Weight Lifting: Determining Fact from Myth

Determining Fact from Myth in Weight Lifting

You see people on the television who compete in weight lifting competitions and they have extremely ripped bodies. Then you hear that the best way to lose weight is to lift weights, but you do not want to look like the people in the bodybuilding competitions. The two visions make it difficult to decide if you really want to lift weights. Keep reading to learn how to determine the facts from the myths in weight lifting.



Fact #1 – Weight Lifting Creates a Lean Physique

Despite what you might believe from watching television competitions, lifting weights will create a lean physique. It helps boost your metabolism so your muscles continue to burn after you are done working out.  More importantly, you will not bulk up unless you are taking supplements to help bulk up.


Fact #2 – You Can Work Out More than One Muscle Group Each Day

One of the first things that people think of when it comes to working out is that you can only work one muscle group at a time. You will hear bodybuilders talk about working their back or legs by calling them specific body part days. However, if you are weight lifting to improve your physique, you will do better if you look at circuit training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This will burn a ton of calories and increase recovery times. However, your muscles will still need about 24 hours to fully recover so vary your workouts.


Fact #3 – See Results by Varying Workouts

It is true that lifting heavy weights will show results, but it is also true that doing more reps with lighter weights is just as effective. When you are working out with any exercise, you are looking to push your body to the point of fatigue. You can even see results by doing calisthenics, so it makes sense that you can get results by tailoring the workouts to what works best for you.




Fact #4 – Weight Lifting Promotes Joint Health

When you lift weights, you are strengthening all of your muscles. This includes the muscles around your joints, helping you protect them instead of damage them. Unfortunately, many people who have bad knees and back are afraid they will do more damage if they lift weights. You will want to talk to a trainer who will help you find exercises and weight limits so you can build up the muscles around the joints. In addition to the strengthened joints, you should notice that you have an increase in flexibility.


Fact #5 – Free Weights are More Effective than Machines

If you are looking to work a very specific muscle group, then you will find the machines are more effective. If you are lifting weights to improve your physique, then you will want to use free weights. When you lift free weights, you are moving naturally so your muscles work the way they were intended. In addition to lifting weights, you can improve your results by performing squats, lunges, sit-ups, and other calisthenics exercises in between reps.


In conclusion, lifting weights will only help you lose weight and tone your body. It will not make you look like a bodybuilder unless you want it to. There are many ways you can tone your body and before you believe a popular statement about lifting weights, talk to an expert.

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