3 Reasons You’ll Love the MOVEōS Cinema

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Everyone loves movies. They trigger emotions, creativity, convey ideas, teach us, inform us, and hopefully make us laugh. At EōS Fitness we also love movies and at select locations we offer members their very own movie watching experience while working out.

Here are three reasons why you’ll love the MOVEōS Cinema:.

1). Help You Workout Longer

Imagine jumping on the treadmill or elliptical and having one of your favorite movies to watch on a big screen in front of you. You can see how your focus will transition to the movie and allow you to workout longer without any problems.

2). Keep You Motivated to Return To the Gym

You can check the movie playing schedule at the gym or you can show up at your regular workout time and be surprised to find which movie is playing.  Having a movie theater waiting for you at the gym will help keep you on a regular workout schedule.

3). You’ll Learn to Enjoy Working Out

There comes a point in your own personal fitness progression that you’ll begin to enjoy every workout. This normally happens after you have been working out for a few months consistently.  However, when you are just starting out, working out can be tough and not always enjoyable.  That’s where the MOVEōS cinema helps. Working out while watching a movie will help train your brain to enjoy going to the gym. You’ll naturally associate the gym with the same feelings and excitement that you feel watching a movie.

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