So Much for So Little at Eos Fitness Gym San Diego

At EoS Fitness, we believe the only thing that should make you sweat is your workout…not the price of your membership! We do everything we can to help you put and keep your fitness goals within reach. If you’ve been procrastinating on getting fit because of typical dues for a gym San Diego people, your plan just changed. BECAUSE SOMEDAY IS NOT A DAY OF THE WEEK. At EoS Fitness, we offer accessible pricing so your someday can be today.

No-Sweat Membership Fees

We tend to prioritize the things we can afford. Well, with EoS, your health and fitness can become one of your top priorities. We help make a more fit and healthy you a reality, regardless of your budget. Get our Basic package at just $9.95 per month. Or opt for our Platinum and Platinum Plus packages at prices that will still keep the gym on your priority list. We make it easy!

    • No long-term contract.
    • Pay month-to-month.
    • Enjoy your first week on us! That’s right, sign up today for your 7-DAY FREE GUEST PASS!

So, the question isn’t if you can…it’s if you will! With low monthly rates, the only thing in your way is you. We give you every reason to get fit…and stay fit! Plus, we do it all 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!

More Bang for Your Buck

Great pricing is no deal without the facility and amenities to back it up. Don’t worry; at your EoS gym San Diego, we’ve got you covered. Our premium amenities, expertly maintained equipment, and immaculate facilities provide what you need regardless of your age, current fitness level, and unique goals. We celebrate you getting your body to the gym and making the most of your time and efforts in a motivating, safe, and healthy environment.

EoS Gym San Diego = Top Tier Amenities

To keep you inspired, we offer the best amenities and a staff that keeps your safety in mind to help you achieve your goals.

      • Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Courts
      • Free Weights and Resistance Machines
      • EoS Cinema (feature films and Cardio Machines in one room) and Other Cardio Machines
      • Certified Arthritis Pool

With other perks like certified Personal Trainers, a Tanning Booth, and spacious Sauna, you can get fit while enjoying a little pampering and personal attention, too.
And we know that juggling fitness and family can present quite the task. NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY, so EoS Fitness makes it a little bit easier with on-site childcare. M-F 8AM-1PM, 3PM-8PM Sat 8AM-12PM

Group Classes Galore

Male or female, athlete or novice, college age or senior citizen, you’ll find a class—or several—to fit your wants and needs.

      • Gravity Training System—resistance training that pushes all muscles groups to their limit.
      • MMA Training—Boxing, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu for varied fitness levels.
      • Spin & RPM Classes—Cycling inspired workouts suitable for people with varied fitness goals.
      • Yoga & Pilates—Strength, stamina, and flexibility building moves and postures.
      • Aerobics—30-60 minute classes with various styles.
      • Water Aerobics—Various classes, good for low-impact workouts.

Your health, fitness, and customer satisfaction are our first priority. That’s why at our EoS Fitness Gym San Diego we offer so much…for so little! Get started today, not someday with our 7-DAY FREE GUEST PASS!

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