my life I have been overweight and I felt like I was missing out on so many things. I looked in the mirror and was not happy with what I saw. This is what really motivated me to want to make a change. I started going to the gym and wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was nervous to pick up weights and when I did I usually stayed in the back room because I was so embarrassed. My confidence grew over time and I was trying out new equipment at the gym and I became excited to lift weights! I stayed very consistent constantly learning new things and leaving my comfort zone. I am now there 5-6 days a week and always look forward to starting my days with a good workout. I am proud to say I have lost 100 pounds naturally. Fitness is my passion. Younger me would have never dreamt it. These pictures are at the same Christmas tree a few years apart! Thank you for reading my story and I hope to inspire someone out there who is feeling shy or unsure where to start on their journey.”


Krista W.
NV – Henderson: St. Rose Pkwy/Amigo St

“In January of 2021, both of my parents died in car accident. After a near suicide attempt I developed a binge eating disorder as a way of coping with the trauma and loss. The more I binged, the less pain I felt. It numbed me. Eventually I realized I needed to change when food became a form of self-harm to cope. So I turned to fitness. The more I explored the bodybuilding world, the more in control I felt. I began weightlifting and it transformed my mindset. I’ve never believed in myself more, never felt so capable of surviving. Fitness saved my life and has been an anchor for me.”


Stephanie E.
NV – Henderson: Southeast/Stephanie

“Growing up, I was always a pretty active person. I played rugby and basketball in middle school and in high school I played Varsity Volleyball all four years! After high school, I went on to play a little bit of college volleyball and was in pretty good shape, but ended up going back home because of the pandemic. When I got home I ended up getting pregnant and had my baby during lockdown. Being a mom is already a huge challenge in itself but having to stay inside and be secluded from the outside world really damaged me physically and mentally. I ended up gaining over 100 lbs and it really messed up my mental state. I had never been that heavy before and I didn’t like it. I had already been diagnosed with postpartum depression so I really felt like I hit my lowest. My older sister had been dealing with the same struggles as me and it seemed like the gym was a good outlet for her so I wanted to try it out. I started off working out in my back yard , running in my neighborhood , doing step dance workouts and it really helped get my mind off of things! I started seeing results and loved how I was looking and got more into it once the lockdown had been removed. I got a gym membership at EOS and it was perfect! It was cheap and all the workers and personal trainers were kind and gave a lot of helpful advice that has helped with my fitness journey. Working out has helped me so much physically and mentally and has even helped me be a better mom! I’m still working on myself but I’m glad that I’m finally on the right track to being better as a person.”


Maurice S.
NV – Las Vegas: Lake Mead/Buffalo

“When you can’t tie your shoe comfortably, it’s time. From 290-240 and doing it the right way. I’m just getting started. It’s easy to be fat but it’s just as easy to be consistent.”


Cynthia G.
NV – Las Vegas: Sahara/Cimarron

“This is my second time entering the fit challenge! I am still in my health journey almost two years later. After losing almost 100 pounds, I have maintained for over a year my ideal weight! I chose to put my physical health first and make my life count! Everyday I put in the work around smart good choice, moving my body in a challenging way and walking! I am proud I can influence not just others with my story, but my twins I am raising to be healthy!”


Cliff G.
NV – Las Vegas: N Durango/I-215

“Hello, my name is Clifford Goins, but you can call me Cliff. I am nearly 65 years young and a senior citizen enjoying life with my 7-year-old son and lovely wife. If you hadn’t seen me in a year, you likely couldn’t identify me walking past you, and here’s why. It all started 290 pounds ago. We all can relate to the unhealthy impact quarantine had on our health, both physically and mentally. The way I chose to cope with the uncertainty of the pandemic was by finding comfort in processed foods and high fructose corn syrup. The outcome for me snowballed into an avalanche of sickness and surviving clinical death.

This story is about how I went from a Covid-couch worrier to an EOS fitness warrior. Due to my excessive weight gain, addiction to processed food, and lack of exercise, I’d become COVID-19’s most recent casualty. Suffering several days than testing positive for coronavirus, I began to feel overwhelmed by extreme shortness of breath and falling in and out of consciousness. Transpiring a life-changing event helplessly being carried out on a stretcher into an ambulance, being resurrected from clinical death three times, two weeks on a ventilator, temporary memory loss due to a medically induced coma, high blood pressure, kidney failure, being fed through the leg from an intravenous tube, then miraculously healed from kidney failure, grueling physical therapy to walk again, emotional trauma, and then being discharged from the hospital in exactly 40 days.

