4 Best Heart-Healthy Gym Exercises to Do with a Partner

Ready to ramp up your heart health, boost your motivation and get a great workout? Why not share your fitness adventure by working out with a partner? Whether you’re just starting out in the fitness world or are a gym pro, partnered cardiovascular exercises are incredible for improving your journey toward a healthier, happier life.

Finding a dream gym buddy — your swolemate — isn’t just about companionship. By working out together, you can maximize results while guiding each other’s path toward better cardiovascular health. Through shared challenges, victories and accountability, you can both count on that extra nudge to show up at your best.

Let’s explore why cardiovascular heart health is essential to your overall wellness, what makes the gym a perfect place to give your heart the love it deserves and why working out with a partner can be the key to achieving your wellness goals.

Plus, check out our four complete heart-healthy exercises to do at the gym with your bestie:

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The Benefits of Gym Workouts for Heart Health


Cardiovascular health, or heart health, is about keeping your heart and blood vessels in tip-top shape to ensure oxygen and nutrients are smoothly delivered throughout your body. Good cardiovascular health dramatically reduces the risk of heart diseases like heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.

Regular exercise plays a huge role in boosting and maintaining cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart muscle, improving circulation, lowering harmful cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure. Whenever you’re engaging in activities like running, cycling, swimming or weight training, you provide your heart with the workout needed to stay fit.

An excellent gym environment will support you in tackling many exercises and activities targeting different areas of your cardiovascular health. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk on a treadmill, shaking it up at a ZUMBA® class or pushing every muscle with HIIT workouts, getting your heart rate up will benefit your body. Gyms also offer expert-level resources and guidance that might not be available at home, including Personal Trainers who can customize workouts to your needs, ensuring you exercise safely and effectively.

Lastly, as a place dedicated to fitness and better health, joining a gym will surround you with inspiration, community and new possibilities. From Group Fitness Classes to kettlebells to outdoor workout areas, the endless opportunities and supportive fellow gym Members can open a world of fresh and exciting ways to stay in shape.

Why It’s Best to Workout with a Partner at the Gym

Gym buddies do more than make exercise enjoyable — they’re your trusted fitness success allies. When you team up, you’re less likely to stay home knowing someone is counting on you. This extra accountability can encourage you to show up and sweat it out, even on days you’d rather stay on the couch.

Workout partners can offer feedback on your form and technique to prevent injuries and ensure you get the most out of every movement. A friend can make the gym feel less intimidating for beginners as you can navigate the fitness experience together. For more advanced athletes, swolemates can foster a competitive and motivating atmosphere that pushes you to achieve new personal bests.

Finally, the social aspect of working out with a partner can’t be overstated. Beyond the physical benefits, being fit with a friend is more fun. No matter your experience level, working out with someone who shares similar fitness goals can offer valuable emotional and mental support, keeping motivation high and burnout at bay.

Now, let’s explore four of the best partner exercises to do at the gym:

Partner Workouts for Beginners

Whether you’re new to the gym or just getting back into the groove, these beginner-friendly partner exercises are perfect for building confidence, getting comfortable and easing into a fun and effective routine:

Medicine Ball Strength Training Partner Routine

Build cardiovascular strength, physical coordination and teamwork by adding lightweight medicine balls and basic bodyweight exercises into your workouts. When first starting, have each exercise last 30 seconds. As you gain strength and confidence, add 5 seconds per exercise until you reach one minute.

  1. Medicine Ball Chest Pass
    • Stand two feet apart from your partner, facing each other.
    • Hold a lightweight medicine ball at chest level and push it towards your partner.
    • Have your partner catch the ball at chest level.
    • Continue passing back and forth for one minute.
  2. Squats with Medicine Ball Pass
    • Stand back-to-back with your partner.
    • Hold the medicine ball and squat.
    • Stand, twist and pass the ball to your partner.
    • Your partner catches the ball, squats and twists to pass it back.
    • Continue the exercise for one minute.
    • Reverse the exercise sequence for one minute.
    • Keep proper squat form throughout the exercise.
  3. Medicine Ball Sit-Ups
    • Face your partner with knees bent and toes touching.
    • Complete a sit-up holding the medicine ball.
    • Pass the medicine ball to your partner at the top of the sit-up.
    • Your partner takes the ball and lowers themselves down.
    • They complete a sit-up and pass it back to you.
    • Continue passing back and forth for one minute.
  4. Alternating Lunges with Medicine Ball Rotation
    • Stand next to your partner at an arm’s length apart.
    • Lunge forward with the right leg and hold the medicine ball out front.
    • Rotate your torso and pass the ball to your partner.
    • Your partner takes the ball and lunges with their left leg.
    • Repeat the exercise for one minute.
    • Reverse the exercise sequence for one minute.
  5. Plank with Medicine Ball Rolls
    • Get into a proper plank position with your partner and face each other.
    • Place the medicine ball under one hand.
    • Roll the ball to your partner, alternating between your left and right hand.
    • After stopping the ball with their hand, your partner rolls it back.
    • Continue the exercise for one minute.
    • Congratulate each other for completing the workout!

