Is It Time to Make a Change?

Many of us know it’s time to make a change to our workout routine or even time to finally get started. The most difficult part is the first step of actually taking action. It’s commonly said that it takes 21 days in a row before something becomes a habit. With the chaos of the new year those 21 days can easily be interrupted by family visits, nights out with friends, and a hectic work schedule. We challenge you to start now and create that habit before you have to battle both motivation and seasonal obstacles like treats and having to take time off.

Baby Steps

Take things slow and make sure your action steps are manageable. If your goal is to start working out in the morning but you have a difficult time getting up early, start by waking up 15 minutes earlier each day or week…starting off with smaller morning goals to help yourself incrementally work towards early morning workouts! If you enjoy eating out but have the goal of cooking at home more then instead of quitting fast cold turkey, try setting a smaller goal. Maybe you only eat out 1-2 each week initially. Making small adjustments as you get started and slowly working your way towards a more intense routine will help you to not become overwhelmed.


Do you follow any fitness related accounts on social media for tips and motivation? If you do, you have probably heard of the term “cheat meal”. One thing to remember is that unless you are planning to do some sort of competition this term isn’t something you really need to worry about. In the competition world, a “cheat meal” is a reward or small break from the strict diet that goes along with contest preparations. Remember that 21 day rule? Save the indulgence until you have made working out a habit. Don’t let a popular term get in the way of your goals.

Plan Accordingly

A common struggle with doing something new is being unsure where to begin or if you are doing things right. While some exercise is better than none at all, the proper routine and diet plan can help you see the results you really want. Having the right plan can also speed up your progress so you can see and feel the reward of your efforts. The best thing you can do to set yourself up is to schedule your workouts into your daily routine as if it were a meeting for work, or a coffee date with a friend.

Our Personal Trainers have the experience and education needed to get you started the right way, and isn’t it nice to have someone there for a little extra motivation? Talk to one of them about how they can help you or if you are on the right track.

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