After enduring a world of hurt and conquering death, you would think that was the wake-up call I needed to change my lifestyle. Even after catching a glimpse of what a healthier Cliff could look like due to the intravenous diet ;), it didn’t take long before old patterns crept in, and the weight gain returned. Then one ordinary day, sitting on my recliner chair while watching my 6-year-old son play his video game, I had two life-altering thoughts. The first was in the form of a gentle yet authoritative voice asking, ‘Do you love food more than your son?’ And the second was a stern warning, ‘If you don’t change the way you eat, you won’t see him grow up !’

That very day, I gave up processed food and harmful additives. Then, a trip to the grocery store to replace all the junk from my usual list with fruits, vegetables, seeds, fish, alkaline water, and almond milk. Rather than putting my fate into my primary Physician’s hands, I listened to that affirming and gentle voice to start taking better care of myself. Although my journey began by completely reversing my diet, it didn’t end there! After replacing my 3 to 4 times week fast-food addition with a healthy alternative eating at “Greens and protein,” it wasn’t long before I began to speak with the regulars that so happened to be a part of the EOS community, such as personal trainers and clients.

I felt inspired to take the next step of faith…”


Michael W.
NV – Las Vegas: S Durango/W Arby Ave

“My fitness journey has been filled with triumphs, failures and followed by a huge redemption. My journey started in 2018. I went from 550lbs to 326lbs for a loss of a 224lbs in 2yrs. I was on top of the world, living life and then the pandemic happened. Over the following year I found myself falling back into bad habits. No working out, bad nutrition/diet and I lost all motivation to do anything. In December of 2021 I stepped on the scale and realized I gained nearly 100lbs back. It was at that moment I knew I had to to get re-motivated, re-dedicated and refocused in the gym.. Redemption time, since January 2022 I’ve lost 106lbs which now puts my total weight loss at 330lbs in 4yrs.. I feel amazing again, I got my life back.. I don’t know where I would be at today if it wasn’t for EoS and fitness. To me, Submit your fit is so much more than just a fitness challenge. It the opportunity to show anyone walking through those doors that anything is achievable, you can do it and you’re completely worth it..I want to inspire and motivate people to always believe in yourself, love yourself and always chase your dreams.”


Matthew J.
NV – Las Vegas: Tropicana

“During the pandemic, I managed to put on 45 pounds and I was the biggest I had ever been and in the worst shape or my life. I had grown lazy and lost the motivation to stay active. After a health scare I made the decision to get back in shape this last year, and I’m proud to say I am down 30 pounds and I am working to continue to get in the best shape of my life. I have so much more energy and I feel great.”


Kelly C.
NV – Las Vegas: Pecos/Russell

“For most of my life I turned to unhealthy habits with food, and blamed my genetics for the way I saw I myself in the mirror. I was fresh out of high school and for what should be an exciting time in a young adult’s life, it wasn’t. I was obese, I was in an unstable mental place and as cliche as it sounds, I looked at myself in the mirror and said enough is enough. My physical and mental transformation didn’t happen overnight. People are quick to jump on bandwagon weight loss approaches, and always in search of the quick fix. Now at 24, I can say that I put in the work. Early morning gym sessions, and countless hours of learning about food, and different workouts not only helped me lose over 130lbs, but it provided me with so much mental strength as well. As a young adult everybody has regrets sometimes and makes mistakes, but never have I had a day where I regret going to the gym. This journey has been long and hasn’t been easy, but I truly am so blessed to have been an inspiration for my friends and family and can’t wait to see what the future has for me.”


Amber B.
NV – Las Vegas: S Rainbow Blvd/Alta Dr

“I decided to eat at a caloric deficit and get into an exercise routine after learning I could be on the path toward health issues, I am tired of being in the hospital for my health problems.
When I was overweight, I was out of breath simply from taking the stairs. I was always tired. I couldn’t find my size in the clothes I liked. I lacked self-esteem. My turning point was when I sat down with my husband and had a long talk and he laid it out to me that I was fat. I kept telling myself I was thick and kept making up one excuse after another. Thinking about it is not enough – I had to put in the work, stay focused and be consistent.
When I realized I was the problem, lack of self-discipline is a demon, and that my excuse where just deflection, I was determined to get myself in better shape. From that day forward I refuse to go back to what I was. I feel so alive right now and I can do so much more, this is not where I stop I have a long way to go still so I will keep pushing with this better lifestyle.”


