How to Build the Best Weekly Workout Split

Ready to turbocharge your exercise routine? Weekly workout splits can amplify your gym routine, no matter your fitness level.

Workout splits strategically break down your routine by alternating the days you exercise specific muscle groups. This allows for more efficient strength building, quicker recovery times and an easy-to-follow structure to keep your fitness goals on track.

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What Is Split Workout Training?

Great gyms offer amazing fitness opportunities for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle. However, without a proper structure, choosing the right exercises for your specific short- and long-term aspirations can feel challenging – and even overwhelming. That’s where a split workout schedule comes in!

Thanks to daily goals baked into every split session at the gym, you’ll know exactly when and what to exercise to get the results you want. Also, by splitting up routines to target specific muscles on different days, workouts become more precise while allowing ample time for rest.

Let’s break down popular split schedules and how to split workout days:

  • 3-Day Workout Split: If you’re short on time or new to working out, 3-day splits are great for getting or staying in shape. A 3-day split can focus every gym visit during the week on an individual muscle group. For example, working your legs on Mondays, arms on Wednesdays and core on Fridays.
  • 4-Day Workout Split: A 4-day split is perfect if you can spend more time at the gym or want to take your strength training up a notch. An extra exercise day allows you to hone in on each muscle group, target untrained muscles and integrate new exercises.
  • 5-Day Workout Split: Ready to go all-in? A 5-day workout split is ideal for advanced athletes looking to significantly increase muscle size and definition. By precisely targeting specific muscles while allowing for recovery, you can experience an intense workout routine while minimizing the risk of injury from overtraining.


Benefits of Split Workout Training

Enhanced Muscle recovery

An ideal weekly workout split allows each muscle group to work hard and fully recover between visits. This reduces the risk of injury by preventing muscle fatigue and promoting growth by allowing muscles to repair during rest days.

GROWTH AND flexibility

Splits provide the perfect balance of structure and adaptability. By seamlessly adjusting workouts alongside your growth, it’s easy to intensify your routine without any interruption to your daily routine.

improved form development

By pinpointing a specific set of muscles each day, you can be laser-focused on form and technique with fewer distractions.


How to Plan Your Perfect Workout Split

Before planning out your split work schedule, understand your personal fitness goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle mass or commit to a gym routine, defined intentions will help you craft a workout split that aligns with your ambitions.

Also, consistency is key. Choose an exciting workout routine you know you can stick with, and you’ll likely see more substantial physical gains and instill better workout habits. Consider starting with easier exercises and fewer workouts, and gradually build up your regimen as you grow more confident and experienced.

Explore these 3 popular split workout plans and discover which routine is right for you:

Full-Body Workout Split

Full-body splits are fantastic for anyone with limited time to spend at the gym or those new to regular workout schedules. They usually consist of three weekly sessions with a rest day in between. Each session trains the major muscle groups, including the legs, chest, back, arms and core.

3-Day Full-Body Workout Split Routine
Complete the following exercises every Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

  • Squats (15 reps; 2 sets)
  • Bench press (8 reps; 2 sets)
  • Bent-Over rows (8 reps; 3 sets)
  • Shoulder press (8 reps; 2 sets)
  • Planks (45 seconds; 2 sets)
  • Dumbbell curls (10 reps; 3 sets)
  • Triceps dips (10 reps; 3 sets)

Upper/Lower Workout Split

An upper/lower workout split divides your week between upper-body and lower-body exercises. Typically, upper/lower workout split plans involve strength training four days a week — two days entirely focused on the upper body and two days on the lower. The additional three days can be used for complete rest or light cardio.

4-Day Upper/Lower Workout Split Routine
Complete upper body exercises every Monday and Thursday and lower body exercises Tuesday and Friday. Rest on Wednesday.

Mondays and Thursdays (Upper Body)

  • Bench press (8 reps; 2 sets)
  • Pull-ups (10 reps; 3 sets)
  • Shoulder press (8 reps; 2 sets)
  • Bicep curls (15 reps; 2 sets)
  • Triceps dips (15 reps; 2 sets)

Tuesdays and Fridays (Lower Body)

  • Leg press (10 reps; 3 sets)
  • Deadlifts (5 reps; 3 sets)
  • Calf raises (15 reps; 3 sets)
  • Squats (15 reps; 3 sets)
  • Leg curls (10 reps; 3 sets)

Push/Pull Workout Split

Push/pull split workout schedules are organized by exercising complementary muscle groups together. “Push” days hit muscles that push the weight away from the body, like presses, squats, dips and extensions. “Pull” days highlight routines that bring the weight toward the body, such as pull-ups, deadlifts, curls and rows. As one muscle group exerts while the other rests, push/pull splits allow for more intense workout days while minimizing the risk of overworking.

5-Day Push/Pull Workout Split Routine
Complete pull exercises on Monday and Wednesday, push exercises on Tuesday and Thursday and core work on Fridays.

Mondays and Wednesdays (Push)

  • Bench press (6 reps; 3 sets)
  • Overhead press (6 reps; 3 sets)
  • Squats (15 reps; 4 sets)
  • Dips (15 reps; 4 sets)
  • Triceps extensions (15 reps; 2 sets)

Tuesdays and Thursdays (Pull)

  • Deadlifts (6 reps; 3 sets)
  • Barbell rows (10 reps; 3 sets)
  • Hammer curls (10 reps; 3 sets)
  • Lat pull-downs (15 reps; 2 sets)
  • Pull-ups (10 reps; 4 sets)

Fridays (Core)

  • Bicycle crunches (25 reps; 2 sets)
  • Plank (45 seconds; 2 sets)
  • Russian twists (25 reps; 2 sets)
  • Hanging leg raises (10 reps; 2 sets)
  • Back extensions (10 reps; 2 sets)

Rock Your Workout Splits: Tips for Success

Prioritize Rest

Don’t mistake a rest day for a wasted workout opportunity. Your body requires ample downtime so your muscles can repair the tiny tears made when exercising. Once repaired, the muscle builds back stronger than before. Rest also allows your body to properly recover and avoid injury.

Keep Workouts Fresh

Adding variety to your workouts will keep weekly splits exciting, fun and challenging. Increase weight and reps as you hit goals, integrate different kinds of equipment and try entirely new exercises. It’s all about keeping your muscles and mind engaged.

Stick With Your Routine

It can be tough to stay consistent with an exercise routine. However, it’s vital to a successful split workout plan. The rest and recovery rhythm is key to achieving your desired results. Also, the more you show up, the sooner exercise will become a healthy habit you can’t live without.


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