Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Fitness Journey

Before I get started let me begin by saying that the purpose of me sharing this (as well as everything else I share) is to help. Believe it or not, there was a time when I didn’t know what a squat or carbohydrate was. Back then I firmly believed that I needed to starve myself thin or else I would have to live a life of being overweight and unhappy FOREVER!
I get it! Not everyone wants to be lean or have muscles; some enjoy their curvy body…Right on! I’m really happy for you, embrace your beauty! But if you, like a lot of us, need a little boost of confidence, a different physique and/or to start on your own journey this may be for you. So let’s get started.

How muscle relates to fat:

I’m sure you’ve heard or read somewhere that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same, that’s true. But did you know that a pound of fat takes up 4 times the amount of space as muscle!! That’s why when you lose fat and gain muscle you look and feel thinner but the scale might not change at all. Because I didn’t know this, in the beginning of my journey I spent countless hours doubting myself and hating the gym. I would ask myself “What am I doing wrong? What more can I do? Should I just give up!?” Man, am I glad I didn’t!
Having more muscle has its perks… not just to give you that toned look all the girls want, but also, did you know muscle elevates your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)? That means you’re burning calories even at rest! Just by gaining 4.5 pounds of muscle you will burn an additional 150 calories per day. That’s awesome for all of us who love food! LOL! So, let’s stop the obsession with the scale and focus on building that muscle.

Carbohydrates (insert heart eyes emoji):

We’ve all tried or know someone who has tried a low carb diet once or twice. I was so set on avoiding carbs that when I would have carbs (good or bad) I would feel so negative about it. Now let me explain, what I mean by “good or bad carb”; A good carb, in my opinion, is nature’s carb, meaning grown from the earth. For example, sweet potatoes, rice, oats,veggies, fruits, etc. A bad carb, again, in my opinion, is manufactured or a processed carb, like potato chips.
I don’t believe in avoiding carbs anymore, especially the good carbs. Every once in a while I do enjoy a processed carb but when I do I make sure to respect it and not abuse it, after all moderation is key. Things like processed foods, processed carbs, refined sugar, soda, those things will make you gain weight. Why? Well, because they are lacking any nutrients, minerals, fiber or anything that helps your body process that carb the way your body is supposed to. Plus those foods usually contain a high number of calories in a small portion causing you to never have enough and easily go over your daily caloric goal.


Back when I first started attempting to be fit, my workouts were spontaneous. I would do a little this week, nothing the next, workout every day the next and I was the first to complain about not seeing results. The key was to learn the behavior by staying consistent. This active lifestyle is new to a lot of you. You must stay consistent so the behavior will become more natural. Every time you start your work out you should remind yourself 3 things…
1) That you are your only competition! So don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter twelve.
2) What are you are trying to achieve? Write it down and post it where you can see it. Motivate yourself.
3) What must you do to get it? Think about what you want, envision it, feel it then get it!

Remember guys, if you don’t have 1 hour a day, every day for a workout then you will not stick to it and it will only leave you feeling stressed and disappointed when you can’t commit. So, if all you have is 30 minutes a day, do that! Staying consistent to those 30 minutes a day is key to start seeing results and giving you that good positive feeling about your new lifestyle.
I hope this post will help you guys out, remember if there is something you guys have questions on make sure to reach out.
Stay positive, Stay consistent, Value and Love your journey.

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