Joel J.
NV – Las Vegas: Aliante/Centennial Pkwy

“In 2019 I lost my partner of 46 years. It devastated me. I had a choice, I could have given up on myself and allow myself to let myself go and fall into a dark space. Instead I choose to honor his last words to me ” Stay strong, take care of yourself, take care of your health. So I joined the EOS gym here in Aliante where we lived and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. I started at the age of 70 and am now 73 and in the best shape in decades.”


Beau G.
NV – North Las Vegas: W Craig/Camino Al Norte

“My fitness journey started in 2014 when I was at rock bottom in my life at a weight of 720 pounds.
In a conversation I had with a close friend i was told that I was being selfish by not doing something to better my situation, because too many people would be very upset and sadden if I was to die prematurely from my unhealthy condition. That statement resonated with me and I took the first step towards change. In 2015 I underwent gastric bypass surgery, began making better food choices and increasing my activity level.

Later after losing over 450 pounds I went on to have skin removal surgery. Looking back I’m amazed how capable we are at changing our circumstance, if we decide too. It wasn’t easy there were many ups and downs along the way but I’m here happier and healthier,something
i might not have been able to say if I’d stayed on that unhealthy path.

My journey continues I have more fitness goals to achieve I can and I will, never give up on yourself it’s never to late to change.”


Alisa E.
NV – Las Vegas: Losee/Centennial Pkwy

“In 2018, I decided to try “one” more time. I had tried to lose weight several times before but I would always give up when it got too hard. But this time I made the mental decision to not give up, no matter how hard it got. There were times, I would slow down, I would come to the gym less etc… but I never ever gave up. I committed to the gym but I also changed my eating habits. I had a circle around me that helped me. Including the group fitness instructors like Misty and Marcy. They believed in me until I believed in myself. Ultimately I ended up losing 67lbs in one year. I am beyond proud of my accomplishments. I continue to make fitness a priority including participating in Spartan Races and I even ran a 1/2 marathon! Fitness has become a way of life for me!”


Taylor G.
NV – Las Vegas: Blue Diamond/Decatur

“When I got out of the military last year, I wanted nothing more than to become a police officer. As I started on my journey to this amazing career, I studied hard and was working out almost every day. After I passed my entire background process, I was given a police academy start date and I was ecstatic. On the first day of academy, they make you retake your PT test to make sure you are physically fit for the academy since the background process takes about 6 months. I was doing great and passed everything with flying colors, until it came time to the 1.5 mile run. Seemed easy enough, especially since I was used to 2 miles in the Army. While I was running, I passed out and didn’t realize it. I went to get back up and thought that I had just tripped, but the TAC staff wouldn’t let me get up and said I had just passed out. After this it was time to get tests on board to figure out what was going on, I had known of a heart condition that I was born with due to the stress test required with the background test, but I had been cleared by the cardiologist since it didn’t seem to be too bad and I was only 21. After passing out, I had multiple appointments at the cardiologist and they ran many tests. I was born with a rare heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome(WPW), which is a very rare heart condition in which an extra electrical pathway in the heart causes a rapid heartbeat. For the 21 years that I walked the earth, I had no idea as I was in sports all my life growing up and went into the US Army with no issues. I was terrified to do anything that required any physical activity as I didn’t want to stress my heart out. As I had multiple tests ran, like echocardiograms and wearing a heart monitor for days, the cardiologist finally decided that I should have surgery to try and fix the problem. On July 8, 2021 I finally had my heart surgery and had no idea how life changing it would be. WPW is misdiagnosed often due to it being a very rare condition to be born with, but when I went for my check up I was told that I had not one extra, but two extra electrical pathways. After recovering I was still terrified to workout and fell off the wagon. I gained so much weight and was so unhappy with how I felt about myself. This year in June, I decided to take control of my life and the photos just prove all the hard work I’ve put forth. Results are seen with hard work, dedication, and consistency and I couldn’t be happier. I cannot wait to keep pushing the envelope and see what 2023 has in store for me and stepping on stage to finally compete in the NPC.”