Side-By-Side Stationary Bike Intervals

Snag two side-by-side stationary bikes, your gym buddy and challenge each other to an invigorating workout that provides a mix of steady cycling and bursts of intensity.

Total Workout Time: 25 Minutes

  1. Warm-Up (5 Minutes)
    • Start with a gentle pace to warm up your muscles.
    • Keep the resistance low and gradually increase your heart rate.
  2. Interval Set (5 Minutes)
    • Increase the resistance slightly for a moderate challenge.
    • Switch between 30 seconds of fast pedaling and 30 seconds at a moderate pace.
    • Maintain a brisk speed during fast intervals.
  3. Recovery (2 Minutes)
    • Reduce the resistance and pedal at a comfortable pace for a quick chat. You should be able to share the latest gossip or recap the big game.
  4. Competitive Sprint (3 Minutes)
    • Increase resistance to a challenging but manageable level.
    • Switch off doing 30-second sprints while the other maintains a steady pace.
    • Cheer each other on during these sprints for an extra boost!
  5. Recovery (2 Minutes)
    • Lower the resistance and slow down pedaling.
  6. Final Competitive Sprint (3 Minutes)
    • Increase the resistance for another round of 30-second sprints.
    • Try to beat your previous sprint performance.
  7. Cool Down (5 Minutes)
    • Gradually reduce the resistance and pace to a gentle cycle.
    • High-five each other for finishing the ride!


Advanced Partner Workouts

By adding a partner to your well-established fitness regimen, you’ll experience a new layer of competition, motivation and camaraderie you can’t get when working out solo. Here are two challenging partner routines to try at the gym:

NOTE: Always adjust any of these to meet you and your partner’s current fitness levels.

HIIT Partner Cardio Workout Routine

Packed with jumps, squats and burpees galore, this rapid HIIT partner workout routine builds heart health and endurance.

Total Workout Time: 20 Minutes

  1. Warm-Up (5 Minutes)
    • Start with 5 minutes of light jogging, jumping jacks, arm circles, leg swings and dynamic stretches to prepare your body for a workout.
  2. Partner Box Jumps (3 Minutes)
    • Find a sturdy box or platform.
    • One person does box jumps for 15 seconds while the other rests.
    • Continue alternating for 3 minutes (you should complete 6 sets of box jumps).
  3. Partner Burpees (3 Minutes)
    • Perform burpees in rhythm with your partner for 20 seconds.
    • Rest for 10 seconds.
    • Continue this interval for 3 minutes (you should complete 6 sets of burpees).
    • Aim for maximum intensity and speed.
  1. Rest and Hydrate (1 Minute)
    • Take a break to catch your breath and hydrate.
  1. Alternating Squat and Hold (3 Minutes)
    • One person performs jump squats for 15 seconds.
    • One person holds a squat for 15 seconds.
    • Continue alternating for 3 minutes (you should complete 6 sets).
  1. Burpee and Box Jump Combo (3 Minutes)
    • Perform a burpee and immediately follow with a box jump.
    • One person does this for 15 seconds while the other rests.
    • Continue for 3 minutes (you should each complete 6 sets).
  2. Cool Down (2 Minutes)

Partner Workout Treadmill Circuit Routine

Find two treadmills side-by-side with your gym buddy and prepare for a heart-pumping challenge. It’s a great way to utilize gym equipment creatively and push each other to the limit.

Total Workout Time: 35 Minutes

  1. Warm-Up (5 Minutes)
    • Stretch alongside your partner for 3 minutes.
    • Lightly jog on the treadmill for 2 minutes at a steady pace.
  1. Treadmill Relay Sprints and Lunges (6 Minutes)
    • On your treadmill, sprint for 1 minute at a challenging pace.
    • While you sprint, your partner does lunges for 1 minute.
    • Continue for 6 minutes (you should each complete 3 sets).
  1. Rest and Hydrate (1 Minute)
    • Take a break to catch your breath and hydrate.
  1. Coordinated Sit-Up Challenge (4 Minutes)
    • In a sit-up position, face your partner with knees bent and toes touching.
    • Complete as many sit-ups as possible within 1 minute.
    • Relax for 30 seconds between each set.
    • Continue for 4 minutes (you should complete 3 sets of sit-ups).
  1. Rest and Hydrate (1 Minute)
    • Take a break to catch your breath and hydrate.
  1. Treadmill Incline Push-ups and Squats (6 Minutes)
    • With the treadmill turned off, do push-ups using the treadmill’s handles for 1 minute. Adjust the incline to make push-ups more or less challenging.
    • While one person does push-ups, the other performs squat jumps for 1 minute.
    • Switch after 1 minute.
    • Continue for 6 minutes (you should each complete 3 sets).
  1. Rest and Hydrate (1 Minute)
    • Take a break to catch your breath and hydrate.
  1. Duo Treadmill Sprint Race (4 Minutes)
    • Both partners run simultaneously on side-by-side machines.
    • Compete with your partner by running short and intense 20-second sprints.
    • Follow sprints with 40 seconds of light running.
    • Continue this interval for 4 minutes.
  1. Cool Down (4 Minutes)
    • Slow down with a light jog on the treadmill for 2 minutes.
    • Finish with 2 minutes of stretches focusing on muscles worked during the routine.


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