Don’t Let Your Fitness Fizzle! How to Stay Active in the Winter

As the winter chill sets in, so does the temptation to bundle up, stay indoors and skip the gym. Soon, a day off becomes a week, then a month. Before you know it, your once bulletproof fitness routine has derailed altogether.

Between the shorter days and chilly weather, we get how easy it can be to put your exercise plans on ice. But with the right strategies, a rock-solid gym routine, extra support and some creativity, you can stay motivated no matter the season. Let’s explore practical tips for maintaining your fitness journey all year and overcoming the ‘winter workout blues’ for good.

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How to Keep Up Your Winter Gym Workouts

You’re not alone if you struggle with your exercise routine as the days get shorter and colder. However, it’s no excuse to put your physical and mental health on the back burner. From reducing stress to maintaining fitness to supporting healthy habits, there are many reasons to maintain an active gym regimen.

Here are some of our favorite ways to stay on track and in shape all year:

Adjust Your Workout Schedule During Winter

Once the sun goes down, does your desire to exercise disappear along with it? Many people need that extra dose of Vitamin D to energize their fitness drive. However, you shouldn’t let the darkness damper your routine.

Adjust your fitness schedule to winter’s rhythm rather than use the shorter daylight hours as a reason to stay home. Try morning or lunchtime workouts if you need sunshine to boost your energy. Or, switch your usual in-person class or gym session with a virtual, on-demand workout once a week. While we still encourage gym Members to maintain a regular fitness schedule, everyone needs some flexibility — especially during the colder months.

Chill Out Your Exercise Routine

Fitness wins don’t have to look the same 365 days a year. If you know a busy winter is ahead, realistically tailor your athletic goals to the season and ramp them up come springtime. Here are ways to maintain your active lifestyle without risking winter workout burnout:

  • Relax Your Fitness Goals: Make your goals more easily attainable and less stressful for your fitness level. If your typical goal is adding 1.5 pounds of muscle a month, adjust your wintertime goal to one pound. If you add more, great, but don’t pressure yourself.
  • Lighten Up Your Workouts: Switch out high-intensity workouts with less strenuous yet impactful activities like walking, swimming, yoga or stretching. These activities keep you moving without the added pressure of an intense workout.
  • Reduce Workout Frequency: If you exercise 4-5 days a week, limit yourself to 2-3 days for a couple of months. More than just taking pressure off, it gives your body and mind extra time to rest, relax and reflect, which could increase your focus and energy once the days warm up.

Explore Something New at the Gym

Finding something new to add to your routine can quickly reignite motivation. Packed with fantastic amenities and endless exercise opportunities for those at all fitness levels, joining a great gym is the perfect way to get through any cold snap. As a bonus, most gym areas are inside, so you can stay nice and toasty.

Here are a few ideas for ways to mix things up next time you’re at the gym:

  • Cardio Machines: While we’ll always love a good treadmill or elliptical sweat sesh, there are now many cardio machines to choose from. If you’re feeling stagnant, why not mix up your workout with the rowing machine, hop on a bike or stair climber? Better yet, challenge yourself to try one new piece of cardio equipment every week. You might find your favorite workout yet.
  • Strength Training: From dumbbells to medicine balls to truck tires, gyms excel at offering Members an immense variety of strength-building opportunities. Next time you’re working out, take a fresh look at the strength training equipment. Then, find a way to incorporate something new into your fitness routine, like walking on the treadmill with light hand weights or completing a set of squats while holding a kettlebell.
  • Enjoy the Amenities: A gym Membership isn’t just about working out. Take full advantage of the many incredible amenities available whenever you walk through the doors. Between warming up in the sauna, easing stress with a hydromassage or sinking into a hot tub, a trip to the gym will soon become your favorite winter escape.

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Make Your Winter Workouts Social

Even if you’re usually a lone wolf while working out, the endless grey days sometimes call for extra support to keep yourself moving. The gym offers countless opportunities to add a social element to your routine and help you increase accountability and motivation all year.

Work Out with a Group or Partner

Let’s be honest — working out with a partner or a group of friends is usually more fun. They’ll also encourage you to show up and do your best no matter what the weather throws at you. On those winter mornings when the bed feels extra cozy, knowing that familiar faces are waiting for you can be the nudge you need.

From inviting friends to shoot weekly hoops on the basketball court to committing to a daily weightlifting routine with your spouse, a support system can cheer you on, offer inspiration and hold you accountable. If you’re new to a gym, or even your area, meeting other Members with similar exercise interests can also be a great way to connect and discover new ways to exceed your fitness goals.

Join a Group Fitness Class

By committing to a Group Fitness Class that fits your winter groove, you’ll experience a greater sense of community-based camaraderie and accountability not possible when working out alone. Classes also provide the structure, social interaction and inspiration from incredible Instructors, all of which can keep you mentally engaged and motivated.

For more excitement, make winter the time when you finally sign up for that class you’ve been curious about but have yet to try. Whether it’s a lively ZUMBA® class, mindfulness-based yoga or intense strength-training sessions, Group Fitness Classes can even introduce you to your favorite new activity — or your future gym buddy.

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The Motivational Power of Personal Training

Few people are better equipped to pull anyone out of a fitness rut than certified Personal Trainers. As your coach, cheerleader and workout ally, Personal Trainers encourage and celebrate every achievement, big or small. They also offer accountability and motivation to help you reach your goals, even when the distractions of winter try to slow you down.

A Personal Trainer does more than count reps, set up equipment and tell you what to do. They are deeply invested in your physical and mental success all year long. By crafting personalized workout plans, Personal Trainers can strategically target your current fitness aspirations and challenges while keeping you on a schedule that works for your life.

Want to adjust your workout goals for the busy holiday season? Need that extra push to make it to the gym after dark? Looking for new indoor exercise ideas during chilly mornings? With a Personal Trainer, you’ll always have a dedicated partner actively invested in your fitness growth and success.

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Melt Away the Winter Workout Blues at EōS Fitness

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