UTBM2 Before and After_

Aiden S.
UT – Bountiful: S Main Street/W 2600

“Growing up I was always bullied relentlessly for being skinny. I would get beat up physically and emotionally. It wrecked my mindset, and was part of the reason why it was so easy for me to fall into a deep depression in Junior High. Near the end of High School, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and to make a change. I started weight lifting, eating like mad, and educating myself on fitness and bulking. After two years of hard work and making many mistakes, I met up with one of my old high school classmates, whose first remark was, “Woah, I almost didn’t recognize you!”. During my whole fitness journey I had struggled with body dysmorphia, but this one comment had made me realize how much work and dedication I had put in. I had changed. Not just my body, but my mind/maturity. When I started I weighed 105lbs at 5’10, I currently am 185lbs at 5’11. I hope to reach 195lbs one day.”

UTKSF Before and After

Andrea W.
UT – Kaysville: Sportsplex Dr

“I had just started to get into the swing of my fitness routine when I found out I was pregnant with twins. I new from other twin mom stories just how hard on your body having twins can be, and I felt so discouraged and doomed to have a body that would be changed forever. I made it my goal to go to the gym as often as I could during my pregnancy, and I went consistently until I delivered my twins at 36 weeks. After the postpartum recovery, I fell back in my habit of trying to go every day and found confidence in making the daily effort. I loved going daily to EOS as it is set up in a way that I felt comfortable and equipped with the tools to heal my body and find my fitness routine. These pictures are taken exactly one year apart, the before as the first workout of 2022, with my after photo as the last workout of 2022. I now know women no longer have to choose between having a family and having a healthy body. I learned that through daily efforts, results can and will come. My twins are now 1 year old and I am so thankful for my health and strong body to keep up with them and have the energy to be the mom I want to be.”

UTLFG Before and After

Aaron H.
UT – Layton: N Fort Ln

“In an instant during December 2021, my health and life was changed by a simple slip off the edge of a sidewalk while carrying a piece of wood, and hurt my ankle. I thought it would be a simple surgery to fix my ankle, and I would be back in action. What I didn’t consider was that there would be a snowball effect with my health coming due to my weight, and the pressure and unbalance of the walking boot would put on my lower back and spine.

In February 2022, I was finally able to have surgery to repair my ankle, and all went well, except, somewhere along the way I messed up my back and was struggling to stand, sit comfortably, and at it’s worse, I was carried out of my home by EMTs and took a ride in an ambulance to the ER because the pain was so unbearable. After an MRI and several visits to a pain specialist, I was referred to a neurosurgeon for spinal surgery. By this time my weight was at an all time high at 325 lbs and I was completely bedridden. My diagnosis was that my spine was unstable, and my L4 disc was crushed, and my L5 was not far behind. I had 2 nerves that were being pinched at the root from the compression of my broken spine. I needed a spinal fusion. The doctor told me that I had an old injury, probably from my teens, that caused the weakness but my weight was the biggest issue that caused my back to give out. The hard part was I had to wait until May 2022, before I would be able to get in for surgery. I was completely bedridden, and unable to walk without assistance, and because of this my weight continued to increase, and I became really weak from not being able to move or walk.

May 2022 I had a successful spinal fusion surgery. My surgeon told my wife that it was worse than they thought, and there was a lot of debris to clean out, and my spine was being held up by the swelling and soft tissue. He reiterated to my wife how important it would be for me to lose weight because my back wouldn’t be able to hold up long term if I didn’t. YIKES! This was so scary to me. It was bad enough to be bedridden and have to have everyone do the daily things for you. Thinking about being in this condition for the rest of my life was a worse thought. I needed to look forward to all the good things in life that I wanted to do. I wanted to be there for my family and I wanted to be an active participant in my grandson’s life. I needed to take these warnings seriously, and stop downplaying how much my weight was affecting my life and everyone around me.

Recovery from a spinal fusion was a different…”

UTM95 Before and After_

Scotty S.
UT – Murray: S 900 E/5600 S

“Started off being completely disgusted with myself. Spiteful, undisciplined, addicted to all the drugs, alcoholic, etc I could go on. My girlfriend at the time left me after 2 years with no explanation so I decided to down a bottle of the good stuff and make an attempt on my life. Fortunately I was too physically weak to finish what I started lol. So I decided then that what I was doing was obviously not working. I was very lucky to have my younger brother start taking me to the gym and help kindle a real love for the place. Now fast forward one year later, I’m loving every second of the gym, I love the staff and the friends I’ve made. I’ve found confinidence in myself and grew discipline in all areas of my life not just physical since I’ve started here. I’m super excited to see where my fitness journey will take me. Thank you EōS!”

UTOK2 Before and After

Janet J.
UT – Ogden: Kiesel Ave

“I am not much different than many of you who deal with struggles, stress, and headache. In the matter of a few short years I was dealing with being a single parent of five, being a caregiver to my mom who had Alzheimer’s, the death of a beloved sister, my child’s drug addiction, Covid, the death of my mother, and loss of employment. Needless to say, I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, tired, and stressed out. It seemed like I was going 24/7, I ran on little sleep, ate on the run, and was ALWAYS tired. A wasn’t coping well and as a result my weight continued to skyrocket! My feet killed me, I had horrible inflammation that caused everything on my body to hurt, and it was getting hard for me to get around.

I had been a member of EOS for years and worked with many different trainers.(all who were great) I just couldn’t seem to find the time to workout and could not make it stick or be consistent. I felt awful!

The truth is losing weight has been a lifetime struggle for me. I knew to finally get healthy I had to be in the right frame of mind. At the beginning of last year I decided I wanted things to change. I started to practice more gratitude in my life. Instead of self-loathing I gave myself some much needed Grace. In so I saw my body in a completely different light. I was incredibly thankful for a body who has accomplished amazing things and has carried me through many hard times. I had not treated her kindly.

When I pracomore gratitude I was happier. When I was happier, healthy choices became doable. I finally had the emotional energy needed to jump on my personal health journey. I remember saying to my trainer, “This is going to be different for me. Watch what is going to happen.”

I’ve been working hard. I still have a long way to go yet, but I’ve gone down four pants sizes, lost 85 pounds, I’m stronger, I have more mobility, my clothes fit better, I have more energy, but ultimately…I’m feeling so much better.

It is hard I now realize that good things can happen if you keep at it. I was tired of sitting and watching from the sidelines. I am now playing in the game. My life started to change when I understood…It’s not one giant step that does it. It’s lots of little ones. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop!

I would encourage all of us to keep focused.
Don’t let frustration keep you from taking one step at a time.
Step by step, one foot in front of the other. I am so grateful for This health journey!”

UTOMU Before and After

Taya S.
UT – Orem: E University Pkwy/S Main St

“In 2017 I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer my senior year of high school. I had a serious tumor in my left ankle that forced me to go through a year of weeklong chemotherapy treatments. These treatments made me so sick and weak that I wasn’t able to walk around my own house without help. I also had a month of daily, harmful radiation and then finally a serious surgery to remove half of my fibula in my left leg to make sure the cancer wouldn’t come back. It was a long and grueling journey to recovery and the doctors said that my leg might never be the same. I lost all my muscle mass, getting down to a weight of 115 at my lowest. Then I made the decision that I never wanted to feel that weak and powerless ever again. I took that as a challenge! 5 years later, now cancer free and “cured” in 2022, I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been. My body is strong and capable and my mind is even stronger than I could have ever predicted. You can get through hard things and our body is so much more capable than what we give ourselves credit for. Mental strength matters just as much as the physical, and by lifting weights, those two aspects do my body are now working together for my good! Keep going. Keep fighting. You are stronger than you think.”

UTR15 Before and After

Mary M.
UT – Roy: W 5700

“Fitness was always a part of my life until 2004 when I was injured in a mortar explosion while deployed to Balad AB, Iraq. After 3 months at Landstuhl Medical Hospital in Germany I was left with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, minor shrapnel wounds and sudden bradycardia. I was medically retired from the Air Force with a surgically implanted pacemaker, brain damage, and a new life that was utterly foreign to me. I went from being extremely active, to being unable to walk without passing out or feeling nauseous. I had trouble with memory and speech as well and had to slowly relearn many things I’d always taken for granted. I sunk into a major depression and almost gave up; until a friend persuaded me to try a charity walk. I felt dizzy and almost passed out on many occasions, but kept pushing. The more I pushed, the more I was able to do. From that point on, I was unstoppable. I entered every event I could, from 5K’s to eventually Spartan races and marathons. Over the years I completed in over fifty different events and did motivational speeches about resilience. I’m currently an active member at EOS and living life to the fullest. Just remember, the journey might not be easy, but it will always be worth it!”

UTS1A Before and After_

Emily J.
UT – Syracuse: S 1000 w

“Growing up I developed scoliosis at 11 months. As it progressed I had nine spinal surgeries total from ages 10 to 16. I started to get depressed in high-school and developed an eating disorder and 92 lbs was the most i weighed. After the tough covid times I was looking at a new lifestyle change to better myself and found EOS. Working out has helped tremendously with my back and nerve pain. With planning and the support from the trainer Julius I’ve gained 53 pounds of confidence along with muscle the year 2022. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

UTTR5 Before and After

Toni S.
UT – Taylorsville: S Redwood Rd

“Have you ever wondered what someone who was struggling with the loss of a parent, battling with their sexuality, finding their way through their religious beliefs, and an overall decline in a their mental/emotional/physical health looked like?

My before picture says it all and that would be in March of 2020; a time and point in my life where I couldn’t see myself making it past that year. I was in such a dark place looking for any way out that food was the only vice I thought was easing any pain I was feeling let alone the only coping mechanism I turned to. That “light at the of the tunnel” I was seeking was a simple invite from a close family member to attend a step aerobics class. I had no business thinking I could ever do that, but after my first class I was hooked and I never looked back after that. I changed my eating habits, started going to the gym, and created habits that have brought me the utmost joy that one could ask for.

I got so into step that I ended up getting certified to be an Xtreme HipHop Step Instructor under the direction of Phillip Weeden back in June of 2021. Who would’ve thought that doing something like step aerobics would kickstart my fitness journey to where I am today. I am proud to say I started at roughly 330 pounds and am now currently sitting at 238.8; almost down 100 lbs since I started in 2020.

A journey that hasn’t been easy at all but one well worth it that has opened doors for me that I never would’ve imagined and ultimately saved my life. Changing my physical well being aided in me finding my way through my emotional/mental health and loving myself through my sexuality as well as solidifying myself in my beliefs which I’ll always be forever grateful for. I couldn’t be more grateful for my angel mother who has been cheering me on from up above the whole way cause without her I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.

As I’ve said before and will continue to say, “This is only the beginning” so let’s gooooooooo!

#ThisIsForYouMom 🙏🏽”

UTWPC Before and After

Paige P.
UT – West Jordan: Plaza Center

“”Hi, my name is Paige Pryor and I am a proud member of the training family at the EOS Fitness Center in West Jordan, UT.
Three years ago I was preparing for my first marathon race, after completing numerous half marathons. My fitness goals were interrupted by a motorcycle accident that resulted in my being in a coma for over a month. The accident caused serious physical and mental injuries that left me in a vegetative state. Multiple surgeries were necessary to rebuild my legs, arms, hands and head. My left arm was damaged beyond repair, ultimately resulting in amputation. As I regained consciousness I was faced with learning everything over again…from swallowing, breathing, talking, and eating to eventually standing and walking. After months of speech, occupational and physical therapy at the University of Utah Rehabilitation Center I returned home. Without additional rehabilitation I feared I would never return to the normal life I once enjoyed. This is when I was introduced to the EOS family of trainers who were willing to help me return to a life of independence. The professional staff at EOS took on my recovery where therapist left off. When I came to EOS I could barely walk without assistance. This last year a very patient and skilled professional trainer has taken the time to help me build my confidence both physically and mentally. This trainer has helped me build core strength and coordination so I can pick myself up off the floor if I should fall. I have rebuilt the muscle strength necessary for day to day activities I once took for granted. In addition to improving my physical strength this trainer has taken the time to listen. Having Aphasia I don’t speak very well so having someone encourage me to verbalize what I need has helped immeasurably. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I look forward to getting to the gym where I can be challenged, while accepted for who I now am. I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon, maybe a 3K (with lots of walking), but everyday I am becoming the best version of my new self with the encouragement I have found from my new family at EOS Fitness.”

My EōS Fitness: Casselberry - S US Hwy 17-92 / Semoran Blvd